(GB) Order Thread: 1st BLF Titanium Flashlight with Tritium (Paypal Announced)

Original Discussion Thread HERE. Ti Clip interest list HERE.

Size:25*82 mm.

6*1.5 mm tritium vial 6$/pc Green-Ice Blue-Yellow.

Estimated shipping date is 10th May.


1. Host only,with tail,pill,O-ring. Driver size,17 mm dia.

2. It might require a little (easy) mod,if you want to use other guts instead of Carclo 10507 optic,and 20 mm Noctigon.

3. Tail with 2.5 mm holes,7 mm distance hole center to center. It fits nitecore D10 / D11 clip or something similar.

I’m in for 1 with extension. 4 green, 3 ice blue, 4 yellow trits, I like your design. I’m still deciding on one more. May get another. Want the faster $2 shipping. Any pix with the extension?

Is this sample in the pictures 25 or 26mm?

Yep I’m still in for one. Will pay when you announce payment method (although I’ll be honest and say only interested in paying via PayPal).

1 light + extension

I would like to see some pics of the extension please.

And what sort of lead time are we looking at? I assume you only have the sample manufactured thus far?

The sample is still 26 mm. It will be 25 mm in production. Sorry there isn't any good pic of extension.

The delivery could be fast,since we don't change this and change that any more.

Let's say Luckily one week, and normally 2 week.

We ( Taschenlampenforum ) prefer paypal. No other possability.

Really a beauty :slight_smile:

Regards Xandre

Paypal is fine.

Cool !

When somebody ordered with trits,
are they installed at you ?

I will not install, because you can try several color combinations and get a most beautiful one.

One host and one ext tube.

Edit. + $2.00 shipping.


Nice that the final light will be 25mm diameter. The trits are to be glued in?

I will take one with extension tube. No trits (as yet).

I’m in for 1 with extension, 10 ice blue trits, and the faster $2 shipping.

Put me down for one, with extension tube $2 faster shipping and 8 trits: 4 green, 2 yellow, 2 ice blue


You want an Optical Adhesive called Norland 61. You can get it on ebay, maybe a local opticians or from someone on CPF.

Some info on installing trits:

I’m in for 1 with ext tube and 9 blue and one green trits thanks

I’m in for 2 and 2 extension tubes, plus the faster shipping option, thanks :slight_smile:

You can always post on CPF if you need a larger number. The clip too.

I'm afraid my post or even my ID will be banned. Anyway, I did not finish the "3 posts task".

Anyone could copy and post for me? Thanks in advance.

I’m in for one with extension tube + 2$ for faster shipping + 1 clip (I’m in the list on the other thread).
I prefer pay pal too.


I`m in for 1 with extension (depending how it looks) with 6Yellow, 6Blue for the head, and 1 green for tailcap.

and $2 for faster shipping.

If possible i would like to order some trits separately as well. is that possible?

edit: my order

1+extension $60

6 yellow, 6 blue, 1 green $78

2 clips, new aligned, 1 dots, 1 lines $12

faster shipping $2

Total $152

paid: June 11th