gChart's 500 post giveaway - winner announced

Brad and Boaz, digging up some classics. Love it!

Really enjoying your responses, guys (and gals?). Getting to see some creativity I haven’t seen yet.

This creation by CRX is not really a mod. I think of it as a full build: Olight TC15T
I have the original from a clearance, and all I do to it is spit-polishing (considering the listprice in NL was nearly $200).
And yes, I would gladly assist you in offsetting the international shipping charges.

I’m in.

My favorite mod is the Convoy M2 quad.

Thanks for the GAW.

Very cool GAW, I am not in because I have no need for a diving light or a shelf Queen.

My favorite is this light from DBCustom:

My favorite is by Old lumens: Triple XHP 70 using the LUM 5-90 reflectors and a huge head - 05/06/15 Finished- with beam shots.

RIP :cry:

I’m in please. Thank you for the opportunity. . :slight_smile:

I think one of my favorite mods are the Micro Mags ‘kyfishguy’ does. HERE is a link to some he had for sale a while back.
I have one like the Blue & one like the Gray. They are amazing little lights. :+1:

Nice giveaway :+1:

Thanks CRX. Definitely enjoyable reading through these. I love seeing everyone’s creativity showcased.

Of course your name is popping up a bit. :slight_smile: I’d expect no less given that most of the “what did you mod today” posts seem to be you doing something new and awesome.

This is my top adored mod on BLF. The work that went into it is admirable and the results show!

It’s tiny but it’s dead-sexy. Hope I can do something like this one day to my K18:

CRX’s K-18 mod with bonus magnet and tritium and amazing finish. Link

Great! Link us to one of your favorite mods (done by yourself or anyone else)?

Oops sorry! I’m not a modder, but I’ve got a few Vinh lights, here’s a video of my favourite:

I’m in.

I admire FmC for his modding skills

This illuminated tailcap mod. Gives that touch to make a normal flaslight cool.

I’m also very impressed with CRX builds, but not sure if that counts as mods as they are compleye lights from scratch. Such as:CRX Magnetic Brass Art - 2016 4th BLF Scratch Made Light Contest Winner
Or the one from the giveaway:CRX's 1000 Post Giveaway

Gettin’ awfully close to 500, keep those posts coming!

Mr. Nobody convoy m1 xhp70

I like to carry my m1, and I may try to make a quad but even that won’t touch an xhp70 m1. I would like to make a light like this.

Hard to name a favorite, but one of the more interesting to me recently was this modded THORFIRE VG10 from djburkes. Nothing super fancy, but intriguing to me because he took a rock solid $10 light, and made it rock more….And he’s selling it for a pretty darn reasonable price.

Ervin’s entry from the second annual contest. Far and away the most entertaining build and write up I’ve ever read.

I’m in.

I don’t really have a favourite single mod, but anything involving a S2+ makes me feel really happy inside for some reason. Working with those lights is such a joy.