Group Buy-BLF X6-SE OP update-GB over.

We are hashing out the comparative details now on the levels and Krono will be talkin with Neal/EE about making changes. We are all in agreement that they missed the target with the levels, it remains to be seen how they will make adjustments.

As far as overall UI and whether or not it has last mode memory, that will remain Krono’s call.

mattaus has, in the past, done his Hyperion firmware for his P60 drop-ins that utilized 8 fast clicks to step into the modes group, then a menu of x number of clicks to select the desired option, followed by more clicks to change the option whether adding strobe or sos or simply entering ramping to set the desired level or group. With 2 groups and up to 7 levels configurable, it is extremely flexible. I don’t know that he’s still doing this, but I do know that it works fine on an L2P triple Noctigon. :wink:

You’re not worshipping fast enough! It’s supposed to get brighter! Step it up, man! J) Try some self-flagellation. :wink:

Sigster 1x NW

Thanks for the level headed reply Dale. I can get the humor in the jokes about the 132 clicks and such, but I believe the real potential of my proposal (20 fast clicks to change mode groups, whatever they are) was overlooked by many here. I chose 20 because if we have 5 levels, and you are cycling through and miss the mode you want (happens frequently in my usage), or you do a reference cycle first, then you have as many as 10 clicks to get to where you wanted. I’m a believer in doubling the typical margin for error so that puts you right around 20.

With this method, there isn’t any accidental mode group switching, and there are mode groups. So this UI can please most people.

Couldn’t wait longer. Let’s start the group buy… :bigsmile: tell us the price please!

I have had issues with lesser UI’s getting the groups changed around just trying to use the light. Or being difficult to find the group or level you desire. This can be remedied as in Matt’s firmware with how quickly the presses are required to take place. It might be a hassle once, but set it up the way you like it then forget about it. Difficult to accidentally press 8 clicks in 5 seconds, and even if you do it flashes to let you know you entered the menu, then blinks out the battery level. (4.2V would be 12 blinks, 1 for each tenth of a V over 3) just don’t press it again for those few seconds and it goes back into the group/level you had it in. Works well even with my bad memory. :wink:

That is of course a proprietary UI belonging to Matt. But it CAN be done with a mechanical clicky, is all I’m saying. I believe Dr. Jones has good usable UI interface with clickies as well. By now, there are probably quite a few.

How cool would it be to have the LD01 mass produced for this light? :slight_smile: Also from a member here, this new driver is current regulated and does 5A. :bigsmile: Please forgive me if I can’t remember his name at the moment…

Edit: That would be led4power, more on this HERE

So, for the NEXT GB, we will simply order 1000pcs of a stock light from somewhere for a huge discount, have all of them sent to you for upgrade to the LD-01 driver and a de-domed XM-L2 on Noctigon, then you would ship them out to their rightful owners from there? :bigsmile:

So I can point my wife and mailman to you if that ever happens. :stuck_out_tongue:

My wife is asking for your correct address so she can give it to the hit man… :smiley:

And for the record I am only KIDDING! Lest someone get all carried away…

The current stock Eagle Eye X6 does have mode memory, so that seems well within current supplier capability. I’m concerned a more complicated UI could end up buggy. I agree that with a 4-5 mode light …. mode memory is a good solution to having the light turn on in the mode you want, be it high, med, or low.

Mode memory, Then get the mode spacing fixed right, I think this will satisfy the most users.

This thread is getting very noisy. I feel sorry for those who are trying to keep track of who is requesting orders, what is important input, etc. Maybe should be split into a ‘discussion’ thread and an ‘order’ thread.

I don’t think this is an “order” thread. Just a post your interest thread. I’m sure more details will follow, with most likely a link in the op to where to buy.

Yes there is still time to add you!

1 kronological nw

2 kronological nw

3 Bigblockmopar cw

4 ImA4Wheelr cw

5 Legolas Jr. cw

6 Ryansoh 3 cw

7 Yourrid nw

8 Yourrid cw

9 aussiet6 np

10 harry218 nw

11 harry218 nw

12 Werner np

13 freeme nw

14 freeme nw

15 ohaya cw

16 aL1 cw

17 DBCstm cw

18 DBCstm cw

19 Muto cw

20 DanielM nw

21 Tom E nw

22 Tom E nw

23 troisanh cw

24 RaceR86 np

25 RaceR86 np

26 jmpaul320 nw

27 David EF nw

28 David EF nw

29 Chicken Drumstick nw

30 netjrb nw

31 Cereal_killer nw

32 Cereal_killer nw

33 Chazzy nw

34 velectron nw

35 cellguy np

36 downlinx nw

37 p_k nw

38 The Spaz np

39 Defaut Username cw

40 mrmatt np

41 Gj nw

42 aoeu np

43 The Burgh cw

44 JohnnyMac cw

45 JohnnyMac nw

46 shimey nw

47 Kurt_Norway nw

48 djozz nw

49 Boro nw

50 Boro nw

51 Blinky1 nw

52 penumbra nw

53 cnrffl1 nw

54 bgyen cw

55 max cw

56 max cw

57 max cw

58 mhanlen nw

59 andyz nw

60 sunnycoaster np

61 spamman np

62 tkmckay nw

63 tkmckay cw

64 Buwuve nw

65 Strongest2004 nw

66 Strongest2004 nw

67 Light Dispels Darkness np

68 Light Dispels Darkness np

69 syracuse nw

70 GTsuperheros cw

71 The Burgh nw

72 tristanxoxo nw

73 zelee nw

74 HHCC cw

75 Ray-o-Light nw

76 Ray-o-Light nw

77 CJW np

78 LowLumen nw

79 Ejected Filament nw

80 Ejectef Filament nw

81 Beachlogger nw

82 Beachlogger cw

83 Qandeel nw

84 blueb8llz nw

85 aoeu np

86 southland cw

87 southland cw

88 Nightbird95 nw

89 atrroger cw

90 retiro675 cw

91 gouldy cw

92 gouldy nw

93 backtoback nw

94 cellguy np

95 Calmaja nw

96 Calmaja nw

97 hein11ag np

98 hein11ag np

99 Lightsaber nw

100 Aardvark nw

101 antoninodattola nw

102 cajampa nw

103 saypat nw

104 aslpg nw

105 Siata94 nw

106 Siata94 cw

107 NeoGeo np

108 meti nw

109 ledsmoke np

110 ledsmoke np

111 ledsmoke np

112 dodo nw

113 Billy X nw

114 Moridin nw

115 bikenber73 nw

116 Lyubo Yanev nw

117 johnnydoe nw

118 g60 np

119 Ricflair cw

120 sunnycoaster np

121 sunnycoaster np

122 BILL G np

123 chenko np

124 Default Username np

125 Boaz nw

126 bugsy36 cw

127 bugsy36 cw

128 buggy36 nw

129 dangerous np

130 banker nw

131 Slim Pickens np

132 KawiBoy1428 cw

133 KawiBoy1428 cw

134 velectron np

135 ChibiM cw

136 flashination nw

137 18sixfifty np

138 alphazeta nw

139 Banglabob nw

140 dave_ nw

141 Fmc nw

142 Scooter000 nw

143 kafar cw

144 jealous57 cw

145 sbradd np

146 lionheart_2281 cw

147 guitar89 nw

148 guitar89 cw

149 doslyn nw

150 doslyn nw

151 sandanbob np

152 dantemens nw

153 raven38571 np

154 bdiddle np

155 bdiddle np

156 litefella np

157 crowne np

158 crowne np

159 D10ten np

160 cicciocant np

161 processengr nw

162 B42 nw

163 allthumbs nw

164 allthumbs nw

165 luckyseven np

166 M78 np

167 peterscm nw

168 richnpc nw

169 thebaum np

170 soddo np

171 tapir cw

172 hideehoo nw

173 arekm nw

174 Muto nw

175 Muto nw

176 gpapa693 np

177 flashpilot cw

178 aussiet6 np

179 drudragon np

180 akoposilester nw

181 GeoCan46 cw

182 GeoCan46 cw

183 Rufusbduck nw

184 flashhole np

185 Legolas Jr. nw

186 Scotlarock np

187 Scotlarock np

188 flashination np

189 OscarM nw

190 SirPaul cw

191 MRsDNF np

192 grantman321 np

193 johm nw

194 johm nw

195 ohaya np

196 eebowler nw

197 keengeorge nw

198 theoldbill cw

199 KawiBoy1428 nw

200 KawiBoy1428 nw

201 big block Mopar nw

202 Bak nw

203 Bak nw

204 dperreno np

205 s1m88 cw

206 zeremefico np

207 tryps nw

208 glowz nw

209 angler np

210 mizjif np

211 antilop65 nw

212 NobleX13 np

213 the nw

214 the nw

215 scdaf np

216 torchjinkie np

217 BLightSam cw

218 magnet np

219 lamper np

220 meteorxs nw

221 ACmech cw

222 ACmech nw

223 locusto03 nw

224 locusto03 nw

225 2DOGS np

226 Ohaya nw

227 Wojto nw

228 fireblade893 nw

229 Fireblade893 nw

230 The Burgh nw

231 mhemling33 np

232 saypat cw

233 Saigon cw

234 Saigon nw

235 DanielM nw

236 Charga cw

237 LSX cw

238 LSX nw

239 raccoon city nw

240 flitsmal nw

241 WarHawk-AVG ($$_Dep) nw

242 Down_South nw

243 Down_South cw

244 will manners nw

245 Lightning Bub np

246 Lightning Bub np

247 keengeorge cw

248 keengeorge nw

249 keengeorge cw

250 I ant np

251 LANTUS nw

252 chesterqw cw

253 Boaz nw

254 mhanlen np

255 nthesame np

256 Buwuve nw

257 Kafar cw

258 Kafar nw

259 tristanxoxo cw

260 DanielM nw

261 Ray-o-light nw

262 Nbabu nw

263 Pulsar nw

264 Pulsar cw

265 rchiang nw

266 rchiang nw

267 C-channel nw

268 C-channel nw

269 Lotus_Darkrose nw

270 Peetz nw

271 Peetz cw

272 saypat cw

273 chenko nw

274 chenko nw

275 jacktheclipper nw

276 Mikk0 nw

277 Mike72 nw

278 iron potato nw

279 264 nw

280 eta np

281 0elcid0 nw

282 nitro cw

283 nitro cw

284 ouchyfoot np

285 processengr nw

286 processengr nw

287 processengr nw

288 processengr nw

289 HBomb nw

290 peterscm nw

291 peterscm nw

292 peterscm cw

293 peterscm cw

294 calmaja cw

295 saypat cw

296 Adoby nw

297 Adoby cw

298 ilovejesuschrist np

299 jealous57 nw

300 billyx cw

301 JohnnyC nw

302 JohnnyC nw

303 vuanhquoc np

304 apt323 nw

305 Slow2go cw

306 Slow2go cw

307 Slow2go cw

308 Lopan nw

309 Mot cw

310 Mot cw

311 Mot cw

312 Lyubo Yanev nw

313 djozz nw

314 djozz nw

315 strayz np

316 theoldbill nw

317 banker cw

318 southland cw

319 southland cw

320 southland nw

321 southland nw

322 GioLight nw

323 CrashOne cw

324 netjrb nw

325 netjrb nw

326 netjrb nw

327 andyz nw

328 texas shooter nw

329 texas shooter nw

330 texas shooter nw

331 Triple A cw

332 Triple A nw

333 Day Lighter cw

334 Day Lighter cw

335 tryps nw

336 sxv nw

337 sxv nw

338 sxv nw

339 fyesilova nw

340 scottyhazzard nw

341 scottyhazzard nw

342 scottyhazzard nw

343 scottyhazzard nw

344 scottyhazzard nw

345 264 cw

346 GeoCan46 nw

347 GeoCan46 nw

348 steepdrop nw

349 steepdrop nw

350 Randolph cw

351 Randolph nw

352 khan nw

353 khan nw

354 carmantl cw

355 carmantl nw

356 e10sno nw

357 Cyrus AM nw

358 Gerrit cw

359 NobleX13 np

360 NobleX13 np

361 DavidEF cw

362 cicciopanzarotto np

362 JaredM nw

363 Scooby cw

364 Scooby nw

365 B42 nw

366 B42 nw

367 B42 nw

368 devman nw

369 devman nw

370 Legolas Jr. cw

371 Legolas Jr. cw

372 Legolas Jr. cw

373 Joat np

374 Joat np

375 Aznsw1mr np

376 beanhill911 nw

377 Cereal_killer np

378 wedlpine cw

379 wedlpine nw

380 Tete cw

381 Tete nw

382 akoposilester cw

383 vito76 nw

384 serifus nw

385 serifus nw

386 Cereal_killer np

387 steepdrop cw

388 Ashayuni nw

389 unit 311 cw

390 Cereal_killer nw

391 nitro nw

392 Plato nw

393 koyotee nw

394 Juggeli nw

395 jamjar nw

396 jamjar cw

397 Hopback nw

398 Hopback nw

399 agarb np

400 kralyevski nw

401 Otanacious nw

402 clagged nw

403 bugsy36 cw

404 clagged nw

405 Kurt_Norway cw

406 Transnodel cw

407 BrightBob nw

408 Trigger619 cw

409 Trigger619 nw

410 Livinloud cw

411 Livinloud nw

412 Buwuve cw

413 will manners cw

414 eas nw

415 strongest2004 cw

416 arekm cw

417 beanhill911 cw

418 zipelgas nw

419 sparkey762 cw

420 nads nw

421 Bacon n Eggs nw

422 264 cw

423 Vito76 cw

424 Syracuse nw

425 Sparkey762 nw

426 Ruke cw

427 Ruke nw

428 alk007 nw

429 Mike72 cw

430 Caleb-v nw

431 gehrmo cw

432 ichoderso nw

433 FmC cw

434 Caleb-V cw

435 galex nw

436 meti cw

437 Catnap nw

438 emerel cw

439 Angry Zeka nw

440 bkling nw

441 Dugan661 cw

442 strumble cw

443 Major cw

444 Yoav.Klein nw

445 mikid nw

446 Komichi nw

447 Komichi nw

448 Altair nw

449 Altair cw

450 BIG-P nw

451 zeelee cw

452 fnksb nw

453 JaredM nw

454 JaredM nw

455JaredM cw

456 acml nw

457 NightSpy nw

458 ChiggerPepi nw

459 fragolino cw


461 Trevi_lux nw

462 Hagg911 cw

463 ToyKeeper nw

464 KenCam cw

465 caffeine_addict nw

466 IN Caver cw

467 one41 nw

468 MountainMan nw

469 IH8MYX np

470 IH8MYX np

471 ilovejesuschrist np

472 ilovejesuschrist np

473 DenBarrettSAR nw

474 jim_r nw

475 Prometheus nw

476 wedlpine nw

477 wedlpine cw

478 dhsvcs nw

480 dhsvcs cw

481 tryptamin cw

482 tryptamin nw

483 Yourrid nw

484 Yourrid cw

485 netprince nw

486 netprince nw

487 IH8MYX nw

488 IH8MYX nw

489 IH8MYX cw

490 IH8MYX cw

491 Serifus nw

492 Serifus nw

493 tristanxoxo cw

494 Minimoke nw

495 Minimoke cw

496 Rufusbduck nw

497 antilop65 cw

498 kst nw

499 kst nw

500 kst nw

501 kst nw

502 Richie086 nw

503 can nw

504 Streamer cw

505 eas cw

506 PaulorNuthn cw

507 PaulorNuthn nw

508 bawilson2 nw

509 bawilson2 nw

510 jim_r cw

511 dolbysys nw

512 dolbysys nw

513 dolbysys cw

514 dolbysys cw

515 Bar co nw

516 Bar co cw

517 Rod911 nw

518 Rod911 nw

519 Rod911 nw

520 Rod911 cw

521 Richwouldnt nw

522 Richwouldnt cw

523 krikstas nw

524 hank nw

525 Infinite nw

526 gorky cw

527 cnrffl1 nw

528 vasa_visost nw

529 cabfrank ($$_Dep) cw

530 baldo21 cw

531 flydriver nw

532 Ricflair cw

533 Ricflair nw

534 backtoback cw

535 cone nw

536 SVG223 nw

537 SIGShooter nw

538 FastEddie nw

539 FastEddie cw

540 Pulsar13 nw

541 bkling cw

542 blackhorse95 nw

543 Finnish flashlight nw

544 WarHawk-AVG ($$_Dep) nw

545 arekm cw

546 zipelgas nw

547 DOCFAR nw

548 DOCFAR cw

549 Suncoaster nw

550 vasa_visost cw

551 Sigster nw

552 G0OSE nw

553 Chicken Drumstick cw









If something is not correct, or you are updating your preference, please state where you are on the list, and what you want to end up with clearly.

OCD caused me to update the list, I hope this was a help to the organizers.
Parsed up to post 1560, all those who were not 100% clear were updated/added then-was/will-be PM’d by me
42,131, and 145 updated from blank preference to “np”
404 corrected from “cnw” to “nw”
($$_Dep) after name means interest is price dependant

If the organisers would like this list ordered according to entry point and all listings for one person grouped together, please let me know for another update. It’s possible but not 100% I want to

Current totals:
NW: 309
CW: 155
NP: 89

you might wish to number the Cool White in Blue and the Warm white in Orange or Red for a running count on how many of each are being requested. Like, out beside the preference perhaps? That would be cool, and would keep you busy for maybe 3 or 4 more minutes….just sayin! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the assist, I’m sure JM and Krono appreciate it.

Edit: As far at that goes, a Google Spreadsheet listing each option separately might be cool, with a single line for each person on the list and the number of lights requested in that tint? Then that could be proofed and Neal would have a very cool list of exactly what is required. Don’t know if you’re into spreadsheets. I get lost trying to figure em out.

Funny, I started a Spreadsheet when we still had less than 500 on the interest list. But, I’ve not updated it since then. You can do all kinds of things with a computer spreadsheet, organize stuff into any order. I did have all the names in alphabetic order, with columns for NW, CW, NP so that the number needed per person could be tallied, then the totals were automatically figured at the bottom. Changes to tint preference and number desired are easier to make and keep up with then, too. If someone wanted to do it, there could be columns added for UI preferences, memory or not, and other things we’ve been discussing here.

Are you the keeper of the columns? Difficult to make that public as it’ll get messed up, but it’d be cool if folks could just add their names and preference in. Lot of work for one or even two people I know.

I kept a spreadsheet going when doing a giveaway once, it was a constant job! Didn’t get anywhere near this size either!

Yeah, didn’t we already have this conversation here once? Seems I recall the final opinion was that a poll would be a better way to let everyone have their own input without giving them the potential of messing up the whole thing. If anyone decides to revamp the list into a fully informational spreadsheet, it should be kept protected from other people’s grubby hands input. However, if it is a well designed spreadsheet, it shouldn’t be too hard of a job keeping it updated. The hardest part would be keeping track of all the information to keep it updated with, when you might get several new responses to the thread in a short while! Maybe if someone could do the preliminary work of creating a shared spreadsheet that only a few trusted users could update. Then, they could keep each other straight, and every once-in-a-while, one of them could upload the results here! I have zero experience with that sort of thing. I know how to handle a single user spreadsheet on my own desktop. That’s about all.

Hi, can I post my interest please - ill treat myself for my birthday :slight_smile:
1 of - no preference on modes - and ill go with the majority on colour :slight_smile:
That is if I’m not too late.

Not my thread, not my group buy. This is Krono’s party and he is the one that makes the rules. Like all the rest of us, I’m just along for the ride.

It was a surprise to me to be selected to test a sample, but fun all the same. I mod for a hobby, mostly my own lights and a few for friends and it’s these friends that set me up with a light box. I became thoroughly addicted at that point. :slight_smile:

While it’s really cool to have all the input from the community on what would make this the ultimate light, I think everyone can also see it made it very difficult to figure out what single parameters would meet the most needs. Everyone seems to forget that we’re not dealing with the president and ceo of the manufacturer, but a fellow member who is trying to wangle the best deal for us all. It’s not like we have free reign to the design department of Eagle Eye. The small changes that have been managed have been through a lot of effort on Krono’s part, long conversations with people that speak a different language. I can’t imagine trying to do that, and applaud him for his efforts.

This is pretty much a first, and we might ought to chill a bit on this first tweaking of a manufacturer and let them get used to the idea of how the end user sees things. I personally have no idea how the business runs, whether they are geared to make 1000 lights or 100,000, I really have no idea. This might be a little boxful of lights for them for all I know. So at this point, I’m pretty grateful that they’ve shown compromise and given us what we’re seeking. It’s a big breakthrough and nets us a very nice light. :wink:

Kudo’s all around for the efforts, and for the support throughout this process…

Agreed…also I am fine with the no mode memory…

I’m already on the list for a NW number 29. But put me down for a CW one as well please.

Having lived all my life with no memory I'd prefer it if the light had one.