Group Buy-BLF X6-SE OP update-GB over.


Apparently there were only 20 at this price :~

Well, if you missed the GB, now is your chance to get it for the GB price for about a day-and-a-half.

+ $1 for 4C tint.


GB is over, but you can still get a good price on the Eagle Eye BLF X6-SE, code:KNX6SE price:$24.99



Neal has advised me that 1A and 3C are shipping out. 4C should be stock tomorrow, and will ship out shortly after.



For some reason the GB code previously sent would not work with BG’s system. A new code has just been PM’d out. Sorry for all th drama!



Last GB code PM just went out.

I don’t think Neal has ‘flipped the switch’ yet, so be please be patient. I will try to post again when it is active on BG.



The last run of BLF X6-SE GB lights will be completed this week! I will PM the new code out, probably Monday or so. Then, purchases for GB price will be open for 5 days only!

Important…Please read this!: BG’s system can’t limit the total amount sold. :~ Their system can only limit the timeframe. Therefore, in order to avoid overselling, and to avoid some people getting messed over because of the few bad actors that are overbuying, I have come up with the following.

We will be making extras to avoid this issue!

I know…I know. At first, I only wanted a limited amount made…but due to the unbelievable popularity of this GB, as well as conditions beyond my control, it just makes sense to make more. Any ‘leftovers’ after the GB is done, and BangGood will sell those at the ‘regular’ price. They might also make more later, but keep the ‘regular’ price. This would allow them to at least make some profit off of this light. I think this is fair, considering all they have done to make this great light happen.

Nevertheless, I will PM the code out earliest Monday evening, CST. Please complete your GB purchases immediately afterwards to avoid availability issues!



Well…there’s some good and bad news.

Bad news first. 7C Warm White was not available. Thought we had a line on that emitter, but it didn’t pan out.

Good news is that it will be replaced by 4C tint…100 total will be made!

If you are ok with that change, you don’t have to do anything. Your tint choice can be made upon purchase.

If you are NOT ok with changing from 7C to 4C, please let Yourrid know so he can take you off the list.

There will still be a total of 1000 X6-SEs made. Since lights have been overselling the commitment list, we have taken sales offline until these items are closer to being stock. We will then come up with a new GB code so that people later on the list can have an opportunity to buy their lights. It should be within about 1 week when they are ready.

Thanks again to everyone that is helping!



Some of the BLF embossed boxes have clear tape on them from the shipment department. One user came up with an easy way of getting the tape off without ruining the nice gift box. He advised using a hair dryer or heat gun/reflow gun to heat the tape up, then slowly remove.

I can’t recall who came up with the solution, but THANKS!

Almost 4,000 posts…amazing!

My 2 lights are still in China…bummer



I’m biting my tongue on some of the unfounded accusations and assumptions…especially from those that haven’t even received their X6-SE yet…lol

What I will say is that I am sorry this light has not lived up to the expectations of some folks. I, too, wish the amps could have been higher. But honestly, you would probably have a hard time telling the difference. Despite the limited negative talk, this light performs exceptionally well.

I find something else curiously amusing. Remember, also, that there was concern about the production AR lens since it had not actually been tested (and the first AR lens was a bust). Nevertheless, I trusted Neal and EE on their assurance that this newer lens was the real deal, and made the call to go with it sight unseen. Turns out that it is an excellent lens, which, ironically, helped recover some lumens lost from the driver. EE/Neal/BangGood came through on that promise. The usual naysayers haven’t commented on that. Why not?

This process has been a long an arduous one…with countless communications back and forth between Dale, JM, Neal and I. We have spent countless hours trying to make a light that hits on all cylinders. As JM pointed out, this light would never have seen the light of day if not for the patience of all involved. The testing was unlike any other light I have seen…just ask Dale’s wife :bigsmile: The multiple samples sent out by EE/Neal were unprecedented. All in all there was an incredible amount of work…both seen and un-seen…put into this project. The process was not “rushed” at all, and I take strong exception to anyone implying that.

That being said, this GB has truly been an awesome experience. I can’t tell you how much I have learned through this process. I really appreciate all the kudos from my fellow BLF members! Best of all, this is a process that doesn’t stop here. I intend to keep working with manufacturers to produce lights that we all want. Keep in mind, this is the first of potentially many lights I hope to have built…shaped by the wants of true flashaholics. I think the X6-SE is a pretty solid start.

Work has already started on a second light…one that will be built from the ground up. Dale, JM and I have been looking at preliminary designs, and I can’t wait to see what we eventually come up with. More on that later.



I have asked Neal to look into the amp issue. Please continue to be patient everyone…we’ll see how all this plays out.

Thanks also for everyone posting pics. Light looks very nice with the gift box!


1st image of delivered production light from BLF user caleb:

Whatcha think


An important meaasge from Neal:

“Hey Guys,

I just checked, for the BLF X6-SE, there are 38 orders from affiliate, so I hope members do not use aff-link for this light which we spend so much time but with a price which under much of the real worth($20 we lose money).

If you like this light and want more people join us, pls share to others but do not use aff-link,



So please be respectful and do not attach affiliate codes to this Group Buy.



More good news.

The next 200 NW units should be finished by this coming Wed. the 12th, and should ship then or soon after. Website shows Nov. 19th, but that should be worst case.



The next 300 units will be ready soon (100 CW will be available about Monday, and 200 NW sometime later in the week, possibly not until the following week).

We will go ahead and release the code via PM (to those committed to units 501-800) in advance of BG receiving more stock. I am not sure Neal has yet allowed BG’s system to accept orders when the items are not in stock yet, so you might have to wait until that point. I will confirm that with Neal asap (probably after this weekend).

Thanks everyone for making this GB as smooth as possible! :slight_smile:



Thanks everyone for keeping this massive undertaking as civil as possible! There are some awesome folks here at BLF!

There will be 300 additional lights with projected availability this coming Monday. We will send out the GB code tomorrow (Friday) so that you can go ahead and make your purchase in advance.

200 more will be available sometime after that (probably about two weeks).




The thread can be found here:


440 sold. Neal sez the are 30 NW and 30 CW left!

I would say don’t hesitate ordering NW. The next shipment will have more NW as well.


404 of 500 taken out of the first production run…wow!


A couple of updates.

Pricing does not include tracking. I thought I had covered everything, but totally overlooked this detail. I’m very sorry about this :frowning:

A Warm White 7C tint is going to be added as an option. There will only be 50 units with this emitter. It will be ready in about 3+ weeks. More details to follow.


11/2/14 Part 2:

It’s finally here! The day has arrived, and the Eagle Eye BLF X6-SE is starting! The first 500 lights will hit BangGood’s warehouse in the next few hours…ahead of schedule!

BangGood/Neal was good enough to commit to producing 500 additional units…all prior to the official start of this Group Buy! The second run of lights should be finished only a week after the first 500. There will be a maximum of 1000 X6-SE lights produced.

The first 500 units will be limited to those that committed to them in the interest list. The amount of time you will have to purchase your light/s will be approximately 7 days (depending on how fast they sell). The BLF members that spoke up first will receive the GB code via the BLF PM system. Others later as needed. [Major shout-out to SB (BLF Site Owner), as he supplied me a comma-delineated list to PM everyone with. Then things changed, and Yourrid stepped up and is providing me an updated list. Thanks SB and Yourrid!] This is VERY time consuming. Therefore, there is the possibility of error in which you do not get the PM. If that happens, PM me and I will do my best to get it to you. Please be patient. I have a regular job in which I rarely have access to the internet, so I might not be immediately able to get you the code, etc.

Things that will make this GB smoother:

1) For those of you that chose NP/no preference on tint, please choose the CW option! This will help availability for your fellow BLF brethren!

2) If you no longer want your light, please speak up so the next person on the list can take advantage of the first run of lights.

3) Only buy the quantity of lights you committed to as listed in the first 500 spots. If you expressed interest in additional lights AFTER the initial 500…Please…DO NOT PURCHASE THOSE NOW! You can purchase those later if lights don’t sell out fast, or when the second round of lights is available (approximately 1-2 weeks after first round). This is a little something called the honor system. Let’s show this courtesy (that sometimes doesn’t exist on other forums) to your fellow BLF members by respecting this request. Your help will insure more people have a chance at this light!

4) Do NOT share this code with anyone else! Again…this is the honor system.

5) Please refrain from incessantly b*hing about the way this GB is run, the specs chosen, other members who don’t agree with you, etc. Doing so only encourages me to exclude you from the GB and leave your name off the GB code PM. Just kidding…kinda…but seriously…please don’t clutter this thread with the aforementioned irritating behaviors! It won’t do you any good anyway as I tend to refrain from entering your drama. If you feel like you are not getting the light you want, please(Soapbox Alert!):

1) Spend countless late nights/hours on Skype, with multiple communication errors/challenges requiring multiple clarifications.
2) Endure unsubstantiated accusations and false claims.
3) Keep up with a thread approaching 3,000 posts.
4) Spec a custom light with BLF logo, quality copper board, improved lens, unglued threads, custom modes/driver, custom logo gift box, higher amperage…all for under $20.
5) Commit manufacturer/distributor to build multiple sample lights and rush deliver them across the globe for approval.
6) Further commit said man./dist. to build 1000 lights in advance at their cost.
7) Assemble a crack team to sample lights with countless back-and-forth PMs.
8) Vett a PM list for hours on end only to have it corrupted, then do it again…uhhh! (my first attempt).
Then, you are welcome to structure your GB the way you want it to run. Capice? :slight_smile:

Don’t get me wrong…I absolutely LOVE doing stuff like this! Just have some respect for those that have spent a HUGE amount of time for everyone’s benefit.

Thanks also to everyone else that is making this possible: DBCstm, JohnnyMac, unknown00101, bugsy, Neal, BangGood, SB, Eagle Eye, Ledsmoke, Yourrid and the rest of the BLF members that added so much to the…ahem…spirited conversation regarding this GB. If I left your name off this thank you, my apologies in advance.

For those of you on the GB list after the initial 500, don’t worry! More are being produced and will be available VERY soon.



Hello X6-SE GBers!

FYI, first run of 500 lights sould be ready any day now. I will update this OP in a few hours after I have confirmed some last minute items with Neal. I will also send out a PM with GB instructions to those that have committed to the first 500.

Please help Yourrid and post any changes on HIS thread (not this one). Watching two threads is way too tedious!

More details to follow very soon!



More good news. EE is beginning a second production run of 300 units. These 300 are estimated to be ready on Nov.12th, just 1 week after the initial run of 500!

Group Buy will be conducted with a special code that will be PM’d to GB participants. I will give more details later as we get closer to the GB.

Thanks again to Yourrid for updating the interest list here:



Hello BLF Special Edition Eagle Eye X6-SE Group Buy participants!

There is something everyone should realize. The X6-SE lights are being manufactured as we speak. There will only be a certain number of each type of tint available when the first production run is available (on or about Nov. 5th).

That means, depending on what people buy first, there might be an overavailability of CW (Cool White) or NW (Neutral White) tint…especially with all the horse trading that seems to be going on with people giving up their spots for others. While admirable, this could potentially result in one tint (likely NW) not being available for others on the list!

What can you do to help? Here’s how. I encourage those that chose NP (No Preference) on tint coice, and others that jumped the line, so to speak, to please pick the CW option. This will help assure that more people are getting the tint they want.


10/24/14 Part 2

If you are still wanting to be added to the interest list, please do so here:

Yourrid has graciously offered to keep it updated for us.


Final specs for the BLF Special Edition Eagle Eye X6-SE:

> 4 modes with last mode memory. Mode spacing as follows:
> Mode 1/Low/Moon ~5 lumens.
> Mode 2/Med. ~250 lumens
> Mode 3/High ~600 lumens
> Mode 4/Turbo (~3.3 amps with 3 min. step-down to High) ~1000 lumens
> Copper MCPCB w/DTP (Direct Thermal Path). Excellent, high quality board from MaxToch.
> Improved lens (Double-sided/coated AR lens).
> No glue on threads.
> Driver voltage range: 3v-4.2
> Reverse clicky.
> Matte black HA III anodization.
> “BLF Special Edition” custom logo on one side, Eagle Eye X6-SE logo on the other side.
> Gift box with BLF graphics.
> Two tint choices: XM-L2 U2-1A or XM-L2 U2-3C.
> Comes with: Adjustable Lanyard with quick-releasae, clip, extra button (GITD) and 2 extra O-rings.
> Reverse polarity and low voltage protection.

Final pricing: $19.99.

The first production run of 500 units should be finished around November 5th. We will release the GB code to BLF members that committed to the first 500 units around that time. We don’t want to release it too early in case of production/shipping delays, which would obviously end in paypal disputes, etc.

I will have more info on GB instructions in the next few days.



Very good news for this group buy! Dales sample is testing very well. See Dales most recent posts. As a result, we will be moving forward on the GB soon.

I have some loose ends to tie up with Neal. When I complete them (1-2 days) I will post GB insteuctions here.



Latest samples are being evaluated. Preliminary results indicate driver not performing to 3.5 amps on turbo. :frowning:

Sample being forwarded to Dale for confirmation of specs. He should have sample by Tuesday, and we will release final specs after he has a chance to evaluate it.

I will make a decision as to how to proceed after that.



Samples are stateside!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014 Location Time
18 Customs status updated CINCINNATI HUB, OH - USA 11:31
17 Departed Facility in HONG KONG - HONG KONG HONG KONG - HONG KONG 17:53
16 Clearance processing complete at HONG KONG - HONG KONG HONG KONG - HONG KONG 11:16


DHL shipments are still snarled up in China:

Latest samples are stuck in Hong Kong. I will let everyone know when there is progress.



Two identical new samples are being shipped out…one to JM and one to me. They should arrive via DHL sometime next week. Here is the amp reading on this current batch of samples:

As soon as we have had a chance to look them over, we will pass along the results.


The latest sample was not acceptable to the sample team :~ (I don’t have time to elaborate now…gotta go to work).

Eagle Eye will be sending out another revised sample (hopefully the last!) to us for another evaluation. I apologize for the further delay.

I will try to address this further over the weekend.


Good news! Eagle Eye/Neal is sending this new sample to JohnnyMac for review via DHL. Hang in there folks. Hiccups are to be expected…were dealing with them. :slight_smile:


Thanks everyone for their input. I am just as guilty as anyone one on this change. My lack of technical knowledge and limited mod experience doesn’t help here. What I do know is that jumping to conclusions and going off on tangents rarely helps. That is why I don’t usually respond quickly or at all to the ‘drama’ that occassionally goes on in this thread. I learned that very early here on BLF…lol.

Overall, Neal and Eagle Eye have been VERY cooperative in getting this project rolling along. I don’t believe it does anyone any good to make unfounded accusations when all the facts are not out there. Maybe I am being a bit naive, but I don’t think there has been any intentional deception. IOW…I can’t see how plastering photos of the new driver on BLF would qualify as trying to pull a fast one. Seems illogical to me.

The driver situation will be looked at and we will determine what the next step will be. It is the weekend and I don’t expect to hear back from Neal until late tonight via skype.

That being said, I understand the passion and interest in getting this right. We are flashaholics, after all! I am willing to take more time to evaluate this light and make it worthy of carrying the BLF logo. So…everyone relax and please be be patient. :slight_smile:


Eagle Eye BLF Special Edition X6 - NOT YET Final Specs:

> 4 modes with last mode memory. Mode spacing as follows:
-Mode 1/Low 3% ~30 lumens.
-Mode 2/Med. 20% ~200 lumens
-Mode 3/High 50% ~500 lumens
-Mode 4/Turbo (@ 3.5 amps with 3 min. step-down to High) ~1100 lumens
> Copper MCPCB w/DTP (Direct Thermal Path). Excellent, high quality board.
> Improved lens (Double-sided coated lens. Same type as used on their F30).
> No glue on threads.
> Driver voltage range: 3v-4.2 8.4v
> Reverse clicky.
> Matte black HA III anodization.
> “BLF Special Edition” custom logo.
> Gift box with BLF graphics.
> Two tint choices: XM-L2 U2-1A or XM-L2 U2-3C.
> Comes with: Adjustable Lanyard with quick-releasae, clip, extra button (GITD) and 2 extra O-rings.
> Reverse polarity and low voltage protection.

Working on final pricing (still estimated around $20). Might not know until next week.

I hope you guys like it. More info to follow…



Specs and pricing are being finalized now that Chinese Moon Festival has ended. I hope to have that information by tomorrow. First 500 units should be ready to ship less than 2 weeks from that point. More details to follow…

OP interest list also updated…to 592!



Chinese holiday will delay getting feedback on changes/clarifications we need. I will keep y’all advised. :slight_smile:


There are a few details that we are seeking from EE and BG. Since it is the weekend, it will be a few days until we hear back.

Meanwhile…rigorous testing continues!

Dale and his 60 MPH drop test…and JM with his overnight water ingress challenge. Results? The BLF Special edition X6 passed both highly scientific (lol) tests with flying colors! Check out their individual sample review posts for details.

Interest list also updated in OP…heading toward 600…I can hardly believe it!!!



There are a few small changes the test sample group has come up with. This will take some time to ‘run up the flagpole’…so I appreciate everyone’s patience.



Most samples are here and look good! I’ll update interest list later, but looks like we have over 500! More info to follow…


List re-updated to 464. Also took a look at ratio of NW to CW tint and its 2:1.


Samples should be delivered via DHL on Tuesday! And…we are over 450 units on the GB interest list (updated below…thanks JM!).


Samples are done and are shipping out! Pics from Neal look great! We will be sure to give you guys as much information as we can once received. OP also updated with 430 on interest list…WOW!


This is crazy…over 400!!! Thanks Johnny Mac for helping me keep up with this ever-growing list…and Dale for answereing many of the questions that are posted…and everyone else that is contributing here!



Eagle Eye BLF Special Edition X6 samples should be finished any day now, and shipped DHL (To Unknown00101, DBCstm, Johnny Mac and me) sometime next week!

Also updated interest list below in this OP. We’re approaching 400 @ 398 units!



Interest now up to 374!! Updated below in OP.


Interest list has grown to 358. Updated in this OP down below.

Another small update. The 4 samples being assembled for testers will not have the copper star with Direct Thermal Path (they have to be produced). But the production run of 500 WILL have Copper/DTP.

Dale is excited though…cuz he’s gonna put a Noctigon in his sample and tell us all about it.



Neal advises that the X6 Special Edition samples should be complete and shipped out (via DHL or other fast shipping method) in an estimated 7-10 days. So…were looking at around two to three weeks (I always add a week to be sure) until samples are in our hands. Slowly…but surely!


Updated list down below in this OP.


Howdy everyone! :slight_smile:

I am really pleased with the excitement surrounding this GB! This has been a very interesting and educational experience, and I hope it culminates with a light that everyone can appreciate and consider worthy of their collection.

Regarding Mode Memory:
I realize I have not said too much on mode mode memory. It has been on purpose. I have been avoiding this because I simply do not have the time for the countless lists of pros and cons for everyone’s favorite form of mode control. So…don’t take it personally if I have not responded specifically to your input on this subject. I value and like the input, and especially the passion (after all…we are flashaholics), I just haven’t the werewithall to handle the hundreds of posts and the plethora of PMs that have come my way. I hope everyone understands…I have to have time to work and at least spend SOME time with family before they think I have totally gone off my rocker! Lol…

Anyhow…the samples we have coming to us do not have mode memory. They start L>H. However, that doesn’t mean that I can’t change it. Everybody chill and wait for unknown00101, Johnny Mac, DBCstm and I to evaluate the samples, and we will make changes if necessary.

Thanks again for all the interest and passion for this light :exmark:



I have some really cool news!

Once samples are approved and recommended changes made (if any), Neal (BangGood) will immediately order 500 BLF Special Edition Eagle Eye X6 lights! BG is committed to have a sizable amount in stock due to the popularity of this Group Buy. Thanks Neal!



See list updated below…300 units!!!

8/1/14 - NEW UPDATE

1) BLF Special Edition engraving at minimum 200 units.

2) Amps to 3.5, Turbo w/3 minute stepdown to 2.5 amps (about 71.4%).

3) Modes: (Turbo/100, High-stepdown/71.4, Med./25, Low/5 and Moon/1%). Starts on moon. One 1/2 click to get it back on Turbo after stepdown.

4) Tint choice of XM-L2 U2-1A or XM-L2 U2-3C.

5) AR Lens.

6) Reverse polarity protection.

7) Low voltage protection.

8 ) Copper MCPCB with direct thermal path (probable).

9) No glue on threads.

10) Clip.

11) Lanyard.

12) No blinkies (sorry blinky fans :frowning: ).

13) Reverse clicky.

16) Price: +/- $20 delivered! Final price hopefully next week since it is the weekend…

17) Method of payment: BangGood website through special BLF X6 GB link.

A total of 4 samples will be sent to:

  1. kronological
  2. Johnny Mac
  3. DBCstm
  4. unknown00101

NOTE: It will take about 3-4 weeks just to produce the samples. Then at least another 2 weeks for us to receive them for scrutiny. Bottom line…this is going to take some time, but I hope this is going to be a light everyone will be proud to own.



Well…the first copper board EE sourced did not have a Direct Thermal Path. :frowning: But I found a source for them, and I think we still might pull off the Copper MCPCB. :slight_smile:

AR lens is also a go!

They have also agreed to send out samples. All of this will take time, but is worth it to get the light as perfect as we can. I will give more details this weekend when I’m off from work, and after I spend some time with my family before they really think I’ve lost my mind over this weird flashlight fascination thing…lol…so thanks to everyone for your patience!



Quick update. These are the dimensions according to Dale aka DBCstm. Thanks Dale!

Bezel diameter is 38.9mm
Inside reflector diameter is ~ 29.8mm
Reflector depth is approx 29mm (measured in light, this is an approximate only)
battery tube diameter is 23.5mm
Tail cap diameter is 23.9mm
Overall total length is 132.9mm
Head is 55.3mm long
Battery tube is 77.6mm long
30.3mm of tail cap above the clip, or this will be exposed if clipped in a pocket.


I thought I would update the specs we are working on. Some are confirmed, as noted:

Unglued threads
XM-L2, choice of U2-1A or U2-3C
3.5 Amps confirmed (Turbo), with stepdown after 3 minutes to 2.5 amps (about 71%)
5 modes: Turbo/100, High/75, Med./25, Low/5, Moon/1%
BLF Special Edition Logo at 200 units
Low voltage & reverse polarity protection

AR Lens
Copper MCPCB


Quantities updated in the OP below. Approaching 250! Many thanks to Johnny Mac for keeping up with it! I have added a few people that pm’d interest…but the best way is to post your interest in this thread itself.



At this point, there is sufficient interest in this light to reach 200…which is the majic number to have it engraved with BLF logo (should the majority of people follow through on purchasing).

That is the why I haven’t been keeping up with the totals…that, and I have been pressed for time lately…add in my struggle with insomnia and you get the picture…so, thanks again for doing that JM! It is kinda fun watching the numbers rise…and there are several more that I can add that have pm’d me.

That being said…please don’t over expect on the amps/features. It has been quite a chore just to have EE consider 3.5 amps. You have to consider liability from a distributor/manufacturer point of view. I am trying all I can to have them build a light that is worthy of the BLF logo, and in doing so, deserves time and forethought…as well as realistic expectations.

This week I hope to have a much clearer picture of what this light will be. Thanks everyone for your input!



We don’t have any new info from Eagle Eye yet…and it is the weekend. So, it will probably be a few more days…Monday at the earliest, until we hear something.

Have a great weekend and I will update whenever I have something new.


7/24/14 Continued

Member saypat requested some info regarding my chat with Neal, which I posted later in this thread. I’ll go ahead and post it here also:

Well…one reason it was a looong chat…is that there is a slight language barrier. Many times we have to get clarification from eachother. And I am sure Neal has other work duties as we chat. Nevertheless, here are a few things we are working on:

Copper MCPCBs…they have found a source. Trying to find out if they have a direct thermal path.

Possibility of AR lens.

Also looking at amps/turbo mode/stepdown concerns.

Remember that this is still preliminary…so take that for what it’s worth. :slight_smile:


I had a rather long skype chat with Neal last night. We are still hammering out the details and awaiting answers from Eagle Eye on some questions. Hang in there…


Some excellent progress is being made! Neil has told me that Eagle Eye has agreed to the following for the BLF Special Edition X6 Group Buy:

1) Amps will be upped to 3.5.
2) Turbo with 2 minute stepdown to 2 amps.
3) Have a source for copper MCPB.

I am very excited about this! It is good to see anoher manufacturer that listens!

No idea what this does to pricing. More info as it becomes available.

Krono :beer:


I’m back but barely coherant…lol. I’m working on very little sleep…so I appreciate your patience…and mega-thanks to peeps like Johnny Mac for keeping track of the interest! This has really blown up to something bigger than I had imagined!

As you can tell…l really want to get the numbers up to 200 for the logo. I do not have a light yet with this designation, and I really want one because of my affinity for BLF. Many others indicated similar thoughts.

But…there are so many variables to take into consideration. And now that a host might be available…that might confuse things further when considering total numbers for BLF logo. I don’t yet know if Eagle Eye will include hosts as part of the 200, or if hosts will just be available later on. This is a new wrinkle that will have to be bird dogged.

Further complicating things…BLFers that indicated a light earlier might switch to a host only, etc. And then there are those that want noctigons, 4 amps…etc. Egads…my brain is starting to hurt just thinking about all the possibilities.

Nevertheless, I will continue to get additional info from Neil. He has a good idea of creating a google form that everyone can vote on for the final version. We see what that looks like. We might need to tweak it a little bit to include all possibilities.

Thank you all for your patience!


Thanks Johnny for keeping up with the count! I am away and thought I would have internet…but not even close! I had to go into town and I am sitting at a Whataburger using their wifi trying to update this on my kindle!

I think we have enough to start the GB very soon. We might not have enough (200) for BLF logo, but we certainly will have enough interest for quite a few. Still waiting for info from Neil. BTW…if Neil is reading this…feel free to answer any questions.

I will be back in town by the end of the week and will have a better update for everybody then. Thanks for your patience!



We are almost at 150 units! Wow…I must admit I didnt think at first we would get to 200…but it looks like we are well on our way!

I still don’t have final specs or pricing, so it might be a few days until that happens. I will also be out of pocket for most of the day, and in and out of pocket for the next week or so. I will update when I can.

The way I see this playing out is:
1: A final spec and price is determined.
2: BangGood takes orders and you pay them directly.
3: After a certain amont of time (deadline), BLF X6 is built. If 200 units are bought and paid for, BLF logo is added.
4: BLF X6 is shipped and received and there is much rejoicing.

This is not official. I still have to confirm all this with Neil at BG.



OK…estimated cost for special edition BLF X6 with driver boosted to 3 amps and 3 modes is estimated at +/- $17 delivered. This is not final as I have asked Neil for pricing on other options BLF members have requested.

Also…we can have BLF Logo or whatever at 200 units. Phew…I know that is a lot, but consider this. I’ve only had this posted for one day, and there is already enough interest (almost 100 units) to get us half way there (of course…if everyone followed through)! Can we hit 200 lights

I also included some additional info in this OP (ledsmokes thread, additional interest question). Please review it and let me know if your specs must be met, or if not…is it a dealbreaker?

More info as I get it/krono

This looks to be an exceptional budget light already for sub $19 “(unknown00101’s excellent review here)”: . ledsmoke’s excellent mod/review here . Here is the BG link/pic.

Standard Specifications listed on BangGood (Note: BLF GB specs will be different!):
Product name: Eagle Eyes X6 CREE XM-L2 U2 LED Flashlight
Brand: Eagle Eyes
Model: X6
Emitter Brand CREE
Emitter Type: XM-L2 U2
Color BIN: U2-1A cool white(6500K—7000K),warm white U2-3C(5000K)
Material: Aviation aluminum
Mode: high,middle,low,strobe,sos
Battery Configurations: 1 x 18650 battery (do not included)
Circuit: constant current circuit
Switch Type: clicky
Switch Location: tail of the flashlight
Brightness: 350lm
Runtime: 1-3hours(according to the mode)
Carrying Strap: yes
Waterproof: IPX-8 Waterproof
Color: black
Weight: 120g
Size: 133mm (length)

Package included:
1 x Eagle Eyes X6 CREE XM-L2 U2 LED Flashlight
1 x flashlight carrying strap
2 x o-rings
1 x tail cap

The reviews/posts have generated a lot of interest in a Group Buy. I contacted Neil at BG and he has had positive results with the manufacturer. They have already agreed to up the drive current (to 3 amps), and they would like to get opinions on driver modes! Heck…we might not want to change driver modes at all considering that it might up the price.

Regardless of mode selection, I am in for a minimum of two…maybe more considering price.

Anyhow, we need some sort of concensus on modes so we can get a final GB price. We won’t be able to keep everyone happy, so try to select something that a majority will agree with. There are a few suggestions on the review thread already. So, let me know the following information:

Please remember that the more we deviate from the original X6, the more difficult it will be to pull this GB off…and the pricier it will be. Noctigons, 4 amps and other goodies are nice…and I don’t mind asking…but remember we are talking about a $19 +/- light here!

A) Quantity you are interested in.
B) Mode selection preference.
C) Flexability…as in…how likely are you still to buy if all your preferences are not met?


-Interest Count (updated 09/06/14):
Updated list.

1 kronological nw

2 kronological nw

3 Bigblockmopar cw

4 ImA4Wheelr cw

5 Legolas Jr. cw

6 Ryansoh 3 cw

7 Yourrid nw

8 Yourrid cw

9 aussiet6 np

10 harry218 nw

11 harry218 nw

12 Werner np

13 freeme nw

14 freeme nw

15 ohaya cw

16 aL1 cw

17 DBCstm cw

18 DBCstm cw

19 Muto cw

20 DanielM nw

21 Tom E nw

22 Tom E nw

23 troisanh cw

24 RaceR86 np

25 RaceR86 np

26 jmpaul320 nw

27 David EF nw

28 David EF nw

29 Chicken Drumstick nw

30 netjrb nw

31 Cereal_killer nw

32 Cereal_killer nw

33 Chazzy nw

34 velectron nw

35 cellguy np

36 downlinx nw

37 p_k nw

38 The Spaz np

39 Defaut Username cw

40 mrmatt np

41 Gj nw

42 aoeu np

43 The Burgh cw

44 JohnnyMac cw

45 JohnnyMac nw

46 shimey nw

47 Kurt_Norway nw

48 djozz nw

49 Boro nw

50 Boro nw

51 Blinky1 nw

52 penumbra nw

53 cnrffl1 nw

54 bgyen cw

55 max cw

56 max cw

57 max cw

58 mhanlen nw

59 andyz nw

60 sunnycoaster np

61 spamman np

62 tkmckay nw

63 tkmckay cw

64 Buwuve nw

65 Strongest2004 nw

66 Strongest2004 nw

67 Light Dispels Darkness np

68 Light Dispels Darkness np

69 syracuse nw

70 GTsuperheros cw

71 The Burgh nw

72 tristanxoxo nw

73 zelee nw

74 HHCC cw

75 Ray-o-Light nw

76 Ray-o-Light nw

77 CJW np

78 LowLumen nw

79 Ejected Filament nw

80 Ejectef Filament nw

81 Beachlogger nw

82 Beachlogger cw

83 Qandeel nw

84 blueb8llz nw

85 aoeu np

86 southland cw

87 southland cw

88 Nightbird95 nw

89 atrroger cw

90 retiro675 cw

91 gouldy cw

92 gouldy nw

93 backtoback nw

94 cellguy np

95 Calmaja nw

96 Calmaja nw

97 hein11ag np

98 hein11ag np

99 Lightsaber nw

100 Aardvark nw

101 antoninodattola nw

102 cajampa nw

103 saypat nw

104 aslpg nw

105 Siata94 nw

106 Siata94 cw

107 NeoGeo np

108 meti nw

109 ledsmoke np

110 ledsmoke np

111 ledsmoke np

112 dodo nw

113 Billy X nw

114 Moridin nw

115 bikenber73 nw

116 Lyubo Yanev nw

117 johnnydoe nw

118 g60 np

119 Ricflair cw

120 sunnycoaster np

121 sunnycoaster np

122 BILL G np

123 chenko np

124 Default Username np

125 Boaz nw

126 bugsy36 cw

127 bugsy36 cw

128 buggy36 nw

129 dangerous np

130 banker nw

131 Slim Pickens np

132 KawiBoy1428 cw

133 KawiBoy1428 cw

134 velectron np

135 ChibiM cw

136 flashination nw

137 18sixfifty np

138 alphazeta nw

139 Banglabob nw

140 dave_ nw

141 Fmc nw

142 Scooter000 nw

143 kafar cw

144 jealous57 cw

145 sbradd np

146 lionheart_2281 cw

147 guitar89 nw

148 guitar89 cw

149 doslyn nw

150 doslyn nw

151 sandanbob np

152 dantemens nw

153 raven38571 np

154 bdiddle np

155 bdiddle np

156 litefella np

157 crowne np

158 crowne np

159 D10ten np

160 cicciocant np

161 processengr nw

162 B42 nw

163 allthumbs nw

164 allthumbs nw

165 luckyseven np

166 M78 np

167 peterscm nw

168 richnpc nw

169 thebaum np

170 soddo np

171 tapir cw

172 hideehoo nw

173 arekm nw

174 Muto nw

175 Muto nw

176 gpapa693 np

177 flashpilot cw

178 aussiet6 np

179 drudragon np

180 akoposilester nw

181 GeoCan46 cw

182 GeoCan46 cw

183 Rufusbduck nw

184 flashhole np

185 Legolas Jr. nw

186 Scotlarock np

187 Scotlarock np

188 flashination np

189 OscarM nw

190 SirPaul cw

191 MRsDNF np

192 grantman321 np

193 johm nw

194 johm nw

195 ohaya np

196 eebowler nw

197 keengeorge nw

198 theoldbill cw

199 KawiBoy1428 nw

200 KawiBoy1428 nw

201 big block Mopar nw

202 Bak nw

203 Bak nw

204 dperreno np

205 s1m88 cw

206 zeremefico np

207 tryps nw

208 glowz nw

209 angler np

210 mizjif np

211 antilop65 nw

212 NobleX13 np

213 the nw

214 the nw

215 scdaf np

216 torchjinkie np

217 BLightSam cw

218 magnet np

219 lamper np

220 meteorxs nw

221 ACmech cw

222 ACmech nw

223 locusto03 nw

224 locusto03 nw

225 2DOGS np

226 Ohaya nw

227 Wojto nw

228 fireblade893 nw

229 Fireblade893 nw

230 The Burgh nw

231 mhemling33 np

232 saypat cw

233 Saigon cw

234 Saigon nw

235 DanielM nw

236 Charga cw

237 LSX cw

238 LSX nw

239 raccoon city nw

240 flitsmal nw

241 WarHawk-AVG np

242 Down_South nw

243 Down_South cw

244 will manners nw

245 Lightning Bub np

246 Lightning Bub np

247 keengeorge cw

248 keengeorge nw

249 keengeorge cw

250 I ant np

251 LANTUS nw

252 chesterqw cw

253 Boaz nw

254 mhanlen np

255 nthesame np

256 Buwuve nw

257 Kafar cw

258 Kafar nw

259 tristanxoxo cw

260 DanielM nw

261 Ray-o-light nw

262 Nbabu nw

263 Pulsar nw

264 Pulsar cw

265 rchiang nw

266 rchiang nw

267 C-channel nw

268 C-channel nw

269 Lotus_Darkrose nw

270 Peetz nw

271 Peetz cw

272 saypat cw

273 chenko nw

274 chenko nw

275 jacktheclipper nw

276 Mikk0 nw

277 Mike72 nw

278 iron potato nw

279 264 nw

280 eta np

281 0elcid0 nw

282 nitro cw

283 nitro cw

284 ouchyfoot np

285 processengr nw

286 processengr nw

287 processengr nw

288 processengr nw

289 HBomb nw

290 peterscm nw

291 peterscm nw

292 peterscm cw

293 peterscm cw

294 calmaja cw

295 saypat cw

296 Adoby nw

297 Adoby cw

298 ilovejesuschrist np

299 jealous57 nw

300 billyx cw

301 JohnnyC nw

302 JohnnyC nw

303 vuanhquoc np

304 apt323 nw

305 Slow2go cw

306 Slow2go cw

307 Slow2go cw

308 Lopan nw

309 Mot cw

310 Mot cw

311 Mot cw

312 Lyubo Yanev nw

313 djozz nw

314 djozz nw

315 strayz np

316 theoldbill nw

317 banker cw

318 southland cw

319 southland cw

320 southland nw

321 southland nw

322 GioLight nw

323 CrashOne cw

324 netjrb nw

325 netjrb nw

326 netjrb nw

327 andyz nw

328 texas shooter nw

329 texas shooter nw

330 texas shooter nw

331 Triple A cw

332 Triple A nw

333 Day Lighter cw

334 Day Lighter cw

335 tryps nw

336 sxv nw

337 sxv nw

338 sxv nw

339 fyesilova nw

340 scottyhazzard nw

341 scottyhazzard nw

342 scottyhazzard nw

343 scottyhazzard nw

344 scottyhazzard nw

345 264 cw

346 GeoCan46 nw

347 GeoCan46 nw

348 steepdrop nw

349 steepdrop nw

350 Randolph cw

351 Randolph nw

352 khan nw

353 khan nw

354 carmantl cw

355 carmantl nw

356 e10sno nw

357 Cyrus AM nw

358 Gerrit cw

359 NobleX13 np

360 NobleX13 np

361 DavidEF cw

362 cicciopanzarotto np

362 JaredM nw

363 Scooby cw

364 Scooby nw

365 B42 nw

366 B42 nw

367 B42 nw

368 devman nw

369 devman nw

370 Legolas Jr. cw

371 Legolas Jr. cw

372 Legolas Jr. cw

373 Joat np

374 Joat np

375 Aznsw1mr np

376 beanhill911 nw

377 Cereal_killer np

378 wedlpine cw

379 wedlpine nw

380 Tete cw

381 Tete nw

382 akoposilester cw

383 vito76 nw

384 serifus nw

385 serifus nw

386 Cereal_killer np

387 steepdrop cw

388 Ashayuni nw

389 unit 311 cw

390 Cereal_killer nw

391 nitro nw

392 Plato nw

393 koyotee nw

394 Juggeli nw

395 jamjar nw

396 jamjar cw

397 Hopback nw

398 Hopback nw

399 agarb np

400 kralyevski nw

401 Otanacious nw

402 clagged nw

403 bugsy36 cw

404 clagged cnw

405 Kurt_Norway nw

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408 Trigger619 cw

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Almost to 600!!!-

RaceR86 has proposed this, and Tom E agrees:

“3 normal well spaced modes are good for me. I believe that the majority who like moonlight already have a better (more floody) light for close up moonlight stuff. My guess is that the majority of the buyers will not use it (on a light like this). Just make low proper low and I believe you are more likely to make more people happy.

Id like to see “wider mode spacing”. More like:

H 3A (100%)
M 0,75A (25%)
L 0,035A (1,2%)
Quick off time mode memory
Low voltage warning from 2,7-3V (A double blink every 60sec or something like that)
Cut off below 2,7V”

What say you???

I’m in for 1, I like the “wide mode spacing”.

I'd be interested in one. RaceR86's suggestion sounds very good to me.

EDIT: _the_'s TheStar FW sounds interesting too. I plan on doing a mini review of it tonight.

Sounds good to me! I’d likely be in for one, depending on price.

+1 for wider mode spacing

I’m in for one CW! :slight_smile:


3 or 4 modes, NO STROBE OR SOS.
I wouldnt mind having a 50% mode

Put me down for 1 for sure. Maybe 2…. if the price is right :slight_smile:

I would say 4 modes..!

Why don't you try to get the BLF group buy driver that THE is working on?

Just connect the star by yourself to get the set of modes you like the best.

I’m interested in 1 or maybe 2 in NW. Not sure yet. 4 modes with moonlight or 3 modes. Just follow the majority here.

I am more of a 4 mode guy and I like a mid mode with50% so that if a light is modded to 5A the mid is 2.5A which is almost a normal guy high…but if the price gets low enough I will order one anyway…like always.

A current boost makes only sense with a decent(copper)star and if I replace the star I can resistormod it also….


I am in for at least 2 if these are achieved.

I’d be interested if 4 (incl moonlight) modes.

In the OP, you said they’d agreed to “up the power”, but to what?

Also, is the lens AR?


2mm thick piece of glass, no AR.

If I were to perfect on the modes (in my suggestion) id probably want medium to be more like 17-20%, but I understand that some might want it higher.

I consider default Qlite to be pretty much the benchmark. Many seem to like that.




I would not mind if low were a bit lower like in my example. As long as the mode spacing is somewhat decent im happy.

I’m in for 2, with the driver as RaceR86 suggested.

I agree this is best mode choice.
Thanks RaceR86!

H 3A (100%)
M 0,75A (25%)
L 0,035A (1,2%)
Quick off time mode memory
Low voltage warning from 2,7-3V (A double blink every 60sec or something like that)
Cut off below 2,7V”

Could they make it tail stand from the factory with out raising the price?

I’ll buy them either way.
The glass is good the way it is, as long as we can get that head apart to clean it if necessary.

I’m in for 1 at least, NW if possible. I agree with RaceR86’s mode choice.

I'm good for qty 2 for sure, maybe more. I'm good with the 3 mode ballpark figures RaceR86 proposed. A 4th mode at 50% is fine also, but again, just knowing from other guys and feedback I get about keeping the modes simple, mode count low preferred. Even for myself, I like 4 modes typically, or even 5, but it does get difficult to keep track, so I find myself cycling thru them all to be sure I'm on the one I want.

Ooops - forgot this: Must have assurance no threads are glued (thanx troisanh!)

in for one in CW NOT glued.

Forgot to add. Count me in for 1 light. Maybe two depending on price and how it turns out.

I would also like to see no glue, ability to tailstand and nice even anodizing (same color) on all parts if possible.