Group Buy CLOSED: MAXToch SN6X-2X

Thank you to all that participated!

Here is the list for those that have submitted payment info for the MAXToch SN6X-2X Group Buy (as of 11/08/13):

Total of 22 units:

jmpaul320 - 1pc SN6X-2X, $59.90
tatasal - 1pc SN6X-2X, already paid
HarleyQuin - 1pc SN6X-2X, $59.90
Tom E - 1pc SN6X-2X, $59.90
magnet - 1pc SN6X-2X, $59.90
Lightsaber - 1pc SN6X-2X, $59.90
crnkin - 4pcs SN6X-2X, $239.60
troisahn –1pc SN6X-2X, $59.90
bawilson - 2pcs SN6X-2X, 119.80
Mrmattn-1pc SN6X-2X, 59.90
IndyArcher - 2 pcs SN6X-2X, 119.80
kevind43 - 1pc SN6X-2X, 59.50
DBCstm - 1pc SN6X-2X, 59.90
Bill G - 1pc SN6X-2X, 59.90
phantom23 - 1pc SN6X-2X, 59.90
zizo - 1pc SN6X-2X, 59.90
proclaimer - 1pc SN6X-2X, 59.90

I will be sending MAXToch the spreadsheet order this evening. Hopefully you will have your paypal invoice as early as tomorrow. Make sure you double check your paypal invoice for accuracy!

Thanks for the participation so far!


ACTIVE! Group Buy for MAXToch SN6X-2X for $59.90 delivered (no extra PayPal/shipping fees…other fees such as VAT/taxes…are your responsibility) with holster and gift/storage bag.

There is a limited number of these lights (they are a limited production run). 50 of them have been set aside for BLF at this price…so first come, first served.

The SN6X-2X is only offered as per specs below, no tint options available.

To purchase, I must have your information PM’d to me:

1) PayPal Email Address and tph#.

2) If drop shipped, the ship to address including:
Zip code:

Orders will be compiled on a spreadsheet and sent to MAXToch every few days (as the time restraints of my job allows). You should then receive a paypal invoice for your light.

Product Description (from MAXToch):

1. CREE XM-L2 LED, 20% higher output than Cree XM-L.
2. Max 1300LM and Runtime 90 minutes.

Features (from MAXToch):
*LED Type: CREE XM-L2 U2 1A (reconfirmed)
*65mm reflector
*Driven at 3.3 amps
*Solid Aluminum Heatsink
*Max output: 1300LM
*Beam: Smooth Reflector for focused beam
*Finish: Military Grade
*Waterproof: IPX7
*Switch: Tail cap switch
*Modes: Max-Mid-Min (No Blinkies! 4khz PWM on Mid and Min)
*Threads are un-glued
*Battery: 2PCS 18650 or 4PCS CR123 batteries
*Circuit efficiency: 92%
*Size: L 256 mm (10.00’‘) *D 68 mm (2.67’’)
*Nylon holster
*Nylon gift/storage bag

Kronos you are doing it the right way.

i’m being patient :weary:

I really like that one, the only change I would make is to have the choice of running it off 1 cell so it can be shorter, but everything else looks really good. Does anyone know if there is a single 18650 tube that would work? Count me as a tentative in, depending on final price and my flashlight budget

OP updated with pics and additional information.

That is very kind of you…thanks!

Decent looking like there, a likely candidate for an MT-G2 appears to me! :wink:

Nice find, will be watching to see what kind of price comes up on it.

Thanks Kronological, appreciate the effort.

I like the looks of this light, how hard is the led driven? Moddable? How good is the heatsink? Are the threads glued?


Looks very interesting. Waiting for more details :)


A decent looking, sleek - yet powerful - 2-cell thrower of seemingly good quality…
been looking for weeks now, very much apreciate your effort, kronological.

Quite interesting, the SN6X-2X isn’t to be found on the maxtoch website itself, but on alibaba and aliexpress.

I expect the terms in this one are as described in your Group Buy Feeler , especially Paypal payment is crucial in my eyes.

Being a noob when it comes to group buy, I’d be happy about a short description of the procedure (ordering, payment, shipping) when matters are settled.

Thanks again!

I like this and for less than $60 I am most likely be in. Tint is important, but wont be a deal breaker. IMHO I would loose all the accessories and keep the price as low as possible.

Thanks for the effort

I am definitely interested. For some reason the case intrigues me, but if we can save a few bucks without it that works for me too.

interested depending on price and tint

Checking on all this…but will probably be a few days due to weekend.

I’m waiting on the final details but I think I’ll jump on board for this one.

Manufacturer claims 612m of throw (can someone translate it into lux/1m?), current to the emitter is 3A. Modes and runtime (with 2x18650 3000mAh):

*Max output of 1300 lumens for approximately 1.5 Hours
*Mid output of 650 lumens for approximately 3.4 Hours
*Min output of 260 lumens for approximately 8.4 Hours

Naturally I already ordered one of these a week ago… :~


Nice. But I think 1300lm is a misunderstanding. XM-L2 at 3A may give 1100 emitter lumens, definitely not 1300.