Group Buy for the GearBest Ultrafire F13 - Closed?

Anyone having issues, just contact GearBest via PM using their forum membership here. It's their ball game this time. I'm not running the middle man thing again, too much stress

Hopefully they will make things right for you.


This is the Group Buy thread. I am placing the code here and you can use it to purchase one or more of the Ultrafire F13 lights.

Here is the link (yes it says skyeye, but it will say ultrafire on the light).

and here is the Coupon Code: LL0101701 the expiration date is JULY 9th.

and GearBest says: "each light is the same and will be tested before shipped out."
This thread is for you to post problems or even good things. It's a place for GearBest to read up on what is going on with the GB.
Good Luck, I'm leaving town...
I will be making a video of the light when I get it, for modding purposes, if anyone is interested. There will also be photos of the resistor/pencil mod to the stock driver, to stop next mode memory. I just want to wait till I get a light, so I can make sure the photos are of exactly what you are getting.
Anything else?
Full disclosure: I will receive lights from GearBest. The purpose will be for review and to use those lights in BLF giveaways. I am not an affiliate, nor will my review or assessment of the lights be biased, in favor of GearBest. If that bothers you, feel free to not participate in the GB or look at the review, no problem.


nice! A month, I should be able to get 2 no problem then!

Just ordered qty 2 - thanx O-L! Separately ordered an Opus BT-C3100 "Dream" charger this morn as well from GearBest via the group buy.

Many thanks OL. Just ordered one. Will probably order another before it finishes. :slight_smile:


Ordered one of the F13, plus a couple of other lights :(!


FYI, the free shipping said 7-25 days for me, and tracking was $1.99 additional (which I took since this was kind of a trial order). According to the website, if purchase were > $40, tracking would’ve been included.

P.S. If you have contact with them, can you check if that 2nd/AAA light can take 10440s?


P.P.S. I think I found the same light at FT, with reviews. Seems like it can take 10440s:

I just ordered two myself, couldn't resist.

I wouldn’t put a 14500 in that.
It’s like all cheapies inside.

Ordered 2 but skipped the tracking as it asked after I had already filled out the paypal deal, besides, when I have tracking all I keep doing is checking on it, this way it will be a pleasant surprise when it shows up.

My strategy on these special buys is to order ASAP because that is when the company wants to do their best and get orders out quickly.
Has worked well in the past.

Did anyone else notice that they offer insurance?
Would never get it, good luck claiming on an overseas shipment.

Anyway, the wait begins!
Thanks OL for putting this together !!


Parts and compensation for your time of course at my expense.

I’ve wanted a light with the OL “provenance ” for a while!

No rush on the time frame. I can wait till you have time.

Over the past few years, I have refrained from doing this... but, since I really am not modding for myself any more, then I will say yes, with restrictions.

Meaning, yes, but PM me and we will work out what I am willing to do and not willing to do.

It’d be a 10440 rather than a 14500 :), but we’ll see…

Got mine. I like this form factor. If I hadn’t run my wallet so thin the last two months, I might have gotten two.

Seems Gearbest took down the automatic $1.20 shipping insurance - it’s off by default now. Looks like they’re listening to the forum. Way to go.

placed my order for 2. Thanks to O-L

Placed my order already for 1 unit.

Thanks O-L.


Thanks for the groupbuy.

Got 1 for now, but if I can get confirmation that this will work with aaa batteries, and which holder fits, I would order a couple more…



Does not come with an AAA holder. I would suspect it might fit, but I wouldn’t want to use AAA, unless you wanted a reduced capacity light. AAA won’t hold 2.4 amps and will sag very quickly.

just ordered 1

thanks old lumen

You’d want a holder for 3xAAA or more probably 3xAA, 3S1P , to get ~4.5 V, but then dimensions of the holder would need to be approximately 18mm x 65mm or 26mm x 65mm.

For example, FT, has this:

but that looks like it’s 30mm x 60mm, so it’s a bit too large diameter, and a bit too short, so that one probably wouldn’t work.

Thanks for the consideration.

BTW: Would this lend itself as a tripple host? [anyone]