Guidelines for Commercial Liaisons and Affiliate Linkers

Hello affiliate linkers.

BudgetLightForum has a long tradition of locating and sharing deals on flashlight products. To that end, some users work indirectly with the commercial vendors to negotiate special deals, which they offer to the BLF community via codes or affiliate links. Regardless of the method used, we will designate these users as "liaisons". Although liaisons are not strictly commercial sellers and therefore are not bound by the commercial seller rules, they do contribute significantly toward the interests of the commercial sellers. So please keep in mind the spirit of the rules for commercial sellers. Specifically, liaisons must adhere to the following guidelines:

  • BLF users that regularly negotiate special deals on stock products that are offered via affiliate links or codes should place them in the BLF User Negotiated Deals category.
  • I won't specify exactly how many threads can be created per-user in the "BLF User Negotiated Deals" category, but please do NOT abuse your privileges by unnecessarily creating many separate threads for your deals.
  • Please keep in mind that your posts in this category will appear in the Recent Posts list, so please do NOT "spam" the Recent Posts with tactics to "bump" your thread or in any other way dominate the current activity. I'm sure that the liaisons will find a way to keep their currently active threads in this category to a minimum, possibly by re-using certain threads and editing the first and/or second posts.
  • Please do NOT post your affiliate links or codes outside of the "BLF User Negotiated Deals" category.
  • Please do NOT "drop hints" about your deals in other threads.
  • Please do NOT send unsolicited (spam) private messages to promote your deals.
  • Please carefully re-read these guidelines on avoiding "price wars".
  • Competition between commercial sellers is good for BLF, but bickering and cutthroat competitiveness between BLF liaisons is damaging to the entire BLF community, so please avoid doing so at all cost.
  • Please do NOT do anything that annoys other users, and be willing to make changes to accommodate others' preferences.

The services of commercial liaisons are appreciated by many BLF users. If you engage in such activity, please do your utmost to be an asset to the BLF community and promote a friendly and enjoyable community spirit.

Thanks! Have fun.

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