Haikelite mt03 mods? Update!

Hey guys! Does any of you know how I could go about increasing the output of the mt03? I thought about direct drive but don’t know. I know it can be done but how?

Soldered on 6 extra r100 resistors. Have to do some testing to see if it got any brighter! Atlest got warm quicker!

Is yours 4S1P or 2S2P?

If it’s 4S like mine, you can’t do direct drive unless you modify the battery carrier I believe.

4s as in 4 cell?

oh you mean 2 in parallel 2 in series, or 4in series?
Mine has 2 in parallel and 2 in series

Mine the one in the video is 2P2S so 2 cell are parallel and 2 cells are series. 6 volts total

The newer lights where 4S so 4 series they are having issues apparently. 16 volts total

How is your output?

Hey! 2s2p, technically 8,4v when fully charged

Yea 8.4 fully charged or 7.4 nominal volts. Well you got the 2s2p? Thats good then. How is the output?

Have to probably measure it on turbo mode, with a welding mask on lol. So if I would get 8,4 that tells me that turbo is dd right? If it’s less and the batteries are full at 8,4v or 4,2 each, that means that it’s not dd, iow, the driver limits the output. Have to see what it says. Looks to be 3 leds in parallel though. Will measure it when I get home.

however I suspect it’s limited since maybe 9000 at turbo, and afaik, xhp’s can do 5000 lm each?

Stock its not Direct drive. Its about 3.7amps per LED at the LEDs so total amperage is 11amps at the LED maybe a little more. You can get more out of it but it will get hot quick. It should be about 10000+ lumens if its working correct. It will drop down after a while.

Tell me how ! Master I must know!
No but seriously, maybe drilling and put + to the spring and - where ever it goes, I’m guessing the outer ring? I will make it dd, if I don’t like it I could always revert to stock again. Or is there a way to keep other modes? maybe a smaller driver along side?

perhaps remove or change out the current limiting resistors?

Ok, so I think I know, I need to have 3 separate drivers, in parallel, so each driver gets 8,4v. Then if each driver is 5A, each led gets 5A.

I would think the sense driver would be the safest way. When Haikelite where built the MT03 they put the current up but said it gets to hot for the performance increase. I have a written review on here where you can see the driver. Actually i will find the picture. I would have to sit and look over the driver properly i left it because 10k lumens is enough for me but it can be increased easy.
You also risk burning out other components.



I am not sure about this direct drive but you could get more amps maybe even up to 15amps total easily.

how about the triple independent drivers in parallel i suggested? check my earlier post ok?

Yea you could i have seen it done. You could also go for one good FET? Even the standard BLF A6 FET driver can handle 10+ amps i think. So a better quality FET will have no issues.

Do you know any good ones then, maybe the fx6? Tired of my questions yet?

are those big boxes current limitors or which ones?

I would have to have a look properly but the R resistors are the current limiting resistors. I would say the 3 sets of the R100s

You can basically piggy back a 17mm FET onto this board. Heaps of people with Triple or quad Nichia get high amps from a single FET. The bigger the FET the better it is for heat.

hm, could I use the fx6 driver at 5amps, and all the leds in parallel? Would all 3 drivers then get 5 amps each from this one driver? or would I need one driver for each? I would expect some drop in current per 3 leds, even though they are in prll?