Hand Made Copper Tube Light II

This one is powered by two 120mAh parallel lipo cells, has a side reverse clicky switch with a 1206 white SMD LED locator light in line with a 4000K resistor and a micro 200mAh USB charger unit with white LED charging indicator in the tail.

XP-G2 S4 2B emitter on 10mm sinkpad soldered to a brass pill and a 10mm TIR optic with cyan GITD .
It is a single mode direct drive light with an R200 resistor giving around max 360lm and 72m throw.
The outer copper casing is 12mm plumbers pipe and has dimensions of 70mm x 12mm.

You continue to amaze me. The looks wonderful and really cool!

Absolutely amazing how that all came together CRX! And I like how it’s rechargeable.

Beauty, what’s the little brass looking lantern in the background?

Part of this kit

Your work and ingenuity is truly impressive :beer:

another great light, all of your designs are pretty cool

Another neat one. That brass black sounds like pretty wicked stuff.

Thanks chaps, yeah the casey birchwood stuff actually works better on copper than brass.

Nice. What does the CRX work area look like? You must have boxes and boxes of parts.

True, and it’s getting worse all the time! :))
I like to work away in the kitchen so half the cupboards are full with boxes of my junk highly specialized useful future parts that are taken out then put away again after each build.

You are prolific, creative, and talented - it’s a good combo. Nice work, again.

Why did you choose parallel 120mAh LiPo packs instead of perhaps a 350mAh 10440? Would the 10440 not handle the current you were expecting?

4.2Vin, 3.7Vf, R200 = 2.5A

But 360lm suggests something like half that current or less - What kind of current draw does it do?

Thanks very much.

I bought the lipo’s for something else I was planning but got five of the wrong size, these 120mAh so I’ve just been trying to use them up in interesting ways like this build and the FrankenCob which take two each so I got one left…

These types of builds are usually done with stuff I have laying around.
I think I measured the current draw at around 1A but that was when the cells were not fully charged and I forgot to test it properly
Also take into account losses and my little uncalibrated integrating sphere may not be entirely accurate, I’m sure the results are on the low side.

that is so cool

you should do a little CRX logo somehow

or even the fingerprint


I agree, a neat little hallmark or maker mark on each light would be cool.

I like that idea :slight_smile: