Headlamp - just the holder with elastic belt on KAI (UPDATED)

Ultrafire Elastic Belt SKU: S009709
cheap for 3.46 $ ... (update 2012: Ultrafire Elastic Belt - $3.54) dunno which flashlights would fit.... ordered one anyway
Update 11/06/10:
The Headband arrived, it's very nice. The rubber of the holder is softer than I expected. But it holds 1AA lights that don't have a clip with a firm grip. I guess it would be difficult to get a Hugsby P31/P32 in there without taking off the clip. The smoother the surface of the light is the better. But when you manage to get the light in the holder, it is a rock solid fit. The belt is adjustable in length and sits on my head just fine... overall very recommended if you own a smooth 1xAA/1x14500 light and intend to use it as a headlamp. I can confirm the observations juhha made below.

Ultrafire does make a zebralight clone, but in several sizes, so hope you get lucky it fits whatever you want to put in it.

The status on my order says backordered, but it is still available on the site.

This is my first purchase on KD...nice...

What should I do? Wait?

Edit: It says "Order pending-packing" now.

The "backordered" is normal for Kai, I think it's just a poor choice of words... they mean ordered at the manufacturer/reseller as they don't have anything in stock. All those chinese/HK-based stores are just-in-time/just-on-order dealers. ;-)

Received it today. Took 4 weeks to arrive, since purchase.

It feels fine on my head. The band is smooth, and not agressive to the skin. The elastic that holds the flashlight is not noticeable when wearing the band. I heard that some zebralight users complain about the two rubber threads, that they are unconfortable and leave marks. These will leave marks as well, but it is not unconfortable, or hurts in anyway.

The rubber rings are 17mm in diameter. It will hold lights up to 23mm in diameter. Probably will hold lights that are bigger than that, but I am afraid to strech the rubber that far.

It will hold the Trustfire Z1(intended light to use with this band) just right.. You have to take of the belt clip, so it can be pointed to the front.

Then you received yours before mine arrived. First impressions sound nice for the price paid. I hope mine will arrive soon. Sounds that it will be perfect for most 1AA + 2AA flashlights.

Update because headband arrived ... see original post.

I would suspect that even a Tank007 E07 would fit in that holder, but I haven't tried it.

The EastwardYJ J09 fits fine - clip and all. The Tank007 E07 is too slender and falls out of the holder. I did just try it...

The Trustfire Z1 is a tight fit, but does go in and certainly will not fall out.

I managed to force a TR-801 into it too.

Did you try the Tank007 E07 before or after the TR-801?

BTW I ordered a second one of these... very nice with the C78... nice soldering headlamp.

Definitely before! I wish I could find my U20 as it would make a great fiddly work illuminator - these days my arms are too short to read stuff unless there's a lot of light. Trying to read motherboard print in that 1 point Flyspeck Sans font they user is beyond any amount of light though.

So you are in the same boat as fishinfool. I hope your dog hasn't confused your U20 with all that lottery tickets. ;-)

I got together all the headbands I could find. This lot is a Zebralight H50, a Trustfire R5-A3, a Trustfire F22 and a Q3 Romisen RC-C6

Aaahhhhhh..... the aliens...... they are coming..... I always believed in you.


Love it!

Would you put this on the side of your head above your ear with the light facing forward?

Exactly. Works quite well but it is easier to adjust a real headlamp.

Ordered :-) I hope there is no side spill that gets in your eyes. I think this will be a good way to get into headlamps, I just cant justify spending 30 dollars on a UF series headlamp.

Are there any cheaper alternatives to a UF-Hx with a similar design?

The UF-Hx is the cheaper alternative. Unfortunately.

Take a look at


I have bought only one other headlamp (and that was quite recently) since i bought the Zebralight H50 pretty much when it was announced about 5 years ago.

The Trustfire Z1 might suit - it is worth a look.

Ultrafire does make a zebralight clone, but in several sizes, so hope you get lucky it fits whatever you want to put in it.

There's a review of those somewhere around here (same light from KD)..I think they came out as quite good for the price.

(Edit) Ok not a review, but a discussion https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/2103