hi do you like 2AA battery light? Jaxman M2 is ready

AA battery is a kind of ordinary battery. We all know it when we are very young… I have planned to design and produce a 2AA light for long time, and now it has been ready. I know the 2AA light will be not popular as the Li battery ones because of thire brightness ,runtime,and using cost. But I wont let AA battery be absent from Jaxman family.

The M2 flashlight is a CREE xml2 lamp,2 simple modes, and simple lights. It is just a flashlight.

More details you can visit our store page. And we would like to hear your advice.
Have a good day!

the link is:JAXMAN M2

Hi Jaxman. I like that you offer a budget 2xAA flashlight. It’s good for people who don’t know how to take care of lithium ion batteries. Here are my questions:

1. I want to change the XM-L2 LED to 3000K. Is it easy to remove the bezel? Or do I need a special tool to remove the bezel?

2. The product web page says there are 2 modes: 60/400 lumens. What are the runtimes for these 2 modes?

3. This picture says you have a “CC” driver. Is “CC” constant current? This means the flashlight will have the same brightness until the batteries are dead, correct?

The idea is nice

But there are lights that get 400 lumens from one AA

The head is in my opinion too large

An option for Nichia 219 with CRI>92 would be nice

Its a boost driver so the output will be over the most time constant
The question is if there is a hard shut down or a dimming when the battery is mostly drained

On the website under Product Description it says “Battery: 1.5V size AA (14500) battery x 2pcs” which is incorrect I believe. Perhaps it’s meant to say 14500 size.

Btw it says in the Item Specifications section “Battery Type:Ni-Mh,AA,Ni-mh Rechargeable Battery,Alkaline,N.”.

I think the size is fine for a car light or general purpose home light if the run-times are decent. As something for car emergencies run-time would be important for me (which is why I have a 2 AA ShiningBeam Caveman in my car). I have several Utorch UT01’s and they are great carry lights but I can only get around 55 minutes on high using a hot off-the-charger Duracell 2400 NiMh.

I would love to be able to gift these, but I really think it needs a lower mode of 10-20 to cover a little more useful range. I don’t mind the 400 since it should have decent run times on the 2AA.

I may have to try one of these. Looking for an AA (with LSD batteries) for a basement bag in case of a tornado.

it needs to run the 14500 as well as AA for me

What are the dimensions of the flashlight itself?

This is awesome i really like it! The AA style flashlight are unbeatable in an emergency.

Not to be rude but this light is already for sale. Jax inst here asking for opinions on the light they are advertising it and want to see if we like it.

This kind of light you stash away for an emergency or you give to your parents or family that dont want to worry about lithium’s.

last pic in the op

Mr.Jaxman mentioned in a pm to me that the M2 “cant support 2*14500 Li-Ion. But ,it support 1*14500 Li ion battery……you can use a occupation battery.”

Is an occupation battery a Dummy Cell?

How does 1 Purple 14500 Efest compare to a 2 cell configuration?

That’s how I would interpret it. A dummy cell that “occupies” the space of an AA battery.

Thanks deye.

This would be nice along with the other Nichia choices that Jaxman already offers.

Looks like a low cost and well built light for non li-ion users. What is the diameter of the head?

Looks like a low cost and well built light for non li-ion users. *What is the diameter of the head?[/*quote]

last pic in the op

It’s starting to grow on me, Jaxman, how about making a short tube for it so it can be switched to 1-aa

You beat me to it. Great concept, looks like a great light, nice clean design, already for sale, and everyone’s dogpiling on Jaxman with their must-have lists. Damn, I feel bad for him…

If I weren’t already up to my eyeballs in AA lights (LED Mags, WK50s, 2AA-Xes), I’d probably get one or more.

Yeah, same like my modded Mags whose drivers go 0.8V-4.2V. FT has a bunch, disturbingly feather-light, but pretty decent.

Try both ways, dummy cell in the middle or at the tail, see which has better balance.

Not that I know what I’m talking about but I thought I read somewhere in the forums that a dummy cell has to go at the tail.

Just want to be sure.