Hi, I'm looking for a flashlight that around $30/flashlight that can illuminate target at around 200 feet...

I have 2 choices here. Are there any better choice?


Heck I would just buy 2 Jacob A60’s. About $30 shipped total for both. Then you will have 2 throwers that will throw to 300yds.

thanks a lot, this must be useful for me.

The question is is Deal Xtreme still selling the Jacob A60?

There you go.

You won’t beat that light for throw for the money.


Might as well buy 2.


+1 to the Jacob A60!
Although I still haven’t received mine yet… but hopefully it will come soon.

Is that bright enough for 300 yards when only using 1 flashlight? Erm… Not necessary for too bright but can see the object…

It’s definitely bright enough for 300 yards.

thank you…

Welcome to the cool kids' club, GHOST!

UltraFire C8 U2 -- Exc. thrower and exc. lumens output for $16.50 shipped: here

See this for the review and comments: https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/10935

BLFers chriszhou and rdrfronty will certainly agree. The Jacob A60 is certainly good for throw but it's dedicated for throw. The C8 U2 has much more total output than a Jacob A60 and has an excellent throw for your needs. Total output of 800-900 lumens as tested/posted here on BLF. It runs 3.0-3.5A on a good battery (Panasonic unpretected 2900maH for example) and handles the heat pretty well.

Quoted from rdrfonty's post here: https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/11162


Rusty Joe wrote:Hi, Smod.

Rusty Joe wrote:

Hi, Smod.

There is almost no competition at all between a Trustfire (or Fandyfire) X8 and a mere C8. The X8 puts out a legit 1,000 lumens out the front (right at start-up, anyway). I have seen the tests. A general C8 XM-L will give around 650 to 750 OTF, usually not more.

I have the Fandyfire version of the X8 and it throws very well, but is just so bright that it about keeps pace with my 1,365 lumen Stanley Halogen spotlight. Its brighter than a super-driven KE-5 Keygos or any other light I have that is not a triple XM-L or Thrunite TN31 with U2 and driven at 12+ volts. Brighter even than the HD2010, possibly, but not as throwy.

I feel you are greatly under estimating the newer C8’s. My U2 version measured 871 lumens otf after 30 seconds, did 34,100 lux at 1 meter, and we did a real life throw this weekend of 400 yards. Also measures about 3.5amps at the tailcap with a good battery. That’s VERY impressive for a 45mm head, single 18650 light that cost $17.


Note: The X8's price varies widely - $32 at LightMalls to $53 at DX and it's a 2 battery light.

I wish ILIKE would get this light for his collection so that he can compare it the A60 and a few other budget lights he has.

I would say that Small Sun c10 would definitely do what you want but it has no spill. If you want some spill then go with the A60. I should have mine next week hopefully that way i can compare it to the c10. Im sure that the c8 will also do the job you are looking for. There is a lot of lights that will probably do 200 feet easily. You could probably get 2 different lights for $30 that would do it. Jacob A60 and small sun c10 both for under $30

Go and get yourself a HD2010.
If you do a search on BLF, you’ll find a bunch of post’s on it’s throw capabilities.
I should point out though, I feel it does have it’s flaws such as.
I wish it had memory.
The flashy modes I personally could do without.
People have been saying they have received theirs with a few small nicks in the anno.
Off centered LED (easy fix)
If your going to carry it around, cargo pants preferred.
But if you want throw at 200 feet, it does just that, and more. It is a wow light.
I also wish you could order it with a neutral tint LED option.
But if you have soldering skills………………

……I should know. I will now have 15 of the things which I intend to do evil things to. Ledsmoke is leading the A60 way. Move over STL’s and X6’s. The midget king of throw is gonna show you a thing or two about kickin’ A. :stuck_out_tongue:

But in all honesty, the TrustFire X8 (and I suppose its clones) is not far behind in the throw department and certainly blows away the under $30 crowd for overall performance when looking at spill and throw. X8’s are all-around superb IMO. Not to mention hellaciously bright as in true 1000 lumens OTF bright bright. Rusty Joe definitely knows what I mean here. They have a ‘glow’ intensity that’s well let’s just say, Impressive.

Lumatic you have 15 HD2010’s? Wow!

15 HD2010’s would be completely unreasonable and possibly over-the-top insane. :smiley:

Wowzzers. 15 A60’s, no wonder i couldn’t get one a couple of months ago. What do you do with them.