I Just Bought The Deal Of The Year - At Least I Think So

AmondoTech 3152 HID Seachlight 4200k 3200 lumens

I just bought this for a whopping $40 shipped. Don’t ask me where I found it. :bigsmile:

Here’s the info.

This is a very lightly used AmondoTech Illuminator model 3152 HID flashlight. Features include:

•35W Xenon bulb
•4200K tint
•3200 lumens
•Custom missile control on/off switch
•Charge level indicator
•Has been used for approx. 2-3 hours
•Works perfectly
•Includes flashlight, charger, manual, and box

Nice find! You're really getting into the HIDs. ;)

CPF market place :stuck_out_tongue:

I wasn't going to say it, but yeah. ;) I just wish I saw it before you, I did see your I'll take it post.



looks great, looking forward to the beamshots!

I’m impressed to see that there aren’t the usual ridiculous claims of how far the light throws, just an honest “hundreds of yards” Good stuff!



Here’s a beamshot that Bryan had posted from this HID light.

I really like the way they wrote this on the features.

•Custom missile control on/off switch


Cool light and VERY cool switch. Man your accumulating a pretty nice HID collection in a short period. Should make for some fun comparos’s.

…… jealous

I like that switch placement too. May be more convenient in that spot than where I placed mine in the back.

Nice hid you got there, i have yet to get one but have been wanting to get one. Plus this is much better than the ebay ones, and it has a useful tint too

Keep going! :wink:

Every man has a price!

You just have to find it. LOL! :wink:

Tell me about this labradoodle.

Nice score, ILF.

Nice score, and I love the tint :wink:

Beam shots vs the tk70 please… I just might have to get me one of these HID’S

I don’t have my TK70 anymore. Rikr conned me out of it.

So I take that the HID would be the better thrower of the two? The tk70 was quite pricey. I just need a blasto light to have around the house, really does not matter how big it is.