Interest in Single LED and triple LED Jetbeam Rotaries with Nichia LEDs

You can see the archived poll results on the Wayback Machine:

I have a new model Skylumen mod with XHP 50.2 5500k with diffused lens. These are great lights. I chose the center cluster option, but might not have a good visual of what this is exactly. Could you provide more detail on that option? Thanks!

RRT0SE with new led.

thanks for participating
this is what Clemence calls a Quadrix, the LEDs are very small and the array is similar in diameter as a single N219b (ignore the wires, focus on the 4x layout):

here is a Carclo triple 3500k, single 4500k, and a stock light, these are old model (the lights are off, this shows just reflected daylight)

more pics and lumen info in this thread:


and a visual on the New and Old model, may not be to scale. The Old model measures 1/8” larger diameter, and weights about 1 ounce more:

Is this poll related to Clemence’s plan to offer modified RRT-01’s?

Thanks for the info Jon! Seems the E21 is about the size of an XP-L Hi. I have no idea what the beam would look like for those put together with a TIR or what the advantage this offers.

I also don’t understand what is this poll for as clemence won’t mod the old discontinued version but he’swaiting for the new one he ordered do evaluate its “mod-ability”.
jon_slider, could you be more clear about this poll, please ?

Interesting to see that the carclo triple in the eye10 was modified/recut to avoid the light to be cut by the bezel. Don’t now if the recut profil is idealy reshaped, though.
Would vote for 4 as there is too many carclo triple mods out there and is kind of boring even if it is useful. Would like to see more mod and review (with colorimetric test) with virence VRxxSP4 MCPCB.

The poll is for old models and also for new models.

The old models would not necessarily be from Clemence, the new models would definitely be from Clemence.

this poll is for my own personal interest, I did not consult Clemence before posting it. I do have a lead on a source for old models, and am exploring more than one modder as an option.

I have an Old model triple 3500k and an old model single 4500k. Each is good for different things, I like both at different times.

Beam quality, and LED specs remains to be discussed at a later time, once I get a sense of how much interest there is in each option listed in the poll. Thanks for voting, and for participating in the discussion and brainstorming.

my personal preference is for the old model, and the short clip…
I like the 3500k as a triple, and the 4500k as a single.

btw the clip poll is here:

I read you poll too quickly and would go with the old model which is slimmer + VRxxSP4 MCPCB if the original driver is compliant with the VRxxSP4.
It’s something that I have in mind since “long” for my second RRT01 which is still unmodified. I have a few of the VR16SP4 left but the gap between LEDs is a bit too large in this small reflector for the beam to probably be good.

I appreciate your input.
However, I intentionally posted the old model options for N219b triple or single.

the quadrix is being polled only for the new model, since as you noted, that is the one that Clemence has expressed interest in working with.

Im happy to answer more questions, and appreciate your specific preferences regarding the specific items in the poll. Lets try not to get ahead of ourselves with other combinations, which though possible, are not yet being polled.

OK, sorry.
It’s was just my two cents as i’m not interested. I already have 2 old version and I’m not interested by the new one, even if the larger head catch my attention for a future mod.
Generally I’m modding flashlights by myself. I bought 2x Jetusolis (which was an exception) just for the sake of testing their CRI immediately with my own eyes as it can take me months to complete a mod + AAA flashlights are useful for me + it was a good occasion to support his work and dedication, that I truely appreciate, to high CRI nichia.

Good luck with your initiative.
SST01 is nice and Nichia high CRI are a “blessing”. I have a few 219B SW45 left and will go with E21A and optisolis for every of my future mods of small and med size flashlights.

please dont apologize for anything, it is to be expected that people have many ideas that cannot be captured in a simple poll

I also want to support Clemence, to whom I am immensely grateful for sourcing LEDs I love

I also bought a JetU Optisolis and a JetU E17a, because I want to keep him fed, so he can keep catering to our love of High CRI :slight_smile:

its a great time for Nichia LEDs…
fwiw, I lack your modding skills, and rely on others
I have not learned much about non Nichia options, except that they tend to have Green Tint, that I avoid… LOL

I emailed Jetbeam expressing interest in them creating an OP reflector for the new RRT01. Others should too if they feel it’s important

@contactcr : good idea.

@jon_slider : i would like to support your initiative, and clemence work again. The new SST01 with SP4 MCPCB is growing on me. I’m generally using my old SST01 at work for close range task but if clemence will offer it with 2 or 3 different TIR, I might not resist to renew my support.
If an OP reflector works with it and a swapping ability is maintained I would be even more interested but it is not an absolute requirement. Just an interesting alternative as I also appreciate traditional reflector beam.

If the mod modify the flashlight head to the point that the reflector can’t be used anymore, i’m fine with a TIR but I would probably prefer a tint mix instead of 4x E21A 4500K. I’m waiting for maukka’s test to have a better idea.

I will vote for 4, depending on price and clemence’s agreement for tint mixing if you are OK with this.

@Tally-ho, I leave it to Clemence to share his official offerings after he is ready. This poll is not asking for a commitment to his build, if it happens.

I like your contributions to the discussion, as you represent the perspective of someone that does their own mods. People like you dont really need to buy a modded light, but I also respect that you want to help Clemence… and I hope he shares his design with us when he is ready…


@contractr, I have OP reflector in my old model RRT-01 and honestly, it does not make a very good beam. There are rings, both before and after modding to N219b.

so I dont blame you for wanting to find a reflector that produces a better beam, I dont have any suggestions in that regard, but share your interest. imo the beam of the old and new RRT-01 are equally average, not ideal. I was quite impressed how well Vinh got the white1 to work, as far as hotspot, but not impressed with the spill from the stock reflector in the new RRT-01…

these details are something I think worth discussing, though a bit hard to capture in some photos, the triple Carclo produces a much more balanced beam, with less artifacts, than the stock RRT-01 reflector. But, a single LED in a reflector throws farther, and uses less lumens, to illuminate a smaller and more distant target

the easiest way to get a decent beam is to use a Tir, unless the reflector and LED are well matched. Diffused tir is even easier to get a decent beam, if that beam style is desired for the application. But, diffusion reduces throw and increases hotspot size, which reduces brightness on target… no free lunch

that is why I have both :slight_smile:

if you look closely at this photo,

you can get a slight idea about the differences in the beams of a triple carclo, single sw45, and the stock single XM-L… both singles have OP reflectors (theres a pic higher up)… and both have rings in the spill… the N219b has more noticeable rings than the XM-L

as is often claimed, rings in the beams are “not noticeable in actual use”, thats a thing for whitewall hunters… as it happes, a lot of My “actual use” includes whitewall hunting… LOL

I would not offer to sell people single LED mods, unless they accept the beam issues, rings in the spill… fwiw, rings in the spill is in no way limited to RRT-01, my HDS Rotary had them too, both with stock XP-G and with N219b


in a few days I will receive my modded TCR-1 and will post some beam comparisons… CRX swapped out the reflector, but I dont know what he used… maybe he will share his secrets with you… I suggest you PM him and share what you learn

there are certainly times when I prefer a single led over a Tir optic… the reverse is also true
both is better… LOL


I am considering having a few old model RRT-01 modded, and wanted to get an idea if people here had a preference for either version. Thank you all for taking the time to vote. If I decide to move forward, I will let people know what I have drummed up as possible… I may have a small number, small as in count on one hand, of triple 219b, and single old model available in the future, depending on details that remain to be sorted.

Feel free to PM me if someone wants to discuss a possible old RRT-01 with a high CRI mod… If you prefer the new model, Clemence is the man.

My old RRT01 (XM-L + slight OP reflector) has an external ring when the flashlight is very close to a surface, less than 20 cm and is probably due to reflection on the stainless steel bezel.
There is no ring within the beam and the external ring fade out (becoming invisible) with the distance, passed 20 cm.
I don’t like ringy beam but the external ring doesn’t bother me much, i’m only noticing it.

On a side note : The beam of the sunwayman V10R with XP-G and SMO reflector was ring-less while the V10R+ with XM-L and very light SMO reflector had a ring into the beam. I’m just mentionning this as it might interest you since your control ring (rotary) fever. :smiley:

EDIT : Forgot to vote. Done.

I have a $10 Utorch UT01 which makes a better beam than this RRT01. No need to make excuses for them or generalize all reflectors. it’s just not a great reflector, just like their choice of using that long ass clip that covers the control ring.

Thanks for clarifying.

It’s a tough choice for me. I instinctively tend toward the new version for the 18350 support and possibly (unknown) improvements in the driver, but it’s also slightly larger, and the 18350 support is less important now that Vapcell’s newest 16340 is available.

I don’t know if I have a preference between triple or quadtrix. I could go with either one. I assume 20mm TIR’s will work with the quadtrix in similar fashion to an XHP50, and that strikes me intuitively as a better setup. 3500K vs. 4500K is situational for me, so I’m voting for the quadtrix.

Thanks for bringing that up. You are correct, the New Model will fit a Protected 18350, the Original will not, it only fits the UnProtected 18350


what Im getting from the poll, is that over 75% of participants want whatever Clemence has to offer, and I agree 100% :slight_smile:

Clemences new version RRT-01 Hight CRI offerings, and details about what LEDs and optics will be used, will be posted in a separate thread.

Vinh also is building new version RRT-01 with various LEDs.


Im thinking about buying 10 Original Model RRT-01 to be modded to High CRI N219b and made available for purchase. They have short pocket clips. :-). Please PM me if any of you would like to know more details.


If anyone wants to buy an Original Model RRT-01 in stock form, you can get them from the link in this post:
WTB: Jetbeam RRT01 – Any place to buy it?! + [RRT01 2019 discussion] - #213 by wynand thanks to wynand

I was actually under the impression the old model only fits 16340 (aka RCR123A) cells, explaining why the new model has a larger diameter. Does the old one actually fit unprotected 18350’s?

I don’t know how interested I am in this light yet, but when I heard Clemence was considering a mod-kit for it, that definitely caught my attention. I will watch for his results with interest.