Introducing Beaconix flashlight brand

Hey, everybody!
My name is Eugene and I want to introduce our new brand of flashlights Beaconix.

We specialize in creating search zoom flashlights based on new generation LEDs with iUltraBeam technology. Narrow and long beams, similar to LEP flashlights.

There are some unique models, like a flashlight with a built in camera and wifi.

I’ll leave here a link to the 2024 lineup: [Beaconix Catalogue 2024.pdf - Google Drive)

We also made demo videos of all the flashlight models, you can see them here:

If you are interested in becoming a distributor of our products, write here:

Order Samples Here

We will send a commercial offer in response.

Write your opinion in this thread, every feedback is important to us.

Thank you for your attention!

Be in charge,
Beaconix Team

Have a pleasant time at this friendly forum, beaconix!
I’m not a fan of zoomie flashlights, but your catalog is interesting. :+1:

Hi Eugene,
Thank you for sharing this good news.

I think flashlight world will gladly welcome a good zoomies family.

Awaiting first test, tears down and comparisons :popcorn:

PS1: reserve one BX5 for me :heart_eyes:
PS2: I can see Sanan leds are conquering the flashlights world…

That’s nice of Tony to make a guest appearance in your catalog.

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Tony! :grin:

Thank you,

We want to change the way customers think about zoom flashlights.

There is an opportunity to order BX5 samples at a wholesale price:

Best regards,


Is there PayPal option for check out? Can’t see it.

We have decided not to use PayPal due to the lack of PayPal support.

You can pay by card, Apple pay, Google pay

What is “lack of paypal support” suppose to mean?

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Check here Paypal Reviews | Read Customer Service Reviews of

Paypal can freeze all the money on your account for half a year without explanation.
That’s what happened. In the end we unblocked it, but we had to send our agent to their office to deal with it personally.
There is no normal support.

Oh, my. I was aware that PayPal’s service quality had declined, but I wasn’t aware it had fallen into an abyss.

PayPal is great for the consumer. Buy a couple of goodies online and be assured that you won’t get scammed, Paypal is great.

But for business, it’s terrible. Five years ago, it was fine.

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Couldn’t resist

Thank you! We will send it as quickly as possible and wait for your feedback. :slightly_smiling_face:

By the way do you prefer the white or black version for the PRO X?

Thank you for the choice.

White please. This is going to be my first white :melting_face:

Thanks for not restricting it to card-only like AliExpress does for Chile.

BTW, for those not in the known: Google Play accepts Paypal, and offers good customer protection (or at least used to, last time I used it).

When you get it, please post a review of at least a short comment with your impressions, I’m very curious if these zoomies will vindicate the entire category.

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Interesting. Are you considering sending some to reviewers? That’s a good way to get your products enthusiast attention.

Can you go into detail on “iUltraBeam”? I can’t find anything on it - does the technology relate to the LED, optics, something else? In general, people here are going to want to know details of the LED at a minimum.

Any thoughts on making anduril lights?

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At minimum it would make the brand more visible. With so many flashlights on the market, people need a reason to buy your products. Having some reviews from the community would give that a little boost.

(And yes, this is a selfish post because I am a reviewer… :innocent:)

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