Jetbeam BC40 Tail Cap Readings

Hi guys i brought my old man a Jetbeam BC40 i was not able to play around with it before his surprise drop in before i was able to charge some batteries and give it a work out so i handed it over, that ws hard to do.

he use's it every day and work and alot of people are amazed by its brightness and quilty, i have not told him how much it was, but for the price it seams worth it, just the box was a bit cheesey.

ive had a quick go of it out the back of his place and its nice it puts out a nice hot spot has good spill and throw well i think so, its not ringy like some of the cheaper lights i have and cause its used every day it seams very relible.

im seriesly thinking about buying myself one and im just wondering if any one has done tail caps readings and has any info on the driver ?

well since it seams no one has this great torch i thought ill post up some pictures and my findings.

it has to be one of my favorite lights no flashy or s.o.s modes just high and low and it is a good low with a twist of the head very well made and over 730 lumens, the torch has great throw and spill with its deep orange peal reflector and i like its battery lock out feature with just 1/4 of a turn of the tail cap with its perfect threads.

we did a range test of the Jetbeam BC40 with two turstfire flame batteries with a current draw of 1.65 amp at the tail cap.

250 meters (273 yards or 820 feet) of good usible throw with realy good spill best of both words as it has a wide beam.

300 + meters (328 yards or 984 feet) of throw.

a realy great torch, realy well made the only thing i didnt like is the box it comes in is a bit cheessy.

That is a very nice flashlight. I sure wished I had one.

it is a very nice flash light i like my TR-1200 and my TR-3T6 they are good lights but quality and finsh they dont compare to the Jetbeam BC40 and it will give the TR-1200 a run for its money as the beam is more intense, the BC40 is more efficient and has a very very low parasitic battery drain if you dont lock out the battery, witch is good.

for USA buyers the best place ive seen is goinggear as they do free shipping USA ONLY on orders greater then $49 usd, they sell a cool white version and a warm version i like the cool white version better but i thought i would post it up if others are intrested.

for international buyers like me the cheapest place ive seen them is manafont with free shipping it works out around $12 usd cheaper even with the extra $2 usd registered mail option and they are ruffly the same shipping time to me in australia but they only sell the cool white version that the best tint in my opinion but thats my opinion, i dont realy like warm tints.

i know the one from manafont comes with an anit roll ring that screws onto the tail cap, an lanyard, a realy nice holster a spare tail cap boot and spare o-rings, it looks like goinggear ones do to by the video on one of my links.

here is a quick video on youtube from goinggear to show i get around the same range from the BC40

so as a recap manafont is $69.38 usd with free world wide shipping but including the $2 usd registered shipping option, goinggear is $69.90 shipped inside the usa only with the option of a warm tint or $81.29 usd with the cheapest international shipping option.

its a great torch i hope this thread helps others ive included two relible online sellers with two tint options to try and please every one incase people are intrested.

Thanks Benckie for the great post! I've been looking at this light for quite a while as I want something reliable to give to my folks to use instead of their crappy maglite.

I love my BC40, it is currently my nightstand table flashlight. Great pics BTW.

No problem I’m glad you liked it, it’s a great torch it’s very close to it’s claimed lumen’s rating unlike most cheap torch’s.
My advice would be to buy two or you might end up like me buying my old man one as a gift then realizing it’s a top torch even better the my resurch and having to but another one.
Ive got some more pictures next to budget torches if you would like to see them

I'm in quite a bind at the moment :D I would love to get myself a BC40 as well but I already have (2 Xeno e03 XML's, Fenix TK 45,LED lenser P7,two SIPIKs and one UF2100 on the way) and I still want to get a ZL SC600 and a ZL H600 for hiking as well.That said I really do want a BC40(because of it's good throw). Just battling to find the extra justification.

Yeah I hear you, it’s hard to justify when you already have 5 Xm-l,s and you have to start giving them away to buy more lolls I’ve given my old man 3 Xm-l’s now, my mum 1 Xm-l and my wife 1 Xm-l I think I’ve got a Xm-l addiction but I also like Q5 ATM ;-/

I forgot to ask. What batteries are you running in your light...? Do you perhaps have any XTAR 18700's...?

mine one works good with xtar 18700

I like this one very much...

i use these trustfire flames