KronoReview: Eagle Eye X6R

KronoReview of the Eagle Eye X6R . This item was provided by Neal/BangGood for review.

^ BG product page/website pic ^

Eagle Eye has been a promising new brand since the release of the X6, the subsequent BLF X6-SE Group Buy version (by yours truly)…as well as the much anticipated A6-SE that Bugs is ramrodding. The X6R is a new twist on the X6/X6-SE. The ’R’ in the X6R designates this model as a rechargeable variant of the popular X6.

EE offers A LOT of bang for the buck, and has definitely made a splash in the budget flashlight world. So…will Eagle Eye continue its run of desirable lights? Before we find out, let’s check out the specs from BangGood first:

Eagle Eye X6R - BangGood regular price: $27.99 for 1A Cool white (+$3 for 3C Neutral white).

Features/Specifications (From BG product page):


Product name: Eagle Eyes X6R USB Rechargeable LED Flashlight
Brand: Eagle Eyes
Model: X6R
Emitter Brand CREE
Emitter Type: XM-L2 U2
Light Color: U2-1A cool white(6500K—7000K),warm white U2-3C(5000K)
Material: Aviation aluminum
Mode: turbo,high,middle,low(with memory function)
Current: 3A-1.2A-400ma-20ma
Battery Configurations: 1 x 18650 battery(not included)
Switch Type: clicky
Switch Location: body side of the flashlight
Impact Resistant 1.5 meters
Brightness: 1000lumens(max)
Lens: Toughened ultra-clear mineral glass
with anti-reflective coating
Carrying Clip: included
Waterproof: IPX-8 Waterproof
Color: black
Weight: 155g without battery
Size: 140mm x 40mm x 25.5mm(length x head x tail diameter)

-constant current circuit
-Lamp base: CREE, high power LED.
-With a lifespan of up to 100,000 hours or more, no need to consider replacing the cap for the whole life.
-USB rechargerable function can charge the 18650 battery directly.
-Integrated power indicator light displays when battery power bellow 3v.
-Reverse polaity protection prevents damage due to incorrectly inserted batteries.
-HAIII military grade hard-anodized

Package included:
1 x Eagle Eyes X6R USB Rechargeable LED Flashlight(not included the USB Cable)
1 x o-rings
1 x flashlight lanyard
1 x tail cap

My added specs:

Lens OD: ~35mm
Lens thickness: ~1.25mm
Reflector OD (Widest point): ~34mm
Reflector OD (At emitter): ~10.5mm
Reflector Height: ~24mm
Weight w/o battery: 142g
OAL: ~137mm
Head OD: ~38mm
Battery-tube OD: ~24mm


The Eagle Eye X6R is a single 18650 flashlight, with a single XM-L2 U2 1A/3C emitter. The X6R is controlled via dual switches. A forward clicky in the rear serves as the main on/off button. The silver side switch controls the mode. There are four regular modes (T/H/M/L) with last mode memory, and one hidden beacon mode. The X6R also has an AR lens and a SMO reflector. The flashlight comes with an excellent, adjustable lanyard, two extra O-rings and a GITD replacement clicky-button. It is shipped with foam cut-out protection in a nice, blue cardboard box. I will be testing the 3C version.


Excellent fit and grip like the standard X6.
On-board charging with via standard USB connection.
(EDIT: According to Eagle Eye, the charger shuts down completely when battery is fully charged).
Toughened glass AR lens.
Forward clicky w/momentary on.
Flawless HA-III matte black coating.
Reverse polarity protection (confirmed).
Solid emitter shelf with an almost polished finish = excellent thermal path.
Lockout with a mere twist of the anodized threads.
Excellent throw with more than adequate spill.
Nicely machined square threads.
Brass retainer rings on driver and tailswitch.
Fits protected or un-protected 18650s.
Hidden blinkies (press and hold side switch).
Double click on any mode with side switch turns light on/off without engaging rear clicky.
1 amp charge rate (according to Neal/EE).
No turbo step-down.


Not quite as visually appealing as the X6, with less pronounced cooling fins.
Charging indicator lights should be brighter.
No USB charging cable.
Side-switch could be larger.
Could always use more amps!

Main Clicky:
> On/Off with mode memory.
Side switch:
> Turbo/High/medium/Low. Long press for hidden beacon mode.


^ Nice blue gift box ^

^ Contents: Box, light, lanyard, extra o-rings and GITD button ^

^ Standing on bezel. IMHO…lanyard is second to none in the budget light world ^

^ Tailstanding ^

^ Emitter view - XM-L2 ^

^ Charging port closure: Attached to a rubber gasket/ring, which encircles light ^

^ USB charging port open. Pretty standard ^

^ Red light around button glows red when charging. Slightly dim, but visible ^

^ Blue light around button glows blue when fully charged ^

^ Distinctive Eagle Eye logo ^


^ Head, battery tube and tailcap ^

^ Battery tube ^

^ Squared threads ^

^ Reflector housing/head, reflector, red o-ring and AR lens ^

^ Inside light emitter view (XM-L2) ^

^ Battery side of driver. Brass retainer ring is a very nice touch ^

^ Retainer-ring removed. Notches in driver match internal channels for proper board alignment of USB and side-switch ^

^ Inside tailcap view ^

^ Tailcap de-constructed ^

^ In hand ^

^ Size comparo: Eagle Eye X6R (Left) & Eagle Eye BLF X6-SE (Right) ^

^ X6R top/X6-SE/bottom ^


^ Wall shot. Great, throwy hot-spot with smooth, useable spill ^

^ Control shot (zoomed-in a little more than actual beam shots) ^

(Note:My Beamshots-Distance to house is approx. 160 ft. (49 meters). Pics taken with Kodak easyshare Max Z990 f/4.5, 1/5 sec, ISO-1600).

^ Turbo beam shot: 2.8 amps w/efest purple 18650 ^

High beam shot (complete with bug zipping across the beam)

^ Medium beam shot ^

NOTE: Low mode was not visible on my camera set-up.


Eagle Eye, one of the best low-budget/high-value Chinese flashlight makers, has built yet another solid performer with the X6R. It is an attractive light that retains much of what makes the X6 so appealing, while adding the functionality of a side switch and on-board charging. The X6R also has quality matte-black HA-III anodization, square cut threads, decent thermal path, lockout, convenient charging, pocket clip…a heck-of-a-lot of quality features for not too many simoleans. Machine quality is also exceptional with no sharp edges. The UI is very straightforward, and the X6R is well balanced and very comfortable in-hand.

Honestly, the list of negatives above are very minor and don’t affect the X6R in a significant way. For instance, the small side-switch button can be hard to find in the dark. However, it is easily overcome with a simple clip alignment in the opposite direction. Just rotate clip until it is opposite your thumb, and switch is right there. Yeah…increased amps would be nice, but so what else is new. I know some consider on-board charging to be a negative, but I just don’t see it, especially since the charger completely shuts off when battery is fully charged. Add to that the stack of positives, and you have one formidable flashlight. Note: The parts on the X6R are not compatible with the standard X6. They are slightly different, which indicates to me a purposeful, unique design.

In conclusion, the Eagle Eye X6R is a very worthy X6 variant. The X6R will satisfy flashlight enthusiasts that have come to expect outstanding quality from this young, upstart company.

KRONOMETER patented rating: 4.50 out of 5.

Every time I read one of your reviews I think “this is how its done”

Well done kronor, great review.

Thanks for the review! Question, did it come with only one screw to hold down the star?

Thanks for the review.

I might have missed it, but do you know if it steps down in Turbo? Is it basically the X6-SE driver? Would be nice if Turbo didn’t step down as it’s only 2.8amps.

Thanks for the review. Very comprehensive. Is it really IPX8 waterproof with that usb outlet though?
I would like to know 2 things if possible:

- How long to charge depleted cells?

  • Have you tested charged cells to see if its a proper charging being done?

I’m also very much interested to know if its waterproof.

Group buy???

Thanks for the nice review! Did you have a look at the driver electronics, especially does it use one of the known well-functioning charge-chips?

If you look at his pic of the MCPCB above, there is one screw on one side of the MCPCB and not even a hole for another screw.

I’d like to know if the MCPCB is DTP. My guess is probably not. :frowning:

I’m also interested in if the charging works well and is safe.
Thanks for the review

Nice review, thanks.

Thanks Krono. What did the internal charger charge the battery to and what happens to the voltage if the battery is left in the light for an extended period with the charger lead connected? I dont use the two I have. Why do I think I need another?

Great review, thanks a bunch.

Thanks KC40…again, you are very kind!

Yes…one screw. Didn’t seem to be any kind of problem. Emitter is held down sufficiently by the pressure of the reflector against the insulation disc. One screw does the job of preventing MCPCB from rotating.

I will test it, but I don’t think it will step down. That was only on the X6-SE…but I will confirm and get back to you.

Not sure about the IPX8 waterproof rating. I’ll try to test it if I ever get my hydrostatic test chamber finished.

As far as depleted cells, I will have to test. I did run the light off an on for several days, on walks, testing, beamshots, looking for spider eyes…etc. Should have taken a voltage reading before I used the internal charger…bud didn’t. Light charged fully at about 2.5-3 hours. But again…didn’t test voltage to see what it terminated at :frowning:

I’ll try to do some charging tests and update when complete.

Good question which I should have addressed in the review.

I tried to wedge the driver out after I removed the brass retainer ring, but was unsuccessful. It rocked back and forth, but felt like I might destroy it if I pulled too hard. With the button electronics on one side, and the USB charge port on the other, it makes for a VERY tight fit in there…and I just didn’t feel confident enough to force it out. If I get brave I might re-visit it, though.

I’m not sure if it trickle charges once charged, or just flat terminates charging. I’ll try to pose the question to Neal/EE.

Egads…I have a lot on my plate as is.

Perhaps if there is enough interest, Neal/BG can do a coupon code type of discount?

Looks like another nice Eagle Eye light. Thanks for the review!