Lexels driver compilation

The L6 has 30mm driver and the L2 has 20mm. Or a very early L2 has 17mm.

I have also a 20mm Buck driver for L2, likely retaining ring needs to be adjusted in inner diameter

Can it be set for max 5 amp?(flat white)

i’m btw really enjoying my convoy L6 with 8amp driver. Thanks Lexel!

Buck drivers get always set to the desired current

when I search for this LED I get only a non 3535 package found

20mm special for C8F 21700

new 1S 17mm version, for e-switch added R_ind and Ind. Pad, 209mil SOIC support

35mm Haikelite MT02 Boost driver

How has the progress been with the boost drivers?
Are they still planned for a future release?

I am waiting eagerly for this boost driver. Right now i order parts to make my own gxb172 but it is good to be able to buy one from you directly!

I hope next year with the apartment finally done and settled I get enough time to do a lot testing on new driver architectures

right now I am still trying to catch up with orders getting the delivery time back to a short one

I’m still holding out for a 28mm boost driver for my Haikelite SC26. :+1:

17mm Programming Key and new LX

Lexel, I have two drivers for MF01 v1 and H03 (3V). Both have narsil, but I would like to have anduril in them. Could you send me the right files so that I can upload them myself?

What are these 12mm drivers?

some AAA rechargeable lithium battery lights

22 and 24mm AMC drivers for constant current LEDs like 1mm² white flat out now
2 Channel design for low moon
number of max AMCs can be chosen 10 for example are 3.5A

22mm 12+1AMCs

24mm 15+1AMCs

So these are PWM like the FET drivers, but without the FET part of the circuit?
What MCU do they use?
Is it for e-switch?
Uses NarsilM/Anduril?

Can use 209 and 150mil SOIC8 MCU
supports all firmwares including e-switch
instead a FET a certain number of 350mA AMCs is used plus a single one for moon

As sometimes people ask for scematics I made one

I am also trying another program for more complicated drivers so I did it with KiCad its more powerful but also harder to get used to it

This is for a Bistro HD OTSM driver, OTC not used

3D model from latest design for Lucky Sun BLF light

Very nice. It really helps me to understand the design quickly. It’s slow trying to follow traces and vias, etc…

PMed you about L6 driver purchase.

I have also made a crowdfunding campaign for the new reflow oven as I will not make the drivers more expensive