LH351D 90CRI Spectrum Tests

LH351D has always been far too floody for my tastes. Maybe they’d pair better with larger optics like on the D4S. I also notice the better red rendering of the SS20 compared to the LH351D though. FA3 binned SST20 is especially amazing. Too bad luminus chips vary their tint greatly depending on current.

Great thread contractcr!

Pardon my ignorance… but who is AEDe? I assume that there are none of the “good” 4000k floating around out there? I really prefer at or below the bbl and 4000k.

AEDe organized a group buy of <1,000 pcs from a Russian vendor ( https://e-neon.ru ) I reached out to him again because I see they have a 4K 90CRI bin in stock but no response yet. If someone in that part of the world can get the chromacity bin info it would be nice. I was holding out for AEDe to reply so I have not yet tried to contact the vendor.

edit; I guess I should also set your expectations. I suspect none of these will be so far under the BBL like a 219B. I personally prefer LEDs very close to the BBL and do not particularly care if it’s slightly under or over. I would guess most manufacturers would think a sw45k like LED to be out of spec.

Ah… so AEDe is a person not a company. That is why I could not find it in google.

I think this was his original sales thread of the LH351D 4000k 90cri by AEDe.

Looks like AEDe has been absent for awhile, hopefully he will check back in soon.
I wouldn’t mind getting a few more 4000k’s.

Most ppl here are saying the tint is good. In other threads all I see is ppl talking about how green it is.

My experience with the “dogfart” bin is it’s a little greenish around the hot spot with a reflector, especially with AR glass. But through a TIR or triple optic the tint is pure white, not really green at all.

People are saying that the tint varies between batches, even with the same bin. Mine are pretty good I guess, shame I broke two of them….

The only LH351D ever measured to be not too green is the 2700K version that contactr measured. All the other versions ever measured has a very positive DUV. Usually 0.004 and above, which is pretty high on the green side. Hopefully contactr will identify potentially non green versions with this test. Thanks to contactr for doing this!


This one is bad. 0.0040+ Duv with all optics basically. CCT is a little over 4K with reflector and a little under 4K with TIR.

I’m not even going to waste my time making a chart for it i’m going to just move on to another bin/LED.

I’ll be suprised if there’s a good bin of the 4000k at all. Everything I’ve heard is that the 4000k LH351D is very green and should be avoided. The LED4POWER guy said he stopped selling it for that reason. Yet for some reason, the “dogfart” 5000k is pretty good and no one sells it except arrow (dead to us) and Digikey. I wish LED4POWER and MTN would get with the times and stock it.

Next up: SPHWHTL3DA0GF4UPP6 (3500K)

This is the higher flux bin of 3500K. Seems pretty nice with the TIRs. Even with low power it’s only a little above BBL. Since this is a bit lower CCT even the reflector having higher Duv doesn’t look too green, it starts looking more yellow than green. Will be interesting to compare this one to the lower flux bin 3500K I also have.

That is a nice one! TA suggested to use these above BBL leds with a FET-only driver, but this one is already nice with a 6x7135+FET driver (so without the single 7135 channel), at 2.1A the efficiency is a bit better than FET only. Small detail is that such driver does not exist, someone needs to make one with the correct mode spacing for the combination of 6x7135 and FET.

I put 4000k LH351D to my fw3a. No green at all. Very pleasant tint.

This one looks interesting.


This one is Duv 0.0025 to 0.0007 with Frosted Carclo and 3347K to 3378K CCT. So slightly higher Duv, slightly lower CCT and 1 less flux bin. Overall, it’s fine but the higher flux bin 3500K is better so no real reason to consider this one except for a slightly cheaper price or 100K less CCT.

SPHWHTL3DA0GF4RTS6 (5000K) - purchased August 2018 from Arrow, NOT Digi-Key

These are the ones I have sliced like ~20 of. I thought I had purchased some from Digi-Key more recently but it appears not. Maybe Bob can tell us if the Digi-Key ones are better or worse than this otherwise I will eventually get the Digi-Key one on a future order.

I enjoy the LH351d, its slightly pink or peach, compared to cooler lights
not pink compared to a 9080 219b, but its nice, without green tint

LH351d turns on at 21 lumens in a Tool aaa 2.0 w pebble tir… dont know how that differs from stock

also, as moderator posted above, his triple LH351 gets to 1000+ lumens (driver may be boosted)

my triple sw45 with a stock 2019 RRT-01 driver, that claims 950 lumens w XP-L, gets to 410 lumens, behind a carclo narrow clear with glass lens on top

all that to say moderator is getting similar lumens from the LH351d as the stock XP-L in the 2019 RRT-01


as far as the 9080 219b 4500k, here is the difference between the sw45 in the middle, and sw45k

that sw45 looks slightly pink to my eyes, compared to the LH351d that looks very slightly golden by comparison, this photo gives some idea:

So this is a LH351D 5000K that you dedomed and swapped in yourself? If so, how did you dedome it?


This one is pretty decent but the 2700K and 3500K both have a slightly better tint (regarding proximity to BBL). This is one better flux bin than the 2700K and the same flux bin as the 3500K.