Light Poetry

When Spammers attack our Dear Forum

We used to just try and Ignore 'um

Now we mark them as Spam

'Cause they don't give a Damn

About Wrecking our Peaceful Decorum

Our Forum The Spammers did Crumble

Our Threads they became all Ajumble

Then sb The Great

Decided their Fate

And reduced their Loud Roar to a Mumble

So it Seems that our AntiSpam works

And we Got Rid of Paisley ! Those Jerks !

So Now we can Post

About What we Love Most

Without Fear of The Spammer That Lurks

Beauty, Jack! Well played, sir.

I nominate jacktheclipper as the BLF Poet Laureate at large. Foy as the alternate in case something happens to jack.

spam attack forum

post paisely threads

flag limit fixed!


Well done, sir !!!

YES !!! You are hereby commissioned to put to print the "ode to the flashlight!" Get to work. It shall be your "finest" hour. It shall garner fame "worldwide" which will lead to greater things..........guest on talk shows, contracts, fame and fortune (or maybe just a cool poem). You can do this!


i could rap to this poem!

Creative forum contribution: art. Thanks!!

An Ode to a Flashlight

In the Dark , With Nothing to Guide Me

I Get a Bad Feeling Inside Me

Yet I Don't Fear The Night

With my Trusted Flashlight

When it's Glowing So Brightly Beside Me

I Wish it was Dark All the Time

When the Sun Sets , my Spirits , They Climb !

Then I Take my Light Out

And I Shine it About

And the Feeling I Get is Sublime

Now I Want to Be Perfectly Clear

Out Of all of the Things I Hold Dear

My Flashlight's the Thing

That Makes my Heart Sing

And Fills up My Soul With Good Cheer

ROTFLMAO!!! Thats true talent right there.


mmmm limericks.

my friend brian and i come up with them all the time.... usually to harass each other.

heres one for ya.

there once was a rhymer named jack

misplaced his light and had an attack

he searched high and low

well wouldnt you know

it was baking on the oven rack

I love it!

Now all we need is music to go with it and we have our own anthem.

Wow! Spot on! You're good! :)

Nice job jack. I love limericks, though most of the ones I know are not suited for this family forum.

Can I play?

We ran all the spammers away

For this, I must say hooray

I raise up my glass

'Cause we kicked their a@@

And I hope that it lasts past today

Very nicely done.

I once met a man from Nantucket....let's just say the reports are greatly exaggerated.

A rhymer we have, he is Jack (the clipper)

A limerick he makes very fast (none quicker)

A new member logs on

And Jack rips off a song

A wel-come-wag-on? (send-it-back)

Chicago X, he has a lathe (just got it)

Greased Lightning, he plays with some days (Dry got it)

He bead blasts a torch

Was a Solar-force

That flashlight is phat? (I would say)


Wow . Small world .

Literally! :glasses:

Coin one for the "other forum". LOL Make it match their "tone".


They did not see the fun that was in it

A prize for ill humor - they'd win it

She said " My name is Greta , and Mister you'd better

Start behaving yourself right this minute !"