Light Recycling Technology in the New Microfire Excalibur H20

I’ve had the privilege of trying out this new light from microfire. They have done a fine job of creating an LED light that is comparable even to the new laser exited phosphor lights.
There is a link for purchase and a coupon code in the Youtube description.
Let us know what your thoughts on the light are :slight_smile:

Hey Matt.

It’s pretty obvious that it’s a 1mm2 White Flat.

The lumen rating and intensity instantly gives it away.

You should try and build a BLF GT with it.

Manufacturers think they can stop us.

They can’t! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the review! I can not help thinking that they could have used a smaller host while keeping the same lens diameter. I used the same led and a wavien collar in a Cometa host (=Jaxman Z1 clone) which is maybe 1/4 the size of this Microfire, and already measured 560 kcd.

Here’s a test of the Osram KW CSLNM1-TG (nicknamed “White Flat”) I did a few months ago:

In limited quantities sold by led4power there’s an even better led they could have used, for 11% more output and throw with no downside, the KW CULNM1-TG, it is the same led in a 4040 size instead of 3030.

Microfire!! The company with the 20Mcd LEP search light!
I am pretty sure they have LEP + RLT technology in their search lights.

It seems like the day is coming when they will release a LEP + RLT in one light that is SMALL.

Thanks for the review!

Good God Matt,
Have you learned nothing?
Never Cross The Beams!!!

Way more usefull than the laser (if not as much fun).
What’s it cost?
All the Best,

My contact at microfire said they were sending me one of the big lights to. Not the 20mcd one but a similar one a little smaller they have been working on. However after they saw that part were I explained how the Wavien collar worked they asked me if I would cut out that part or take down the video. Had I know they felt like it was a big secret I would have probly declined to do the review. I do understand why they asked. Even though the collars are old news to use, they do basically have that market nearly all to themselves.

In any case I told them no. I guess we will see if I get another light in the mail.

Nice light and a good review.

But I prefer the Djozz Light ,cause of size and output.

Nice to see another manufacturer. :slight_smile:
I can’t watch the video now and I’m very curious about the price…

Matt, it seems you have it slightly ‘over focussed’.
I thought as much when you showed the purple corona, which happens when you go beyond the focal length of the lens.
Shouldn’t it be in focus, projecting the die? (you’ll have to measure that).

Other than that, i wish i had some of those collars, i would use it in my Brynite B158, which may have a very similar (sized) lens.
The collar also adds a good bit of warmth to the output, which is great for the 1mm² White Flat.

I doubt it’s using a WF1 unless they someone sourced a batch warmer than literally all that have been available.

It’s normal for a wavien collar to add more warmness to the light.

Interesting, I had no idea.