Lovin the New Site Format

Ok thanks for reporting that, I’ll see if I can find anything on the Discourse development forum.

If you click on the post counter on the bottom right of your page… it gives you the option of the scrolling bar… then you can go “approximately” where ever you want to, especially on top and and on bottom of the thread !

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thanks. but this is about jumping to the top of the homepage, not a topic/thread page.

This is for jumping up and down in a thread… in the thread that you are right now… !

What do you mean… “not a topic/thread page.” !?

yes, your tip is correct and welcome for jumping to the top of a topic/thread page. however, the issue reported is about jumping to the top of navigation pages (homepage/latest/unread/top). apparently, for most device/browser combos, clicking or tapping the three-flashlights image in the header bar on these pages brings you to the top. but in at least one scenario (firefox on ipad), it doesn’t. sb is investigating the bug.

If this is what you mean… !?

With Opera Browser on Android phone… it gives me the option for a floating scrolling button for up and down… and it works perfectly for me !

that’s great, and appreciate the effort. but again, the issue is for firefox on ipad. i’ll wait to hear back from sb on bug fix.

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On an iOS device you can double tab in the apps header and it scrolls to the top.
Works in every app.

I haven’t found a trick for Android.

On PCs I use a mouse gesture from my mouse driver to go to the top.

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thanks for the tip. do you know if that’s a true “return to top” vs a page reload?

On other websites it is a true return to the top ( it is an OS feature)
In long BLF threads like this it reloads some stuff ( but I also have 400tabs in Safari, with less crap open maybe it doesn’t reload).

You can also use the scrollbar from iOS Safari.
You move the page a bit up or down → a little scrollmarker appears on the side → hold that with the finger and you see a full scrollbar → drag this to the top
Edit: Just tested it with this 90 entries thread: When I drag it to the top I get post #70

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cool, thanks!

Yeah on an iPhone you need to touch the right side of the screen and slightly pull to the left and the slide bar appears…. Then pull it up or down . Not being able to get to the bar on the right was bugging me . You could tell it was there but no amount of tapping baa a ngong or throwing the phone against the wall was working .

Hi there Boaz, thanks for reporting.
Can anybody confirm if what he describes is just an iOS thing or is it somehow specific to this forum? I don’t own any Apple devices, so I appreciate community reports on how they work.

on the iPad I have in the low right corner a blue counter like 92/93
I tab on that and I get an overlay with the forum scrollbar

@sb56637 Is there a way to have the e.g. five last polls in the left sidebar?
ToyKeeper has a poll running about andúril2 UI and it is a bit sad only thread reader notice it.

Good point. They can’t go in the sidebar, but I can pin them to the top of their category and/or to the top of the Latest posts list (homepage). I put @ToyKeeper’s poll on the top of the Latest posts for a week. Just let me know if it needs more time than that.

On an iPhone you have to start some form of movement of the page for the slide at the right to appear . If you click on it it doesn’t do anything, if you try to slide it up or down it doesn’t work . So I move the page up and down to get the slide bar to appear then touch the bar … and slightly pull it towards the center of the screen . That makes the scroll bar about twice as thick and it finally works like it ought to .
It’s a lot of stupid movement which can mistakenly highlight stuff or blow up your whole game …but sorta kinda works

That seems like an effective way to do it, for some things. Like, a traditional poll with the vote in the first post, for topics which seem important enough to pin.

It can only link to topics that way though, not individual posts… so a poll halfway through a thread doesn’t work as well.

If there is ever a “latest polls” widget at some point in the future, I hope it’ll be able to handle polls mid-thread.

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Showing this thread some love, I like the new format as well!

Big effort to do a migration like this and it looks great! :slight_smile:

Shine on!

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i got used to it pretty fast
after i figured out how to do the 4 things i do, 99.999% of the time

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