LUMINTOP LM10 10 years version group buy

Update 18th April

For a long wait, final the LM10 are ready to order , the light almost finish and estimate ship at 18th April.

  1. order link:

LM10 Coupon code will sent by email at 9th April

group buy price from $99.95

LM10 clip:

  1. Shipping date

estimate ship at 18th April.


  1. XPL HI 3D LED out of stock now, so it may be ship later

  1. Everyone from the group buy can get a glow gasket, color will be random (Green,red,yellow,blue)

  1. From the group buy orders, we will choose 5 lucky customers
    • one get 100% off, means he will get a full refund of the LM10
    • Two get 50% off, means get 50% refund of the LM10
    • Three get 30% off , means get 30% refund of the LM10

the refund is just for the LM10 light, not include other items.


30th November

Hello Everyone,

For celebrating the Lumintop 10 years

LUMINTOP will make a special light LM10.

It has a special design and same firmware of the FW3A.

LM10 will have 6 different options in group buy,

and the stonewashed, the colors LM10 will only be available at group buy,after the group buy will just have the polished TI version.

Group Price:

Polished $115

stonewashed $125

colors $125

clip: $20

pls reply the form.

will no the Chinese letters in production.

Looks nice, but outside my budget.

What does the Asian lettering say?

Out of my budget also :(

will no the Chinese letters in production.

Where does the clip attach? What does it look like without it?

I like the light, looks good.
I would choose the coloured glaze one if I were to purchase.
However I am not likely a buyer at $125 plus $20 clip = $145

In my opinion they wont sell many just based on it being an ‘anniversary’ release unless its a very limited numbered production in which case some collectors will have to have one I suppose.
I might be a buyer at $50 all in and would like USB C charging.

Out of my budget too, but I’m curious how this stonewashed looks.

nice light for sure, but kinda expensive and 20$ just for the clip also? the chinese characters looks cool tho, that should go into production imo…

will the light have serial numbers if only sold during group buy ?

What type of glaze? It looks to be electro-anodized Ti which is notoriously delicate and wears very fast.

I would go for a Stonewashed, SST-20 4000K FA3 Bin or 219B SW45K (this would be ideal)

You lost your minds?
Way overpriced.


Wow…how ugly it is compared to FW3A…
BTW, Neal, what is the rightmost light?

Too expensive…don not like the branding flat or the fullers on the body tube… Polished and Bronze would be my choice in colors…

I like the one just left of it, but I think it’s stainless?

Nice looking lights. I would only be a buyer at about half that price. I have had bad luck with Lumintop lights and batteries. I would be willing to give them another chance just not at that price.

I don’t mind paying more then $100 for a light. I just purchased an Acebeam L30 Gen II, but for a EDC Lumintop not worth the money in my opinion. I’m sure someone will buy it though.

Overpriced and remember the name of this place.

Looks good.
Yeah this site would be better called something like Universal Light Forum as people often associate budget with cheap as can be.