My Newest Flashlight Zebralight S6330 -- Updated with Beamshots!

Hi, just to share with BLFers about size comparison in pictures. Also ceiling bouce reading is 125lux, my TK70 is 140 lux, Terminator U2 is 165 lux. Just for relative comparison, my setup might not be accurate and judging these light have different beam profiles and tint color. I am estimating S6330 to have about 2000 OTF lumens. She is really a tiny monster just like Terminator.

Darth, EA4, S6330, TK35, TN30

S6330, Terminator U2

Damn, I love the size of this thing. But I still think it’s overpriced. Looking for a deal out there for one of these –10% off $200.00 just ain’t enough!

Wow, that’s compact.
Do you know what XML is installed in yours.
I recall reading that Zebralight was going to install U3’s after a certain date.

I have the Terminator U3… my lux meter shows the Terminator at 1 meter 63,500 lux. . My TK70 shows 160,000 lux @ 1 meter.

They were all released with U3.

Thanks flashlight man.
I’m a throw flooder guy. Gotta have the throw with the flood.
But this small stubby little fire hydrant flooder is intriguing.
Beamshots !!!

His Termintor shows higher because it is two together. That is the hulk. Lol…

The Terminator U3 @ 80 Feet.

LOL, Ah that explains it…

I think there is confusion here. Those were ceiling bounce lux reading to predict lumens output. It is not 1m peak intensity Dale has measured.
indenial, you can try to join group buy to get better price if any forums are organizing. To me, other Zebralight models are more overpriced.
makapuu, according to Zebralight and since I got it later than their announcement, I think I got U3 version. Mine was backordered for two to three weeks.

Yes there was Dengoh… Thank you for clarifying.

The UI is the same as the usual zebra one isnt it. I love my H600w for its size!, build, efficiency, low low low! and tint, but what really doesn’t work as well for me is the UI making it a bit more effort to get to medium mode without either holding the button for a longer period or having to double click through high. The UI gets to all the modes nicely, but for 95% of my use, I want medium and I have to hold the switch, instead of just clicking it on, which isn’t so handy for a headlamp where its an awkward arm grapple, especially when my hands are full, because thats what I use a headlamp for.

In your experience, how do you find the UI in the context of a large hand held torch?

What can I say? You sure do have a good collection of lights. S6330 looks good though; very handy due to its small size and its lanyard.

okwchin, I mostly use Highest and its sublevel. For headlamp, I agree it should start with medium as using headlamp is mostly working on things in front of user. If it is too bright, it will hurt. Wonder why Zebralight don’t memorize all the levels since its UI already can memorize sub levels.

panthervision23, thanks. I don’t see any lanyard provided. So that is actually Fenix PD32UE lanyard.

Kingsley831, I have bigger light for example TK70, TF X6, TF X100, SR95S UT. My next light will be bigger than all of them though. :bigsmile: Now waiting for the review especially the throw number.

Hey Dale, your beamshots are so good, your making me drool over a flashlight I already got. LOL

Photo session with my new baby S6330 :bigsmile:

be careful with the lanyard ring as it will scratch the anodising. Maybe just use the lanyard threaded through the eye?

I am worried either. I actually removed the lanyard once, but since lanyard hole is protruding, it looks so “lonely” without lanyard. Then I put it back. Good suggestion to do without the ring. Will give it a try. Thanks.

My Fenix lanyard can’t fit the eye hole. Have to find a thinner lanyard for it.