Need help - Birthday present for 9yo gal

Hi everybody,

i’m having a very big problem:
I don’t like flashlights with disco- or other flashing modes and i succeeded in buying only the liked ones! :slight_smile:

A little gal (9 years old), i like very much, asked me for a birthday present. She would like such an extraordinary flashlight like the ones she saw in action by me. I thought, ok, no problem, i’ll buy just another really good one i already own, which runs on AAs or NiMHs and i’m fine. But now she told me, she would like to have a flashlight, which have the irritating disco- and SOS-modes. :frowning:

Since i never looked out for these specific flashlights, i would appreciate any suggestions for a really good ( =bright :wink: ) flashlight running on AAs or NiMHs, that is having these normally unwanted disco- and SOS-modes.

Any help appreciated - thanks! :slight_smile:

Maybe one of these ...

Uh, oh, no, thanks! :X

She would like a real flashlight, like f. e. an Xtar WK50, which i own and she likes very much, but she prefers something like that with blinkies… :frowning:


Nitecore SRT3: XM-L2 with a red and a blue LED with a strobe and SOS mode. Infinitely variable as well.

Not a cheap light, but will definitely last a really long time and takes commonly available AA’s.

Wow, thats a really cool light, that would likely match my own criterias, but i think it’s a little overkill for the person in charge… :wink:

Not sure if she is old enough for a nitecore EA4, it doesn’t need lithium, and i’m not sure if it has disco modes
i am loathe to recommend it but i cant’ think of a more nimh reasonable one

Let her try one of yours if you have one to make sure (convoys from fasttech have it in hideable modes), its a fair bet in a week she will get sick of disco.

Also stress and stress that vision damage can come from looking directly into the beam or shining it into somebodies eyes and that its a gift for someone who can be responsible with it

Edit: How about a costco special? Pretty sure it does disco, and its 3 for the price of one

How about the ultrafire SH-3AA?

Fasttech has it for $26.34.( Sorry I don’t know how to post the link, any help in this regard would also be appreciated…)

It may be slightly large for a small hand, but I am very impressed with the brightness and runtime, I got over 3 hours on energiser 2000mah rechargeable ni-mh’s.( Probably actually over 4, but I don’t want to sound too optimistic….)

I think this could be what you’re looking for… :bigsmile:

Costco is selling a new line of there three pak of lights.
There red m, 250 lumens and have a strobe mode. Branded as Snap-on, and look better than the previous line

Budget - A red SK68
Premium - A red Xeno E03

EDIT - Ooopps missed the need for disco modes

Maglite xl-100 has all the modes she will ever want. The gyro UI is fun too

He wants strobe

Thanks all for the suggestions, but it should be a small one AA light. She is a slight small person and a 3xAA or a BTU Shocker would look ridiculous with her. I’ll try to convince her, that the disco modes will peeve her in a short time and gift her an Xtar WK50 in pink of course! :wink:

How about the Xtar WK41.She will have the flashies but could ignore them when she gets tired of them.Also, it supports 14500 if she ever really gets into flashlights at a latter date.-Rick

How about Archer 1A, though might be little bit bigger than desired by OP? Take 14500, with disco too :wink:

This Tank007 TK566 is bright enough, clicky and have 5 modes.

Sorry, rather hard to find clicky multi color AA flashlight with decent price. I think better using clicky than twisty for 9 years old child, twisty sometimes can be annoying.

Good price too! :slight_smile:

Xeno E03 V3, 1AA and has hidden strobe, locator beacon and SOS, and comes in pinkish-red (if she likes pink):

The newer Xeno does have strobe?

I don’t know about earlier versions but V3 does have hidden strobe. But I wonder if she might like something smaller/cuter in 1xAAA form? Thinking of the newer CQG S1 which has 3 modes including strobe: