New build. AA 16340 multi purpose flashlight.

This light was built with only one thing in mind which will be revealed later. To give the user a choice of how this flashlight will be used it can run either a AA NiMH battery such as an Eneloop with a 219C Nichia led prebuilt assembly or whatever the user chooses to build with the spare pill. Battery tubes supplied will allow it to run either AA or 16340 sized batteries.

The main components used are a 18mm reflector along with 18mm AR lens, switch ass built from numerous pieces, small switch from EDC with a FT Carbobronze spring on a switch board designed here on this forum and built by Oshpark, 219C led on a 16mm Noctigon and driven by a LD30 3 mode driver.

The machined parts are made from a mixture of Aluminium and Brass.

The Tailcap assembly.

The head assembly.

The battery tubes along with the batteries to suit.

And to finish a couple of assembled pictures.

And a picture with a SK68 for an idea of the size.

Beautiful workmanship and premise. I like a versatile light like this one, what about an 18650 tube, or 18350 tube as well? There is some frustration with the BLF A6 and the non matching threads to the original Eagle Eye A6, so now there are two versions of the short tube nearing production.

Thanks for the great pictures and posting this, wonderful to look at….

Might be able to do a 14650 or 16650 tube but I doubt the ends are big enought to allow an 18650. Really sweet design.

Correct RBD. The OD of the male threads is 18.7mm and the OD of the tubes were 20mm in diameter. The wall thickness where the o'ring groove is on the 16340 tube is less than .5mm. Its all just working with a scrape.

very well done!

nice!…wall thickness of less than half a milimeter…i just love this kind of machining… :smiley:

The knurling wow!


Dont look to close will34 at the knurling. There was a lot of recovery going on there.

_the_ has announced what the light was made for here.

Thanks for the kind words guys.

Very nice!

That’s a sweet light, well done MRsDNF.

This is a great light.
Beautifully done.

beautiful man! Love it.

that’s a beautiful work of art!

A very great looking light! I always enjoy reading your postings!

Looks good!

I wish big companies would include such feature for AA/16340 lights!