New lathe - PM1340 - CHIPS AHOY !

Hi folks,

The truck driver called me around 9AM, saying that the 48-foot truck wouldn't fit around the corner and up my driveway. Really? That's why I asked for a box-truck with liftgate when the same thing happened a week prior!

A few calls later, a truck and skid-steer were secured to meet the delivery rig in a location suitable to make the handoff.

On the liftgate, ready to manhandle onto the gooseneck trailer:

Back at the Casa de X, the wee 'dozer grabbed the 1350 pound package with little drama:

Up the steep driveway, and into the carport:

Everything looks to be in order here:

After much sweat and quite a bit of swearing, it was placed on the shop floor. Please note the stands in the rear where it needs to be lifted again, and the Red Bull can, for scale:

I'll add more info and pics as the install progresses. Thanks for looking !

Looks great. Congratulations!

Looking good. Lathe envy sucks.

When that bad boy arrived, Foy would be physically ill with excitement. Look at the size of that thing . . .



That thing is nice, I think he’s about to “Kick it up a notch” guys.

Nothing like a delivery that requires rigging! 8)

Congrats! What are you going to test it out on?

Sweet! Congratulations man - that is a seriously sweet hobby lathe you've got there. Love it. Thanks for sharing.

@ Langcjl: Agreed ;-)

I’m impressed with that size of that thing (that’s what she said)! I can’t wait to see what is produced on there.

What do you use it for? I guess its not only for flashlights :wink:

What do you mean " not only for flashlights" ???

He's just doing bigger flashlights - it's a natural progression ;-)

I'm a ways out from making chips, but I foresee some Mag cut-downs in my near future...and a few other items.

Are you going to finish the Elephant Host project?

I am. First, a practice aluminum version, then copper for the final piece.

I knew it. :) I can't wait to see it completed.

That’s so cool to have in your garage… I think you will be busy for a long time… Congrats!!

I wish you were my neighbour CX. I have lathe envy too!

If you were my neighbour, I would be in your shop drooling. Probably with a box of lights to mod and a cold case of whatever fizzy barley beverage you prefer…