New: Noctigon Meteor M43 ; in production New color added: Tan

Just saw this Tiny monster at intl outdoor

Was going to be in production in March 2015..Now in production


2 colors available. White and grey.

Tint/emitter options:


XPL dedomed


no price yet!

Just says it's maybe available end of March.

J) XP-Ls I hope? J)

YES! That's one of the available options... A dozen XP-Ls = 8) 8) 8)

Runtime 5 minutes.
5 glorious minutes.

12 nichia

12 xpg


12 xpl

You choose.

Looks great! Hopefully the price will be <$60-80.

The light is powered by 4x 18650s, and looks very compact.

Hopefully no turbo timer and the two color options, white and grey, are interesting. I’ve yet to see a commercially available white flashlight.

A group guy would be nice!

Wow! That looks awesome.

Reminds me of the Zebralight S6330 in looks.

Specs updated, 18650s, XP-G2, 219B & dedomed XPLs.
No price yet.

I am gonna be forced to buy the XPL variant :bigsmile:

Definitely need to stock up on IMR 18650’s now.


looks interesting… hopefully it doesnt have a lame 30 second step down timer

Outputs and tints?

I'm glad he finally announced it! I've been excited for this one for a while now.



Are you going to be stocking this in the future?


Richard, by chance know the rough price range?

There was a limited edition shadow that was white, cant remember the model...

This thing is freaking crazy. I want one. Can not wait to see what the price is

I don't know what it will end up being, but I really doubt it will be under $100. There's just no way to make something like this and put good LEDs in it for less than that.

Inspiration for your Mega M6?

Please release this light now!
I must have it
And if there needs to be a step down timer, let it be no less than 3 mins please.

No. I started building mine before I ever heard about this.