Nichia E17A/E21A Skilhunt H04RC Group Buy

UPDATE 200802: Color Mixing PROBLEM
UPDATE 200703: Progress
UPDATE 200613: Progress
UPDATE 200526: Progress
UPDATE 200329: Packet shipped from Shenzhen in 200325. Should be here in approximately 7 days. But due to limited activity allowed in Bali, I can not promised anything earlier than 200406 (end of Bali’s soft lockdown).
UPDATE 200303: Order placed to Skilhunt, EXPECT delay. I’ll update the shipping and delivery time later.
UPDATE 200217: China holiday extended to 200224 due to health and safety concern of corona virus outbreaks. GB listing reopened until the factory go back to normal operation.
UPDATE 200201: OK, thanks for all the participants =)
The Virence Skilhunt H04RC is now ended. I will start to place the order to Skilhunt on monday. Any new orders is subject to normal pricing PLUS shipping (you can find it later via my store).
UPDATE 200129: GB Interest list will be closed on 200201, 00:00 GMT +8
Thanks for all the orders guys, I decided to close the interest list soon so I can start making the lights. Looks like waiting for 200pcs order would be too long. For those still undecided, you guys can get it later via my store.


Original Thread
OK, I’m ready to take orders. Below is the output and partial runtime using 3500K D220 R9080 E21A. More thorough test by Maukka, check HERE.

Here’s what you get outside the normal OEM accessory:

  • 16mm medium microlensed TIR optic
  • 16mm medium-wide microlensed TIR optic (default)
  • 16mm wide microlensed TIR optic
  • 16mm oval microlensed TIR optic
  • Quadtrix E17A/E21A LED module (installed)


  • Very high CRI of R9080 minimum guaranteed (For all CW and WW E17A and E21A, except for 2200K which is R9050 minimum)
  • Available in wide variety of CCT: 2000K, 2200K, 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, 4500K, 5000K, 5700K, and 6500K. All in very high CRI.
  • Sensible, fully regulated, and dependable output levels
  • Longer regulated runtime
  • Due to very low forward voltage of Nichia E series, combined with 4P setup, this headlamp works with almost any 18650. No high drain battery needed to get max output.
  • Highest mode can be restarted multiple times with very little output reduction in each succession. OEM LED suffers heavy output reduction with multiple highest mode restart.
  • Four different optics to choose included
  • Better reliability and consistent performance with two mounting screws for the MCPCB. Threads are deep and roll formed.

Out the front output with 3500K D220 R9080 E21A using widest optic:

  • Mode 1: 0,19lm
  • Mode 2: 2,16lm
  • Mode 3: 8,95lm
  • Mode 4: 30,13lm
  • Mode 5: 65,92lm
  • Mode 6: 174,64lm
  • Mode 7: 256,52lm
  • Mode 8: 562,26lm (2 minutes step down to mode 7)

With OEM XML2, the highest mode behaves like direct driven (unregulated), the output follows the battery voltage. After each step down, max output restart will be significantly lower. With E21A you can have multiple max mode restarts with same max output.

Price: $75
Click THIS link and add your order as comment there. Don’t try to edit the Gsheet, it’s locked. You can only add comment, I will edit the list accordingly.

25 ,26 first order will be ranked according to the received payment date. Paypal the payment to:

Order will be placed to Skilhunt as soon as 200pcs order reached they’re back operational (almost all factories extend their holiday due to corona virus outbreaks).


Interested :+1:

Do we send payment as F&F or G&S?

G&S please


I’m still away from my PC. Some were late to get the discount. To make it simpler, I’ll refund those payments.



price please?

can you make it brighter with very long run time using different driver maybe??

How many lumens was your 2000K & 2700K E21A tiara pro, I bought one of each from you and i wonder if i need a downgrade with this skilhunt :partying_face:

Great news in the morning :slight_smile:

Guess I was to late for the discount;
Send 75$ for E21A 4500K

Thank You :+1:

I just ordered 4 of the H04RC. Clemence modded lights are always top quality and these E21A emitters are simply delicious! I use the Tiara Pros quad E21As every day and they are simply fantastic.

I own a bunch of the older Virence modded Tiara Pro with quad E21A and I use them on a daily basis. They E21A combinations produce some of the best looking tints I've ever seen and I own literally HUNDREDS of flashlights. Also the blue light output from this emitter is very low making it perfect for use as a pre sleep light or bathroom trip light as it will minimize suppression of melatonin. The 2000k version actual produces significantly less blue light than incandescent bulbs yet produces 9090 color rendering.

Don't be misled by the 500+ lumen max mode. I almost never use the max mode because it is actually more than enough light for any indoor use case even though I'm a fan of ultra bright flashlights. These are meant as practical tools with regulated sustainable output not FET driver lumen toys. In fact I rarely use the 200+ lumen mode because it is too bright. I normally use them with the sub 10 lumen modes because at night with dark adapted eyes, even 50 lumens can be disturbingly bright.

Here are measurements I performed on the Virence Tiara Pros w/ E21A quadtrix using the Texas Ace Lumen Tube calibrated with Maukka lights and Sekonic C-800-U spectrometer. The H04RC should be very similar.

Tiara C1 Pro 2000K Max Mode 393 lumens 2009K -0.0001 DUV 95.6 CRI Blue light relative amplitude 0.07 90.8 R9 87.5 R12 95 Rf 101 Rg NCR18650GA
Tiara C1 Pro 2x2000K + 2x2700K Max Mode 494 lumens 2319K -0.0016 DUV 96.1 CRI Blue light relative amplitude 0.17 97.9 R9 90.2 R12 95 Rf 104 Rg NCR18650GA
Tiara C1 Pro 2x2000K + 2x3000K Max Mode 505 lumens 2442K -0.0034 DUV 95.3 CRI Blue light relative amplitude 0.23 96.0 R9 88.3 R12 94 Rf 105 Rg NCR18650GA
Tiara C1 Pro 1x2000K + 3x3000K Max Mode 428 lumens 2577K -0.0076 DUV 94.5 CRI Blue light relative amplitude 0.36 94.5 R9 84.5 R12 93 Rf 107 Rg NCR18650GA
Tiara C1 Pro 3000K Max Mode 522 lumens 3064K -0.0027 DUV 96.2 CRI Blue light relative amplitude 0.44 90.9 R9 90.5 R12 95 Rf 104 Rg NCR18650GA
Tiara C1 Pro 2x3000K + 2x4000K Max Mode 524 lumens 3378K -0.0039 DUV 96.0 CRI Blue light relative amplitude 0.63 87.9 R9 87.6 R12 95 Rf 104 Rg NCR18650GA
Tiara C1 Pro 4000K (D220 batch) Max Mode 543 lumens 4162K -0.0051 DUV 96.3 CRI Blue light relative amplitude 1.00 87.1 R9 81.0 R12 93 Rf 103 Rg NCR18650GA

Note: All of my Tiaras use the 60deg wide flood optics. Also keep in mind these are real lumens. 100 lumens here is equivalent to 120-130 Zebralight, Acebeam, Thrunite, Skilhunt, etc. lumens. Clemence lumen should be the same as mine since he has Maukka calibration lights.

I’d love to see e21a tint/beam pictures by people who own them. I’m trying to get a feel for tint & brightness in the real world

Use lower modes and CRI Rnn E21A (lower than CRI70). It will be brighter than stock XML2 and has extra 30 minutes longer run time.


hi if you could put me down for 1 H04RC.
will message you.

Thx! I guess I’m going to stick with my tiaras :zipper_mouth_face:

I just ordered 4K and 5K

Don’t worry about tint with e21a. Pretty much all of the e21a LED’s that Clemence sells are right on the BBL line or even slightly below, for perfect tint. Just pick your favourite CCT. There won’t be any green in these LEDs. The color rendering is also absolutely amazing, and unlike SST20 leds’, they don’t go green when using them at lower power.

As for beamshots, that will always depend on the combination of LED and optic used. If you are looking for more throw, go for the quad e17a, and if you want better efficiency and floodier, go with quad e21a.

Here is an example of a Fenix HL50 I had modded with single e21a LED vs the original XM-L2 LED. You can see the improvement in tint is drastic! No more Green!

I have a Tiara modded e21a, and placed an order for the Skilhunt that will be a nice complement with longer battery life.

Also placed order on Virence H04. I already have a H04F with a single 3500K and I like it despite the quirky diffuser thingy. Same threads as the H03 so S1 shorty tube also works if you can get the right one. Also like the Mode B UI. Add/remove levels as you like. I have mine set to all levels except T2 since its almost the same visually as H1. It’s also easy enough to add/remove levels when necessary.

I can’t see the images in the first post. Is it only me?

You are number 26 on the list Darryl, please specify your CCT and kindly complete the payment.


These are SKV89’s Tiara Pros:



So excited you are offering the E21A builds again, Clemence! Thanks for putting this together for us.