Noctigon 20mm copper triple XPG/XPE/XTE coming soon!

So who will be the first to build a 9x XPG2 SkyRay King? :party:

Shit just got real.

I hope it works perfectly in this.

That might actually get me to buy one.

Time to rebuild my triples…

Damn!!!someone is really listening to us.Great offering both series and parallel,let the wallet emptying commence!

Somebody is actually thinking. I like.

I hope hank does an xm-l 32mm version, I have a use for one

Triple XPG2 Convoy S3? I think the others with the deep reflectors have too much space to fill in, though I guess the pill could be extended with a chunk of copper bar stock...

This might be just the ticket for my lantern project. 4A distributed among 3x XP-G2 should be brighter and cooler than 1x XM-L2.

Well, there is a 12x Nichia 219 Nitecore TM15:

But I get what you mean. ;)

Good news. Those are really good looking and come in handy if you want to drive XPG/XPG2 really hard. For Nichia 219.. I wouldnt bother, we've seen tests and the Nichia doesnt win that much when its on copper. Also, looking at Matchs graphs, the XPG2 doesnt win much below 1.2A either.

Nice and all.........but

Will they be available pre-loaded or will I finally have to stop procrastinating on how to reflow?

What drivers are around to push 4A plus from a single 18650 without more soldering wizardry to stack chips?

You can buy a stacked driver from e1320. Drjones might do the same.

You need a lot more than 4A for the Noctigons to really kick in. Im thinking of 6A and above. So either a lot of stacking, direct drive or multi cell lights.

I hope IO will also offer the suitable Carclo lenses.

I wasn't aware Eric was back in business. I hope this means his health issues have improved.

Right, stop moaning, learn to reflow, learn to stack. get your own job done and be very happy about it (just described my own developement from the last few months :-) )

I wasn't saying he is. I had no idea about his health.

You are quite right of course

I was being a bit conservative. But 6A in a 20mm host will need some mighty fine heatsinking.

Any hosts in particular spring to mind?

And your heatsinking will have to be even a bit better than usual to stop the plastic TIR optic from melting (what is the melting point/deformation temperature anyway for these optics?)

6A burst works fine in any host. :)

I dont know the melting point of the optics, but I have a quad XP flashlight that pulls 6A and my optics are going strong.

So then perhaps the solder melts before the TIR does and is my point not as valid as I thought .

(I looked on the Carclo site and could not find any info on maximum operating temperatures)