Noctigon Meteor M43 official sales and discussion thread

Thanks for the following up for the Noctigon Metero M43,
and it is ready for sale now:

Fonarevka review:
More reviews will be coming…

Since all the M43 are customs order LED & Tint, we will need
some assembling time, so the shipping time is 2~7 working days.


Hi Hank, on your website is this table:

LED & Tint Out the front lumens Peak beam intensity Kelvin
CW S4 2B 4000lm 20,000cd 4790K
NW 219BT 92CRI 6300lm 70,000cd 5000K
NW S2 1D D-D* 6600lm 32,000cd 4885K
NW XP-L D-D* 8000lm 44,000cd 4440K

And I don't see how the high CRI 219B can have more output than a cool white XP-G2 S4, and can have way more throw as a dedomed XP-G2. And the 2B tint is not 4790K , more like 5900K. Are some numbers mixed up?

Whoa, Noctigon is officially a flashlight brand now?

Yes, some numbers were mixed up, just fixed it.
Thanks for the heads-up.

Hurray, a flashaholic dream come true.

Ordered one in white and dedomed XP G2.

Waiting is painful .

Good choice, XP-G2 S2 1D is my favorite, it combines flood and throw.

There are only 5 pcs S3 3C version in stock, so, once it’s sold out.
I will take it off.
We are expecting the S3 3D by next week.


Gorgeous. Jaw dropping. Way out of my budget :smiley:

What’s the bin and tint on the XP-L’s?

XP-L V5 2A
Private lab tests report it to be 4440K out the front of the M43 after De-Dome.

it would really help to decide which one to buy if you had comparing beamshots of very version :wink:

its in the review :slight_smile:

oh sorry - I did not klick the link on my mobile
will do later on the PC

I’m super excited that these are available for sale right now BUT also worries me also because the sample version has not gone through the list yet.
Im afraid there will be a version 2 or a revised version once it gets to the hands of everybody on the list, after hearing their feedback.
Wasn’t that the purpose? Or was it just a early sample for everybody to check out and play with in the meantime?

HOW does one view this in English?

right click on your mouse you will get google translate

Ooohh… want one but have to wait until the review on BLF first…
Saw the pics on the Russian website but still not convince yet :~

I have a Macintosh. Anyone help here. I would like to read this review! I have clicked English on a drop down box on the bottom left but that had no effect.


Just surf to
and enter the URL there