[old Interest list, do not use] (was: XHP50.2 (3V) boards for Q8 no longer available)

Moved to: Interest list: Q8 MCPCB with XHP50.2@5000K [DTP only available now at LED4Power]

Thank you, Sidney!

This is now an interest list for Q8 MCPCBs for XHP50.2, SST-40 etc.

Lan Lee from Sofirn contacted me about my order. Production of XHP50.2 boards for the Q8 has stopped because we found Q8 mcpcb don’t suit for XHP50.2(3V) 5000K leds. The Q8 MCPCB is small for 4*XHP50.2(3V) 5000K leds. (Lan).

Not sure what that means exactly but it seems it’s over.

I asked her for the reason and keep you informed.

Sure it’s small but who cares - put a warning label on it; “this is a stupid idea so by buying this you agree that you’re turning your Q8 into a molten ball of aluminium”

That’s the reason you think? I’d say, whoever can do the mod will know what can happen and shouldn’t come crying.

Who knows - I know it’ll generate an absolute ton of heat, and you need to ream out the reflector holes for it, and you’ll need new gaskets… even if they just make a 5050 MCPCB for it, that way it’s up to the user to modify it - advanced users only, etc.

Or perhaps the board’s lay-out was not entirely correct.

Empty MCPCB would be a nice option, too. I was already thinking about 4xSST-40@5000K.

Still no answer. But since my order is payed, includes other items, and hasn’t been canceled, I hope for one.

I love mine. The only issue I had when fitting was having to make the centre hole slightly larger so the bolt through to the reflector would fit through. Otherwise, it seems fine, and it can certainly handle the abuse. I’ve stress-tested it and it just smiles and asks for more.

It heats up slower than my SST-20 D18 does!

That’s a shame. Q8 is a good host for 50.2 or even sst40. The sst40 will throw further and no rainbow anyways. Plus longer runtime. If they’d only make the board for the emitters I think that would be fine. If that platform runs 3535 footprints it should run 5050 as well.

Didn’t LED4Power have a board that fit the Q8 with 4040 and 5050 pads on it?

His shop should be opening again soon…

As I understand it the soonest the items he offered on the led4power site will be in January and existing products will not be available in his new venture. I had two orders cancelled and refunded just before he hit the sales limit. Items I really needed.

Hey, thanks!

I guess here it is:

Hope it will still be available.

Edit: I only got the information that the “factory can’t make it successfully.” I cancelled my order and hope for LED4Power now.

If most of you prepare to take part in groupbuy , we prepare suitable MCPCP for you

MCPCB + reflector + gaskets? :smiley: all in one package!

(I know that might be a bit too much though - I’m fairly handy with a drill)


Not sure if there’s enough interest, and as this board will hopefully be available from another source, you could think about doing a special production run of the Q8 with 5000K SST-40 or XHP50.2. Just in case there’s not enough interest in a group buy for the board (and reflector :smiley: ).

I just hope the Q8 extension tubes will ever come to existence. I hope it's not vaporware. :-D

I’m in for the group buy!

Would be in for a group buy.

Me too


Also interested on Q8 extension tubes.

I’m already in, I’d rather get the board than a refund.