Panasonic NCR18650A 3100mAh cells discharge test (2928mAh 1st cycle 3074mAh 2nd 3120mAh 3rd)

1st cell 1st cycle, 1A, set at 2.8V termination. 3.3V unloaded. 2928mAh. As mitro tested, it does not vary much with 1A, 3A, 5A, these cells are good. Probably better if cycled more.

1st cell 2nd cycle, 1A, set at 2.7V termination, 3.2V unloaded. 3014mAh.

2nd cell 2nd cycle, 1A, set at 2.6V termination. 3074mAh.

1st cell 3rd cycle, 1A, set at 2.6V termination. 3120mAh

2nd cell 4th cycle, 1A, set at 2.6V termination 3076mAh

$22.99 per pair / set of 2 cells, shipping inclusive.






Old4570, if you could, pls put this into your DB table?

These results don't surprise me after owning 2400mAH and 2900mAH Panasonic cells myself.

The best part is when looking at the discharge cycle on a graph you see just how linear the cell discharges and holds the Amps higher than most cells do longer.

BTW HKE is great to buy from also, I added that as they are the cheapest place to get these cells.

Sure can ..

Thanks, i am doing some more cycles to see what it can do up to, and on the second cell as well to give a good spread.

Oh for those new into 18650 cells, don't think that 29xx is low and under-spec. AW's 2900 is only low 27xx and stuff like XTAR 2600 (Sanyo 2600 cells) is only 24xx. But still better than Ultrafire stuff, which gets like what 1200mAh if you are lucky. :D (recycled ones get only 600-700).

1st cell 2nd cycle 3014mAh! Terminate at 2.7V

Now trying out the second cell.

2nd cell 2nd cycle 3074mAh! Terminate at 2.6V

Im currently testing some older 18650 , and it might be time to retire some - maybe ?

Those results look good ! Thank you for testing .

1st cell 3rd cycle. A whopping 3120mAh!

I am trying 2nd cell now, but i did the 3rd cycle together with the 1st cell on the charger..... trying 2nd cell 4th cycle so as to see if the results matches for further cycles and on a different cell so as to normalise. Obviously i don't have the time nor $$ to try a sample base of 10 cells, but as usual we'll make do.

I'll also try the NCR18650 2900s so as to give a relative picture, as some guys do not trust the IMAX B6.

Very nice.

Thanks for posting your results.

2nd cell 4th cycle completed. 3076mAh. Picture in the first post.

Tested with Panasonic 2900 cells which i purchased in May to check on relative accuracy. Got 2871mAh. So I think the discharger is within spec.

Hi...these two battery are the best or not??? and what is the best in the two???

i don't understand very well the result but it's not important for me...the important for me is know if these to panasonic is the best 18650 on the market a this time...


thanks bye bye

Any long term updates on these 3100 cells 2100?

Well, nothing....i just use them. Do you want me to do another test?

No thank you. I was just curious to see how they were holding up. I had a few batteries in the past that were good at the beginning, and then after 3 or 4 charges, lost their power and would not hold a charge. Just asking.

I'd like to see 3A test but unfirtunately your charger can't do that.

Oh...haha...definitely not for these cells. Even the TF Flames should be ok for a good 1 or 2 years. I even abused some Trustfire down to 1.7 volts unloaded, yes that low....and a couple of times lower than 2.5V, and they still discharged ok. When the XM-L dims and your eyes manage to detect that difference (which is from ~ 800 lumens to ~ 200 lumens), you can be sure that under load they are already comfortably below 2.3V.

I do monitor my stuff very closely, it's part of the fun anyway and yes i am geeky enough to stare at the charger LCD momentarily while charging. LOL! Sealed

I fell victim of the infamous Ultrafire 3600mAh batteries. I have a few that are worthless. I am trying to replace them with these Panasonic 3100's. I also have a few Callie's Kustoms. The CK are fine, and I feel a good quality battery. Hopefully these are good too.

I jump with joy when I tear apart some laptop batteries and find the pannys. Nice!

A bit expensive here, however:

Oh man, if these Ebay batteries were in a laptop, wow, I cant guess what the laptop must cost!
Especially if it has 8 of those cells in it

It does vary a bit.

For people who do not understand mAh it stands for milliamp hour this means a 3100 mAh battery should be able to supply 3100 milliamps (3.1 amps) for an hour.

Here are some Panasonic NCR18650A 3100mAh cells that have been cycled 8 times and last night i charged them then today i discharged then at 3.1 amps from 4.18 volt to 2.5 volt discharged with an icharger 106B+ in lilo mode for lion batteries.

Cell A discharged at 3.1 amps from 4.18 volt to 2.5

Cell B discharged at 3.1 amps from 4.18 volt to 2.5

The cells come off the charger with a resting voltage of 3.24 and 3.23v.

If people are wondering how i come up with the above data table's i posted on this battery test, i data log using my icharger 106b+ connected to my computer for my battery tests, i use a program logVeiw V2.7.4* with icharger 106B+ with firmware v3.14 upgrade and then recalibrated the charger.

I use this program for my data log,s and for the data charts i post

I use the data tables instead of graphs becuse i find it simple and think it would be easy for other people to read and the data tables includes charge time updated every 2 seconds, voltage, watts, engery, mAh, plus induvidual cell voltage for upto 6 cells, internal temp of my charger, battery temperture, the chargers imput voltage from the power supply and so on and i can not get all that infomation on one graph.

I usualy only include the end of the charge cycle then hit the print screan button on the key board while the logVeiw program is running and opean on the screan of my computer, save the image in paint, then crop the image down with microsoft picture it! then up load the image to photobucket then post the image on the thread.

I cut out things like battery and charger tempture and induvidual cell voltage if im only doing one cell at a time to test.