Personalized my flashlight

I wanted to start a thread where we can see all of the external mods that we do to personalize our lights . Whether it's for form or function , beautification or utility .

For example , I added a lanyard ring ( stainless steel split ring ) to my RC-G2 ( Q3-5C tint ) so I could easily detach or change lanyards . I also added a turkshead body wrap in type 1 paracord to facilitate an easier cigar grip .

Then I sprayed the lens on the inside with window frosting spray to diffuse the beam . ( I know that the RC-G2 is known as a good thrower for it's size , but I have other lights far better for this .) The frosting definitely cuts down on the light emitted but now the beam is nearly all flood with just a hint of a hotspot .

I ended up with a pocketable light with a smooth beam that is a pleasure to handle .

So what have you done to personalize your light lately ?

O.K. So it's not a flashlight mod . But I want to show you my de-anodized Sanrenmu 763 .

Shiny .

oooo, that looks very nice! Well done. I know its been covered here and there but what process did you use to de-anodize ?

I submerged the knife in a tray of Greased Lightning .

It has weak nitric acid in it I believe .

Others use lye but I have de-anodized many things with the Greased Lightning with excellent results .

The paracord makes the L2r more comfortable and secure to hold.

How long does it take to get through the coating with the greased lightning?

Is this the product?

sodium hydroxide < 2 %
2-butoxyethanol < 5 %
Proprietary Surfactant < 5 %

"...How long does it take to get through the coating with the greased lightning? "

In this case it took about 45 minutes .

Then a good rinse in very hot water . Dry well .

Then relube .

Well I'll be darned , it contains lye .

It is caustic stuff , so be careful with it .

A friend used dishwasher to wash his aluminum anodized fork and spoon. All anodizing got lost... Dunno how and if this can be used with flashlights but that´s what happened

Hey Langcjl , what wrap did you use on the L2r ?

Looks like cobra

Here I modded my Minimag with a bicycle innertube grip and a 3led dropin .

Yeah , the beam is blue and full of artifacts , but I figure this will run a long time .

Only light I have "personalized" is my EDC "Sipik".

I do like your thrashed Sipik , M3TAL_L0RD .

I almost don't, but at least no one else have same kind :)

I will be honest, I actually really like it too!

M3TAL was right,I just did a cobra on it. makes it wider in one dimension to fit the hand great.

"Easy Off" Heavy Duty Oven Cleaner worked very quickly (10 minutes or so) in removing the anodizing from a Cabela's EPG (that's not the emitter, which was incan). It's just advertised as "anodized", nothing more specific.

I also encased an entire Mag 3D in a length of bicycle innertube - to obscene to show.

I like where you guys are headed .. stripped down ,beat on look ....ground down with no sharp edges is a good look .


Tease .

I have heard of using a piece of innertube to cover the switch on a mag when the rubber switch cover gets lost .