Pocket-Sized P60/Mag D hybrid - BEAMSHOTS AND LUX NUMBERS

Who says that a Mag D can't be pocket-friendly?

Here's the breakdown:

The magic starts here:

Threading the inside:

Finished part:

It looks good with a 2 x 18650 body too:

I think this is the funniest light I've ever made:

The biggest PITA is the threading; the Mag is a standard 20 TPI thread, but the P60 is a metric 1.25 mm pitch. While very close, they are not the same and require a gear change on the lathe to cut metric threads.

Coming soon, the pill and finished light. Thanks for looking !

Here's the solid copper pill:

Driver pocket:

Here's the side view. The groove is for aerodynamics.

Actually, I started the cut in the wrong place, and didn't want to waste the part.

Here's the slug, nestled in the Solarforce body:

Copper-on-copper? Yes, please !

Here's the business end:

Beamshots and lux/lumen measurements to follow.

I took a couple of beamshots of several torches tonight, including this light. It measured 44000 lux@1m with a single IMR RCR123, running at 2.8 amps.

The 5000K XM-L2 is a very pleasant neutral-white, and not green at all. The white balance on my camera shifted the color a bit.

This was only the second light I've built that made Mrs. X say "wow!"

wow that thing is AWESOME! :heart_eyes:
got a thing for big headed shorties

That’s why I got a lathe :slight_smile: I want to make some awesome things like that, nice work

Awesome work Chicago X. I really like the 2-18650 body on there that’s pretty cool.
The single 18650 needs a name, maybe midget mag?

Dwarf Mag. I never tire of clean work like yours. Bravo.

That thing is awesome on so many levels.

Don’t take it through customs though or they’ll think it’s a grenade lol :slight_smile:


You know what they say about a man with big pockets ...

Thanks! You would have LOVED this girl I knew in college...

Your lathe isn't too different from mine...I look forward to seeing what you come up with !

The first one is actually a 1 x CR123 body.

I like the name, thanks ! I cannot fathom how you manage to turn out your tiny masterpieces.

Cheers. I think ma_sha1 already made the "lumen grenade," and it's even shorter than the 1 x CR123 setup !

I think you’ll look funny with that in your pocket :)…


You have to love the style. Thanks for sharing Chicago X. The machine work as usual from you is 1st class. What led, driver and battery are going into it?

Big pants ?

I think it's going to be a Sinkpad/XM-L2 combo on a copper slug, behind a Mag LED reflector. Driver TBD, but something P60-friendly.

I was just looking at Ma sha’s lumen grenade yesterday while on a jaunt through CPF. Uses some special 3x123 holder with a built in switch. So many creative people. Also looked at Lummi’s after a stroll down cheers and jeers lane. Neat stuff, too bad he can’t seem to keep the business end together. Not everyone is cut out for it.

I do my mods with crossed eyes and crossed fingers(the ones that still work).

Always a treat to see the real thing.

Thanks for the smile you gave me. It does look good with the 2x18650 body. Dwarf Mag is a good name for it. I will remember it as Dwarf Mag.

Thanks for putting this up. Clean work and a Smile to boot!

I was expecting a p60 drop in inside just a maglite tube and maybe circlipped in. Like a c body tube .

CX,the cool factor of this light is off the charts!I dub this light,the Chicago X fathead.Very nice work and I have to agree,threading=b#tch.Subscribed.

I was looking at my olight i6 and a head off of the Woot mag clones ......Same thing but a bit smoother transition whereas the mag has a fatty head the woot head is a nicer look . I almost took pics of it but realized it would have only been a fake and I wasn;t going to have an adapter made .

Looks pretty cool though

Bravo, Cx, Bravo.

Great minds think alike ChicagoX. Very well implemented!My version looks like this: :stuck_out_tongue: