Pocket suspension clips - Anyone found cheap ones?

Hi guys, I’m looking for cheap pocket suspension clips like these:


However, the prices I’ve found so far are prohibitively high - $15 with shipping for just one clip?

I’m a bit surprised the Chinese retailers haven’t got something like this - has anyone found something similar for a much lower price? I’ve been looking for a few days now and still haven’t found anything - maybe the Chinese retailers use different terminology?

Thanks in advance!

That's a great little product! I could use a few of them but not at that price. Sure hope someone chimes in with another option.

Make your own. :slight_smile:

I’ve actually been thinking for while to make a thread about the same thing. So here it is.
I hate pocket clips, most of them don’t let the flashlight carry deep enough and if they do they still don’t work as good as a suspension clip (great word) does. So I found a piece of aluminium that I cut, bended and gave it a gritty finish. Bored a hole for the split ring, attached my 4Sevens Mini AA High CRI and have been satisfied with this solution for the last 9 months. Much better than my previous AAA key chainlight since that made my keychain to bulky, this on the other hand is a perfect solution.

But if you don’t want to make you’re own or don’t have the material the Niteize Eclipse might be for you. A bit bulkier but it should work quite good. Cheap to, Manafont wants $7 for it.

Hmmm, what power tools would be required to make a few of these from a sheet of aluminum? A power drill is obvious, but what kind of a saw would be suited to cutting strips like this? And maybe a sander of some kind for smoothing the edges?

All I used was a shear, Snips - Wikipedia , to cut the strip. A Dremel like multi tool to even out the edges and make the grit finish. And lastly a power drill to make the hole for the split ring.

One thing to note though. Aluminium is not the best material on this case since it’s so soft and don’t “remember” it’s position when you bend it. A bit now and then I have to “pinch” the bend of the clip to make it tighter so that the clip cling on tighter to my pocket. Not a big problem considering the aluminium was free but would I have bought the material I would have chosen something other than aluminium.

Very interesting point… I think harder, stiffer materials might be much more difficult to work with though…

I guess if I can’t find anything cheaper, I’ll order a set of files (for smoothing down the edges), some snips and a big sheet of metal :slight_smile:

Remember seeing this D.I.Y clip over at the EDC forum

A clip for this

An old spoon, I drilled. The spoons are good for the clips because they already have a form, many are made of stainless.

*cut to size and bent, I added two small o-ring for not to do “dancing” the clip; here is the result*

I like suspension clips too. I usually either make my own or steal it from something else. Two possible sources are pocket watch chains and those retractable ID badge things. Any piece of springy steely works well as long as you can drill a hole in it if needed. Customizing them makes it nice to make them to a size that matches the gear.

Here is a great solution and I think it's exactly what you are looking for. I remembered I had these in one of my bags last night and decided to make a suspension clip from it. Here are pics on my Thrunite T10. It's a "Small belt/holster clip" I purchased from my local Tandy Leather Factory. SKU# is 1238-24 and it only cost $3.49 for a package of two. You can see it on their website here.

EDIT: For you International BLF'ers, you can also get it on ebay here for $4.29 shipped.

The hole in the clip is too far form the edge for my tiny split washers to work and my larger ones would stick out too far. I attached it using my "Mac-lanyard" knotless method and a short piece of paracord. I really like it and it makes it ridiculously easy to grab the flashlight from my front pocket when I need it without having to dig for it from the bottom of the pocket among loose change, a small Zippo pocket knife, lighter, and a USB thumb drive. I no longer feel guilty when I pull it out since it is no longer trapped among all that lose metal getting tiny scratches and nicks in the ano.

Thank you SO much for the great idea, bemymonkey!!

Beautiful solution! Two thumbs up.

Very nice solution. Such clips can also be found at Kydex resellers (web shops for knife making materials for example). For my Scandinavian friends I suggest checking Brisa.fi who sell black clips for €2.90

Yeah, the TEC clips are a bit pricey. And they can be forgotten and lost, like when I put one of mine on a rental car key ring and forgot to take it off. But I haven’t found anything better. And considering what people pay for flashlights, the price isn’t all that bad. Get two for $19 on ebay (or two carbon black ones for $24).

heh….luv it when a 7 yr old thread is revived.

now back on topic… clip it… :slight_smile: