REALISTA: my reviews list


:arrow_right: NEXTORCH

- NEXTORCH GL10 (nichia led , built-in battery 180 mAh) —-> LINK

- NEXTORCH K3 (XP-G2 R5 , 2xAAA) and K20 (XP-G2 R5 , 1xAA) —-> LINK

- NEXTORCH UL360 (XP-G2 R5 , 1xAA) and GLO-TOOB AAA —-> LINK

:arrow_right: Lumintop

- Lumintop TOOL AAA (XP-G2 , 1xAAA/10440) —-> LINK

:arrow_right: Uniquefire

- Uniquefire UF-1405 (XM-L2 , 2x26650/2x18650) —-> LINK

:arrow_right: Sunwayman

- Sunwayman C22C (main XM-L2 + side XP-G2, 1x18650) —-> LINK

:arrow_right: SingFire

- SingFire SF-346 (XP-E R3 , 1xAAA) —-> LINK

- SingFire SF-348 (Nichia NVSW219BT - V1 , 1xAAA/10440) —-> LINK

:arrow_right: Nitecore

- Nitecore MH27 (XP-L Hi V3 , 1x18650) —-> LINK

- Nitecore TUBE T-series (45 lumens, integrated lithium 100mah) + my LASERs —-> LINK

- Nitecore MT40GT (XP-L Hi V3 , 2x18650) —-> LINK

- Nitecore EC11 (XM-L2 , 1x18350) —-> LINK

:arrow_right: Olight

- Olight i3s (XP-G2 , 1xAAA) —-> LINK

:arrow_right: Odepro

- Odepro B58U 2nd Gen. (XM-L2 U4 , 1x18650) —-> LINK

:arrow_right: Imalent

- Imalent DDT40-2016v. (4x XM-L2 U4 + side leds 2x XP-L , 4x18650) —-> LINK

:arrow_right: Nitenumen

- Nitenumen NE01 (XM-L2 , 1x18650) —-> LINK

:arrow_right: Others…

- Courui D01 (XM-L2 , 3x18650) —-> LINK

- Headlight 4 in 1 “led stripe” microUsb IN and usb OUT (6x 5630 smd, 1x18650) —-> LINK

- ”police” branded aspherical lense flashlight (XP-E Q5, 1x18650) —-> LINK

- UltraFire F-13 (XM-L U2 , 1x18650/26650) —-> LINK

- UltraFire ”alarm SIREN” flashlight (XM-L T6 , 1x18650) —-> LINK

- unbranded “handheld searchlight” flashlight (XP-G R5 , 2x18650) —-> LINK


- NexTool Glacial Pegasus EDC tool —-> LINK

- NexTool TaoTool smart BOX OPENER —-> LINK

Thank you, great to see more consolidating of data and reviews!

i do my best to be more precise possibile :slight_smile:

Interesting list of reviews, I like that you didn’t just review what everyone else did, it’s cool to see a few oddballs. Nice to have a consolidated list, I think BLF should follow suit and have a list of all reviews that we can sort by reviewer, brand, etc. I’m assuming this wouldn’t fall on SB’s shoulders, but I can’t contribute with code. I could contribute maybe a little $ to whomever could put it together…

Thanks you for these review, i have read all of them and i especially love the review of the UltraFire F-13 and my camping car.

Nice share