Red S2+ flashlight ,for girls,for your lover

red S2+

Steel switch so ?


Nice! Will it become available as a host?

Im also curious about the switch.

and will you sell the switch ?

That red anodizing looks really sweet, but I can’t see how I could give any 18650 light as a gift…
Because people who don’t know about flashlight don’t even know the existence of 18650 batteries…

So I was thinking, maybe you could find some good AA hosts/flashlights and brand them under Convoy name (if the quality standard meets the other models, of course)

I would really like to gift good quality AA flashlights, with the smooth finish and simple design of, say, a S2 :slight_smile:

Heavy-duty tail end for your lover. :evil:

Cute looking torch, though.
Maybe I too girly-man?

A multi AA soup can style Convoy flashlight would be very cool. There is a serious lack of a budget option and Simon seems more than capable to do it.

Sweet! Simon :beer:

wow that is NICE. TAKE MY MONEY!

if only my girlfriend would like 18650 size flashlight…


I also would like to see some more 4AA lights out there.. and knowing the quality of Convoy, they could definitely be a good budget alternative to SWM,Nitecorn,Jetbeam, etc.

You…you said Nitecorn :bigsmile:

My wife likes it big and strong. :bigsmile: So, she was disappointed when I gave away my Courui D01. :open_mouth: But, she was appeased when I gave her a BLF Edition X6 from the group buy. :wink: I guess I wasted my money when I bought her a pretty purple Olight i3s before. She says it’s not bright enough. :frowning: Maybe if I bought her one of these red S2+, I could get my BLF X6 back. 0:) Think it’ll work?

Down-hill, I meant down-hill. Damn.
Nice torch though.
My better half will still say, “What, a F*ing torch for Christmas - there’s not enough in the house already, you nut bag!

Thanks for this, i was waiting for an S2+ to perk my interest and her it is.

I’m tempted to order one of these just so I can salvage the steel switch and put it in my modded S2+ mini.

Is the new switch waterproof? Is there a rubber boot of some kind underneath that steel switch cap?

I think I have something to do with this project :slight_smile: bud no testing sample for me :frowning:

Great idea! Will this be available in blue? :bigsmile: