Reflector revised: ReyLight Pineapple Brass 14500/AA Flashlight, Nichia 219C 4000K

At first, I thought the not good beam is due to the brass reflection. Then the same thing happened on the Ti proto.
Realized something and I asked the factory to dispose the old reflectors, and make some new ones. Below is a picture, it looks perfect now, no ringy at all,and a little bit more throw.

I will provide some,if you’d like to replace the old one. no charge and free shipping. You might send me 1.5$ extra for a tracking number.

Price: $39.99 @banggood
Coupon Code: f48441

219CT LED and driver available here.

Click here to go to flickr album.

Material: Good quality brass
Emitter: Nichia 219C 4000K
Mode: Moon,Low,Mid,High (Start at moon with no memory)
Switch: Tail clicky
1*AA/14500 battery
OP Reflector

0.2LM,5LM,30LM,110LM (AA)
0.3LM,12LM,120LM,390LM (14500)
30days,50h,4.5h,1h (AA)
20days,15h,2h,40min (14500)

Thanks for the nice reviews by DB Custom and Gunga.
The proto clip was made by hand,it is not thick and strong enough, already made a molding, fixed now.

We might give up on the other Damascus design, and go for Titanium. Any suggestion will be appreciated.
Album here.

Wow $500 on BLF? Will be great looking… but…

Interested depending on final outcome.

$500 is not insanely expensive for a Damascus light, but since you’re willing to work with such an expensive material you better hire a very experienced maker to get absolutely perfect fit on all parts, a little mistake can cost a lot… I guess this will be on the same league as McGizmo and Jeff Hanko lights?

Yes, I’m working with a talented designer and a good factory that can provide all the accessories.
and we will make a proto in alu, after everything is fixed, then we begin to machine Dama.

League? what is this? I never contacted anyone you just mentioned.

McGizmo [link] and Jeff Hanko [link] are custom builders with established reputations… but I guess not well known in your neighborhood. :wink:

Subscribing as a possible christmas present to myself or something. Something like this would really demand a high quality high CRI led and no PWM.

Okluma damascus light which will be available soon through lottery is about $1.2k, so $500 for AA damascus light is kinda expected, although the pricing is out of my league

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League here means more like a price range. Out of our league, would mean out of our price range, as in poor folk don't buy too many $500 dollar lights. Usually Candlepowerforums is the place to go for high priced custom lights, where the buyers feel spending more means they are more elite.

For many of us, your price would be 2 to 3 times more than we could afford.

Budget light forum was founded on the idea of buying inexpensive lights that worked. It has changed over the years, but $500 dollar lights had better cook my supper and want me to spank 'em too.

Thanks for the explanation. Price and quality range. I thought it was League of Assissin. LMAO.

Just saying, Tain is selling his Damascus AAA lights for $385/pc over at CPF but he has a proven track record with his products sold at the other side and some of the lights owners are repeat customers.

For $500/pc for Damascus AA light, you better make it special and hopefully the build quality and finished are much better than your triple Ti, which is very excellent value for custom lights, but not in the same league as Sinner, McGizmo, Jeff Hanko, etc.

Almost like dating someone from the other side of the tracks and are forced to hear: “It’s too bad you can’t afford her brand of cheese.” :cowboy_hat_face:

$500 for a light! :confounded:

Even if I won the lottery I wouldn’t.

Damascus is nice and all…
$500! wow, just, WOW
most expensive light that I held in my hands was ~$180 it was for a friend, he paid ofcourse…

Well, the DAMASTEEL shown here is made from a powder. I was wondering how they got the pattern to look so uniform. So, I looked up their web page. If I were going to pay a lot for Damascus steel, I’d want it to be hand forged from real metal, so that the piece would be unique. A uniform pattern means everybody’s light could end up looking exactly alike. What’s the fun in that? Maybe someone can contact Matt Walker and get some Damascus steel from him?

Possibly interested pending final price/specs and other details


Excuse my Italian accent but ……

“Eh….whatta DAMMA STEAL !!”

Okluma sells its copper light for x 7 price of Olight S1Cu, for x 3,5 price of Manker Timeback Cu or for x 6 price of Oligh S2 Cu; so, I don’t see it like a good reference; $ 500 is more than twice that I would be willing to pay

Nice stuff but I’ve long since learned not to pine for what I cannot afford. Or as Spock put it “having a thing is not so pleasing a thing as wanting”.

I would rather have it in AAA for a lower price