“REVIEW”: ACEBEAM H20 Headlight + Beamshots [PIC HEAVY]


This my review of the Headlight Acebeam H20.
The headlight was won in a giveaway (https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/72796/19) from CRX, in the sequence of the “5th Annual BLF / Old Lumens Scratch Made Light Contest”.

Thanks CRX, once again, for this opportunity and thank you the for sending the flashlight :wink:

I also received a Stainless Steel AAA flashlight (BLF 348 style) that is will reviewed here.

Post #1: Acebeam H20 review
Post #2: Beamshots

BTW, this is my first headlight review, and it is also the first headlight I own! And…I’m really happy with it :blush:

So far I couldn’t find any previous review of this headlamp on BLF.


Body colour: Black
Material: Aircraft grade aluminium, with type III hard anodized anti abrasive finish
Emitter: XPL-HI U6-4C (?) / 4000K / Neutral to Warm White tint (50.000 hours lifetime)
Lens: AR Coated; ultra-tempered glass lens
Reflector: Orange Peel
Beam intensity: 1600cd
Max beam distance: 80 meters
Max Output: 1000lumens
Max runtime: 1200hours
Waterproofness: IPX67 (
Impact resistance: 1.2 meters
Working voltage: 2.7V – 9V
Batteries: 1x 18650 or 2xCR123 (top towards the head; protected or unprotected)


From OFF: press and hold 0.5 seconds to turn ON
When ON:

  1. single click to advance modes (Firefly > Low > Medium > High > Turbo > Firefly…)
  2. press and hold 0.2 seconds to turn OFF, in any mode

The headlight has memory so it will turn ON in the last used mode.
Firefly: _0.3 lumens >>>> 1200 Hours
Low: __30 lumens >>>> 70 Hours
Medium: __200 lumens >>>> 6 Hours
High: __500 lumens >>>> 2.5 Hours
Turbo: _1000 lumens >>>> 1.2 hours

*Power OFF: 22uA
*Intelligent temperature controlled light output


Inside the thick and nice cardboard box I found: the Acebeam H20, 1 removable pocket clip, 2 o-rings, 1 User Manual, 1 Headstrap, Acebeam Warranty + 1 AAA flashlight :smiley: (Well, and silica gel bag :stuck_out_tongue: )



Pocket clip
It can be placed near the head or near the tailcap of the flashlight! I didn’t put it in as I will probably use the headlight as….headlight, and the pocket clip cannot be used with the headstrap.

Adjustable headstrap. The middle band will help to hold the flashlight as it is a bit heavy .

User Manual
Well written, and with enough information about the flashlight use and maintenance!



Very well machined all over it! It has nice knurling on the battery tube and tailcap, and deep fins in the head to help heat dissipation.
It feels good to the touch, despite this is not a matte finish or soft anodization. It fits well in medium sized hands, and is comfortable to hold.

The “press and hold” to switch ON or OFF may be harder when the Acebeam H20 is on the headstrap. However, if the headstrap is well adjusted, there will be no problem to turn it ON or OFF with one hand.

The head as deep fins to dissipate heat and help cooling. The switch to turn ON/ OFF and change modes is on the top of the head.

It has AR Coated lens and a not very deep Orange Peel reflector, that allows the hotspot to be very large comparing to other.

The LED can be perfectly seen, involve in a white gasket.

The head is (was!!) glued to the battery tube!

Well lubricated threads. The upper threads, more than grease, have glue. There are sealing o-rings in both top and bottom of the battery tube.
The head and tube are glued and there is a reference in the user manual that says:
Please do not disassemble the sealed head, doing so may damage the flashlight an no warranty
Well, I guess my warranty is no longer ensured then :stuck_out_tongue:

Magnetic tailcap. Composed by 1 spring soldered in 3 places to a PCB.



I took some indoor photos to check the beam profile of this Acebeam H20 and its tint that I do like a lot.
Convoy S2+ (XML2 U6-4C / OP reflector) >>> Convoy S2+ (XPL-HI U6-4C / OP reflector) >>> Convoy S2+ (XPL-HI U6-3A / SMO reflector) >>> Acebeam H20 (XPL-HI U6-4C (?) / OP reflector)

Lumintop Tool AA (Luxeon V / Pebbled TIR ) >>> Acebeam H20 (XPL-HI U6-4C (?) / OP reflector)

Convoy S2+ (XPL-HI U6-3A / SMO reflector) >>> Acebeam H20 (XPL-HI U6-4C (?) / OP reflector)

Convoy S2+ (XPL-HI U6-4C / OP reflector) >>> Acebeam H20 (XPL-HI U6-4C (?) / OP reflector)

Convoy S2+ (XML2 U6-4C / OP reflector) >>> Acebeam H20 (XPL-HI U6-4C (?) / OP reflector)



- I would like the headlight didn’t have memory, always starting in Firefly mode;

  • Also, it would be nice to have a shortcut to Turbo (like a double click).

- I like that there are no strobe or other blinky modes :smiley:

  • This is a very well made flashlight, solid, robust and above all with a splendid tint!!!

I am liking this headlight and soon will be using it as so, mainly for inside works.
Outside, it has a wonderful tint as well, but the large hotspot does not allow it to throw very far. I
n a slightly lighted environment, I would say that it is nice to see something with good definition at 35/40 meters max.
From them on, the beam loses strength and it becomes harder to check things with definition.

Thanks again CRX and the for this :slight_smile:


Some indoor and outdoor beamshots trying to show how this headlamp performs :wink:

The magnetic tailcap is surely pretty useful :smiley:

There is no visible PWM to the human eye. Even on camera it is hard to be detected, but some traces can be seen, though. However, it must be so good that it can be seen at all!





Great Review MascaratumB looks like a decent headlamp, sooner or later i have to replace my Old 10year+ Surefire 7 led 3AAA headlamp. LOL I thought it was so great when I bought it.

Thanks gi.lumens :wink:
Indeed, this is a sweet headlight! I guess the tint is one of the best things in it, but the construction itself is very solid.
If you want a “not-long-range” headlight, you’d be happy with this one :wink:
Ahah, the Surefire was probably good, when you bought it! Now there is a lot of offer with great quality and awesome specs! And that last longer than the 3 AAA :wink:


:smiley: :partying_face: :smiley: