[review] Anekim UC20 (green) hunting light with remote switch

A new entry into tactical/hunting lights is Anekim’s UC20 (I like to call it The Skywalker), which as of this writing comes in green or white beams. It is designed as a 1-mode (ie, simple on/off) light, either carried or weapon-mounted, with optional remote switch. In fact, it comes as a complete kit, with 18650 cell, a small external charger and USB cable, and gun-mount.

The box is plain but sturdy, and has a foam insert with cutouts for the various pieces. Everything is nice and secure, and you could probably stand on the box and not damage anything within. :))

secure box

[click each picture for fullsize view]

Obviously, the main item of interest is the light itself. It’s beefy and solid, lots of cooling fins at the oversized head to keep the emitter comfortably cool. Anodisation is flawless, a nice semigloss black with no voids or chips or dings anywhere. The front glass and reflector are flawless and clean, no dirt or dust anywhere inside, and have that “magnifying glass” look like any of my Nitecores. As a result, the result is a nice tight beam with small hotspot for maximum throw. And I have to mention the Super Bezel, which is a nice splash of royal blue similar to my Wurkkos lights.

UC20, profile view

Back to the reflector, it’s a nice deep design similar to my HS-802s, so it “pushes” the spill a bit forward and catches more light to throw forward. Just looking at the head from the side, you can see how deep the grooves are cut and trace the approximate outline of the reflector. Lots of cooling!

reflector view

The control is via tailswitch only, a simple on/off for a 1-mode light. Zero chance of accidentally switching modes to dim or strobe or anything else. However, the switch is a reverse-clicky, meaning there’s no momentary-on function as with a forward-clicky, meaning that you need to fully click the switch to turn it on at all. If you’re trying to sneak up on something, momentary-on, completely silent, would be a better choice. (That may be coming, in fact.)

The tailswitch boot is a bright green, I’m assuming to match the green of the emitter. Nice touch! :beer:

tailswitch view

Speaking of the emitter, it’s a Osram CSLNM1.F1 green LED, with 1sqmm die, and phosphor-converted green (a blue emitter with green-emitting phosphor layer on top). A small emitter in a large reflector means lots of throw.

The attached lanyard seems sturdier than most, at least the string part is thicker, that loops through the holes on the tailswitch.

The optional tailcap with remote switch has two switches inside the rubber switch assembly, a clicky switch similar to the one in the main tailswitch, and a separate momentary-only switch. The clicky switch is in the thicker section, and the momentary switch is in the thinner section. The coiled-cord stretches (within reason) to reach wherever you want to mount the switch.

contents, light and accessories

The included cell is the only disappointment. It’s supposed to be 3000mAH, but I consistently only got around 2300mAH (2283, 2332, and 2374 in 3 separate runs on an Opus ’3100). It works fine in the light, but supplier issues probably got the wrong cell. For my tests, I used a topped-off 30Q from my EDC light.

The included weapon-mount seems sturdy, clamping onto the light via 4 screws (allen-wrench included) and onto the weapon via its rail. A little more lube on the screws would reduce the squeaking encountered when tightening them. :slight_smile:

It’s also important to note that the threads on the battery-tube are not anodised, so there’s no locking out the light, but in exchange it means much more contact area under pressure for good solid electrical contact. All the threads make contact, vs only the edge of the battery tube. I’m not sure if anyone would want to actually lock out a tactical light, kind of defeating the purpose if you try to click it on and nothing happens. :))

The UI (user interface) couldn’t be simpler: click on, click off. No crazy modes, not for a tactical light. Woohoo!

All that our of the way, it throws hella nice! Was hindered by rain before, but now with clearer nights I was able to go out late late late night and just shine it at trees in the distance, hopefully not waking up any neighbors with an eerie green light, and I was impressed by how nicely it throws. A nice tight bright hotspot does the job very well.

Being that it’s PCG (phosphor-converted green) and not monochromatic green, it’s more like using a white-light but with a green filter, as you can still make out other colors like red and blue, albeit faintly. It’s not a stark green-and-black.

So that’s it in a nutshell. The UC20 is a solid performer, solidly built, simplicity itself as far as its UI, versatile with the regular tailswitch or remote switch, rail-mountable, basically a no-frills high-performer. What’s not to love?

I’m hoping to get the white-light version of this, as only the green version is on Amazon.

LB posting reviews at the break of dawn! i like it, looks like a nice lil light. I really like single mode on/off. A true tactical UI, the kit looks nice (minus the incorrect mah battery being included). thanks LB.

Did i miss the price? or where to buy?

Ah, right on Amazon…


So you can have it in mere days and not weeks. :laughing:

Very nice. If only they had the white version.