[Review] Mankerlight Striker Titanium SFT40 - By Argo

1) Disclaimer
2) Introduction
3) Packaging
4) Materials, assembly, processing, finishes, anodizing
5) Specifications

6) Specifications
7) User interface
8) LEDs, light output
9) User experience and beamshots
10) Conclusions
11) Aspects positive
12) Negative aspects
13) Neutral aspects
14) Final grade
15) Bonus

1) Disclaimer

If my English is good, you can congratulate me. If my english is bad, you can blame google translate ;)

More and more often I find myself using flashlights during my excursions or in daily life, therefore I define myself as a user who has also become passionate over time.
In addition to indicating objective data and measurements, I will always try to be very clear in highlighting strengths and weaknesses, in explaining the impressions during use and what I would like to see or obtain.
All photos, info, measurements, unless otherwise indicated, are my own work. The measurements are carried out with amateur tools and methodologies, so when you read the data always consider a fair margin of error.
I do all this because I enjoy it, mine is a hobby and a pleasure, in life I do anything else, so I apologize in advance to the professionals of the sector, to the enthusiasts and to the simple users for the mistakes that surely are and will be present in mine pages.
If you notice errors, typos or have other reports to make, please let us know, I will be happy to update my pages with your reports.

2) Introduction

The Mankerlight Strike Titanium was sent to me by Flashlightgo for review.

The Striker Titanium is a compact titanium alloy thrower with a reversible strike designed for law enforcement, hunting and tactical applications.
It is the flagship model of the Striker line which is available in different materials: aluminum (in different colours), copper and titanium.

3) Packaging:

The flashlight comes in an opaque plastic case, with the manufacturer's brand printed in low relief and a glossy finish. Outside we find a cardboard band with the typical graphics of the brand. The package is very compact and solid, moving it you don't feel any movement of the contents inside and this gives a feeling of solidity and robustness.

Inside we find synthetic material specially shaped to house the content:

-18650 battery
- instruction manual (English, German, French, Russian, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian and Polish)
- tactical ring
- USB charging cable with built-in hub

4) Materials, assembly, processing, finishes, anodizing:

The flashlight has small dimensions and a dog bone shape.
It is made of TC4 titanium alloy, with a light but very successful satin finish.
The various portions are harmonious and well balanced and the final result is truly appreciable.
The icing on the cake is the reversible strike bezel, not only comfortable and functional to use, but also with a particularly successful design.
Without a doubt it is the most eye catching flashlight I have ever used.
The tolerances and the assembly are excellent, the lettering is precise, it has no burrs, the threads have no burrs or machining teeth and they flow perfectly. The workmanship of the details are good but not impeccable, you will see some macro photos later that will make you understand what I'm talking about.


The strike bezel, also in titanium alloy, is perfect because it develops a harmonious and functional design starting from the function.
Outside the finish is satin and the edges are machined, while inside the finish is slightly different and there is no machining of the sharp edges.
The bezel can be used in tactical mode for self-defense, combat or as a glass breaker, or in "flat" mode to obtain a less aggressive flashlight, simply by changing the direction of the insert.


tempered mineral glass with AR treatment and 99% transmittance.


Made of aluminum with a SMO mirror finish.


It has a cylindrical-conical shape with a diameter that gradually decreases from top to bottom.
Above you can see the lens retention ring (probably press-fit), the bezel thread and the cooling fins with a characteristic round profile.
Going down, in the lower part with a reduced diameter, there are smaller and lower cooling fins, always with a round final machining that alternate with parts in which the machining is flat and the edges are sharp. The sections with sharp edges ensure incredible grip, even with a wet flashlight, however the tactile feedback didn't excite me, because the profile is almost "sharp".
In the lower face you can see the driver and the gold plated contact spring.


it has a reduced diameter in the central part, where the lettering is also located, which is precise, symmetrical and free from smudging.
In the portions at the ends the diameter is slightly larger and there are threads to screw the body on the head and tail.
The threads have the same thickness and pitch, therefore it is possible to invert the pipe without problems.
At one end there are slots for the clip and the tactical ring.


In lightened steel, painted in glossy black.
Despite having a minimum of freedom in rotational movements, she is locked in place by the tactical ring.
Possibility of using it in both directions by reversing the orientation of the central body.

Tactial ring:

It features 4 petals, the finish is satin and the edges are expertly worked.
The tolerances are excellent: the ring fits with millimeter precision on the central body.
On two petals there is a passage hole for the lanyard.
Its shape prevents the torch from rolling on inclined surfaces.


Cylindrical, with different types of workmanship and finishes.
In the final portion there is the very pronounced mechanical tactical switch.
The tactile and audible feedback it provides is always very good. The switch is covered by a silicone cap that bears the brand logo.
Below the switch, there is a longitudinal machining that forms a sort of crown, well made and free from defects which greatly improves the grip and with well made and flawless finishes. Inside this crown it is possible to observe recesses, like small cells, probably intended to house small tritium vials.
The portion closest to the body has a knurling that considerably increases the clip, but in my unit, the finish of this portion did not impress me: looking in detail, it can be seen that the workmanship is not always precise. There are small aesthetic details, barely visible to the naked eye, but which I point out, as I always have.
On the inner face, there is a gold-plated contact spring.


Well made, there are no burrs or manufacturing defects, the segments screw on very smoothly and easily.
There is a uniform layer of fat.


Classic configuration with two O-Rings: one near the head and one near the tail.


The battery supplied with the Mankerlight Strike Titanium is a 2600 mAh 18650, protected by the Manker brand.

The capacity test shows a deviation of about 3.92% from the declared.

Present USB-C charging port, status LED and powerbank function.

USB-C cable with HUB:


5) Specifications:

• LEDs: Luminus SFT40 5700K 70 CRI
• UI: proprietary
• Material: TC4 titanium alloy
• Low voltage warning: yes
• Reverse polarity protection: yes
• Lens type: tempered mineral glass with anti-reflection treatment
• Reflector: smooth
• Switch Location: Tail
• Memory: no
• Tail stand: no
• Luminous flux: 2300LM (declared)
• Throw: 500m (declared)
• Battery: Mankerlight 18650 protected with USB charging port
• Head diameter: 39mm
• Length: 123.5mm (bezel reversed) 135mm (bezel in tactical position)
• Weight of flashlight without battery and bezel: 118g
• Bezel strike weight: 13g
• Battery weight: 54g
• Waterproof: IPX8

The declared data on the packaging are as follows:
-High 2300.00lm-->2h20min; 62500cd; 500M
-Low 53.00lm-->33h; 1600cd; 80M
-Strobe 2300.00lm

6) User Interface:

There is an essential proprietary UI that has 3 levels:

1) High mode
2) low mode
3) Strobe mode

Flashlight off:
-1 click: turns on high
-half click and hold: momentary on high
-two half clicks and hold: momentary on low
-two fast half clicks and hold: momentary on strobe

Flashlight on:
-1 click: turns off
-2 quick clicks: you change modes
- when in momentary, complete the click to turn on the flashlight in that mode.

8) Led, light output

The light emitting diode is a Luminus SFT40 6500K

Measured data:

Below measured DUV and Flicker:



This pocket thrower starts strong, with a very high light output, but the drop in performance comes immediately and in a few minutes we are around 30% of the peak output.
The duration is in line with what was declared.

Light beam
The light beam is typical of a pocket thrower and is well structured: the spot is concentrated and very bright, while the spill is narrow and bright.
The transition from spot to spill is characterized by a luminous crown.
No tint shift is noticeable.
In high the color temperature is slightly cooler and without visible color casts.
In low a greenish dominant is barely visible.
On the outside, outside the spill, you can see a pink ring, probably given by the metal ring closing the lens.
It is an artifact that does not bother, because well outside the spill, of very weak intensity and already illuminating a few meters away it is not visible.

9) Experience of use and beamshots:

At first glance, the torch immediately complied: small, compact and with a fair weight that gives an extraordinary feeling of solidity.
Beautiful reflections when it is hit by the sun's rays, which are just softened by the satin finish.
It doesn't take long to understand that you are dealing with a premium product.

The strike bezel gives this striker a martial air and does not compromise usability and portability, having a moderate size and the possibility of being rotated upside down. Really well done.

The rear portion sees a generous tactical key, imprinted with the brand logo, which releases good tactile and audible feedback during use.

The flashlight grips well, in all positions and the switch is always easily operated; even with gloves, usability is always great.
The tactical ring has a beautiful design and integrates perfectly with the rest of the flashlight, but personally I would have preferred it with slightly larger shoulders, just a couple of mm, to help grip.

Field immersion test, in a small stream:
The torch was left in the water for about twenty minutes, moving it to various depths and activating the switch from time to time.
No lens fogging and no water seepage inside.
Exam passed with full marks.

The Striker Titanium is a product for those looking for a shooting torch to always have in their pocket to illuminate private estates and areas at a certain distance or as a kit for law enforcement or security forces.
The reversible strike bezel is certainly a strong point, it can be used as a glass breaker or in tactical situations or it can be turned upside down for more gentle uses.
Titanium moves the level of resistance of this torch to a higher step: excellent performance against chemical agents, corrosion, thermal stress and with mechanical capacities superior to steel, but with a significantly lower weight. However there are also negative aspects: the price is higher than aluminum and steel, as well as the thermal conductivity is lower than copper and aluminum.

Some shots at night:

Auto WB
26mm f1.6


Auto WB
26mm f1.6


The path is illuminated in depth in high mode, while in low the light beam is just enough to illuminate a few meters. The flashlight is not designed for hikers and trails: the beam is too concentrated, the spill is not very wide and bright and it lacks an intermediate power level. If you are looking for an all-round EDC, better focus on something else, because this is a small tactical shooting torch.
When used in high mode, the flashlight heats up immediately, but it is above all the head that generates heat, with the cooling fins doing an excellent job, while the central body and the tail always remain warm and there are no problems holding it without gloves.

Auto WB
26mm f1.6


WB auto
iso 1000
26mm f1.6


Although it is very compact and has a head diameter of only 39mm, it manages to illuminate the target without problems at 340 meters and it is a really good result.

Auto WB
26mm f1.6


Auto WB
26mm f1.6


The target at 460 meters is reached but with difficulty, we are at the limit of the range of this torch, in line with what the manufacturer declared.
This little thrower shoots, does its duty and the declared targets are respected, pity only for the decrease in power that occurs in a few seconds and which limits the use of the shot, but it is an aspect that you consider dimensions, materials and type of LED it was easily predictable.

10) Conclusions

I really liked the Mankerlight Strike Titanium a lot: it is an exclusive product made of precious material, with a successful design that perfectly combines functionality and aesthetics.
It is a small shooting torch that, despite its size, pushes deep without problems. The data collected are in line with those declared, with the exception of the peak lumens which are instead quite far from the 2300lm in the data sheet.

During use I was pleasantly satisfied, the feedback it releases is always very good on every occasion, as long as you don't ask for what it wasn't designed for.
Although it gives its maximum for only a few minutes, it maintains a constant output of about 30% for over 100 minutes and importantly, the torch is always easy to handle and hold, because the body and tail never get hot, to the benefit of the user. usability.

The Mankerlight Strike Titanium is offered by Flashlightgo at a price of $139, a price in line with the type of material used for its construction.
There is also another exclusive version: in copper, or, if you want to spend less, you can buy the same torch in the classic aluminum in different colours.

11) Positive aspects:
1) Construction quality and use of titanium
2) Shot
3) Reversible bezel striker and design
4) HUB charging cable
5) Body and tail remain warm even after prolonged use at the highest power level and the torch is always easy to handle, even without gloves.

12) Negative aspects:
1) An intermediate level is missing
2) Peak lumen far from the declared
3) Meager equipment: a spare tactical key, an extra o-ring, a better lanyard and a case would have been appreciated.

13) Neutral aspects:
1) Manual not in all languages
2) On my copy, the finish of the tail has imperfections, barely visible to the naked eye

14) Final grade:


15) Bonus:

10% discount on all Mankerlight flashlights on the Flashlightgo(link is external) shop, by applying the discount code:

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to the checkout page.

Thanks for reading the review.

if anyone is interested in having a discount code for this flashlight, write it below, thanks.

Afraid this light is out of my league even with a discount.
Ever since I got retired AAA titanium lights is the best I can afford.

And even then, I think Dutch LEO´s won´t be happy with the strike bezel.
Can it be removed (replaced) or is it much needed to hold the front lens in.

Gorgeous light. Pictures are awesome.

@Henk4U2 Yes you can remove the bezel and use the flashlight without it.

@zoulas Thank you!


10% discount on all Mankerlight flashlights on the Flashlightgo shop, by applying the discount code:

Striker Titanium

to the checkout page


Thank you for your nice review

You are welcome.