"REVIEW": Olight Warrior Mini

This is my review of the Olight Warrior Mini, black version!

I bought this flashlight from Neal, at www.nealsgadgets.com.
Product page (non-affiliate): Nealsgadgets Flashlights

This is my video “review” and first impressions about this light!

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Body Colour: Black
Material: Aluminium
Emitter: SST-40 (Cool White)
Lens: TIR optic
Battery: 1 x 18650 (proprietary)
Switch: Side electronic switch + Tail electronic switch
Charging: USB-A to Magnetic
Reverse Polarity Protection: Yes
Low Voltage Warning: Yes
Max runtime: 45 days
Max beam distance: 190m
Max output: 1500 lumens
Candela: 9025 candela
Waterproofness: IPX8
Impact resistance: 1.5m

Package, Flashlight, Accessories

The Olight Warrior Mini can be found in black, desert tan or camo versions.
I wanted a black one, reached out to Neal from www.nealsgadgets.com and asked him about it. Despite not having one initially, he managed to get one and immediately sent it to me! Thanks Neal for managing to get a black version :wink:

The “OWM” arrived in regular Olight box. It has some specifications and information about the product outside.
Inside I found: the Olight Warrior Mini, a proprietary 18650 3500mAh 3.6V 12.6Wh ORB-186C35 HDC 10A battery, a lanyard, the User Manual, and the MCC3 USB A to Magnetic charging cable.

The battery was already inside the flashlight, protected by a plastic sheet, to avoid discharging or activation during shipping.

I wanted this flashlight for having some specific things:

- being a relatively compact 18650 flashlight

- having direct access to momentary turbo and momentary strobe

  • having the possibility to still use other levels/ modes while not losing the usability mentioned in the point above

This is what drove me to buy this flashlight! I won an Olight M2R Warrior some time ago and love that light from moment one, but its’ size is quite large to carry in the pockets on a night walk, in urban environment.

I also have a Brinyte PT18pro Oathkeeper, which also has the features above (except compactness), and even if it is a tremendous flashlight, it is even bigger than the M2R Warrior.

The smallest light I have that has the momentary turbo and strobe is an Klarus XT1C, but in this one I cannot use other modes without going through turbo first.


So, when the Olight Warrior Mini was launched I said “This is it, this is the one I’ve been waiting for!” . And, like in any “love”, you know you’ve been waiting for it, but it is not perfect.

Which are the “imperfections”? I’ll state them right way:

- Cool White LED, which is typical from Olight (sadly…)

- No physical lockout, as it is not possible to slightly unscrew the battery tube and stop the side switch from working

- Proprietary battery, as you cannot use a regular 18650 due to the need of having both + and – poles on the top, and because they are expensive in case you wanna buy a spare one…

- Pocket clip, as I would prefer a deep carry pocket clip from the tail (like the M2R Warrior), and not from the head.

  • Tailcap design, because, as Olight advises, you should not short-circuit the very middle of the tailcap with the circle around it as it may provoke battery drain…

This said, let’s take a look at the flashlight!

The overall shape of the Warrior Mini is quite similar to the previously released S2R Baton II and also the Olight Baton Pro. In terms of length, it stays somewhere in the middle of those 2 models.

In the “Warrior” family, however, it is the smallest one! And like the more recent Warriors, the OWM has a sharp knurling. The blue bezel is not flat as the S2R and Baton Pro versions, it has saliences that allow the light to be seen in case you leave the flashlight upside down turned ON.

In the head, on one side it has engraved the model name and serial number, in the opposite of the switch it has a QR code and CE engravings, and on the other side the Olight logotype.

Also in the head it has the pocket clip groove, knowing that you cannot rotate the pocket clip, as it always stay in the opposite of the switch. The pocket clip is blue, almost deep carry and bi-directional. It has two holes to attach a lanyard, as the flashlight body doesn’t have a lanyard hole on it.

Below the bezel, there is a TIR optic which is a mix of clear and frosted (in the center). And below the TIR, there is a Luminus SST-40, Cool White LED. I didn’t open the head, so I don’t know much more about what’s inside besides this :stuck_out_tongue:

As for the side e-switch, it has a silicone cover with a “dot” in the center, through which the battery and charging indication can be seen. Around it there is a round blue metal ring, also typical from Olight (well, and other brands :D) !

The tailcap has the tail e-switch button, which is magnetic, and three saliences that can prevent accidental activation, but also allows tailstanding. It can be more or less easily attached to magnetic surfaces. On the horizontal, the tail saliences may have some impact and provoke a lack or equilibrium. Vertically it will have no problems.

The threads are square and smooth, arrived well lubricated. There is a sealing o-ring too, between the threads and the knurling.

The driver has a spring, for the contact with the positive pole of the battery, and a brass ring with 3 pins,for the contact with the negative pole of the battery. Around this, recessed, there is a plastic structure, probably used to access the driver.

Inside the battery tube, there is a larger spring attached to a PCB.

Now, some measures and weights!

I wanted a compact light, and the Warrior Mini proved to be it. It is not heavy, and although you can feel it in your pocket, it will not be a heavy weight nor bulky!
Shorter lights like the FW3A seem heavier and are bulkier, despite shorter. The OWM is slim, and if you take the clip, it will be even slimmer. Although you cannot clip it then :stuck_out_tongue:

Now lets’s take a look at the included accessories!

Included in the package there is a proprietary battery (bummer :zipper_mouth_face:), that has negative and positive poles in the top. It is a protected battery, made for these (O)lights!
It can be described as a “18650 3500mAh 3.6V 12.6Wh ORB-186C35 High Discharge Current 10A battery”.

Comparison with the battery from the Olight M2R Warrior !

A typical Olight lanyard, with wrist adapter. It can be attached to the pocket clip, which has 2 holes in the top part!

The MCC3 charging cable is “USB A to magnetic”. It is 50cm long, the magnetic base will attach to the flashlight’s tail, and it has a led that will be RED when charging and GREEN when charged, not charging correctly or empty flashlight.
The USB part as a plastic protective cover. This charging cable is capable of working at 1A / 1.5A /2A. The best efficiency, according to specs, can be attained at 7.5W (5V 1.5A). The charging patterns is CC&CV.

Unlike the M2R Warrior cable, the base of the MCC3 is red, and has identification inscription in the back!

As usual, Olight user manuals are well written! This one has information in 20 (:!!!:slight_smile: languages.
Despite this, it fails to provide information about the type of LED this flashlight is using :smiling_imp: Muahaha!

But other information is found here, and is clear.
Click to see bigger images:

Charging, Outputs & Runtimes

According to specs, charging can take 3.5 hours at 5V 1.5A. If lower than this, charging time will take longer.

I charged the battery once (even if it was not empty) and the GREEN led in the charging cable was activated before the battery was “full”.

What I mean is, I took the battery out and it was 4.08V, not 4.20V. However, as stated in the user manual, the GREEN led will lit up when the battery charge is above 95%, this being considered as “full”.

About battery level indication, it can be seen in the side e-switch. It will behave like this:

- Above 60% = Green

- 10% to 60 % = Orange

- 5% to 10% = Red

  • Below 5% = Blinking Red

NOTE: If you start using the flashlight in Moonlight, the battery indicator will only be seen if the battery level is below 5%. In that case, it will blink RED.


Again, according to specs, these are the outputs and Runtimes.

(Level 1 = Turbo, Level 2 = High, Level 3 = Medium, Level 4 = Low, Level 5 = Moonlight)

I would advise to read both this post , this post and these reviews 1lumen and zeroair that did some tests on runtimes! They will provide you with good and more accurate information than I can provide.

In my perspective, even if it didn’t had real 4 minutes on max output, it surely would provide a good amount of light during a good amount of time.
About Moonlight, it is just amazing how long it can take to shut the flashlight OFF :blush:

User Interface

Probably one of my favourite parts :smiley: After all, it was one of the major reasons that led me to buy this flashlight!

So, the light can be operated from the side e-switch and from the tail e-switch!
Which one you prefer first? The tail switch?

Hum, ok, let’s start from the SIDE E-SWITCH!


- Single click: Turn ON

- Double click: Enter Turbo

- Triple click: Enter Strobe

- Press & hold for 1.5s: Enter Moonlight

  • Press & hold for ~3s: Lock/Unlock

From OFF, press & hold the side switch for ~3 seconds. The flashlight will turn ON in Moonlight, then will turn OFF and LOCK.

From OFF, press & hold the side switch for ~3 seconds. The flashlight will turn ON in Moonlight.


- Single click: Turn OFF (from any mode)

- Double click: Enter Turbo (from any mode)

- Triple click: Enter Strobe (from any mode)

  • Press & hold: advances in regular cycle of levels ML > L > M > H > L > M > H…


- Single click: Turn OFF

- Double click: goes back to the last used level

- Triple click: Enter Strobe

  • Press & hold: goes to the regular cycle of levels L > M > H > L…


- Single click: Turn OFF

- Double click: Enter TURBO

  • Press & hold: goes to the regular cycle of levels L > M > H > L…


Now let’s see the TAIL E-SWITCH!
This is where “tactical” happens!
Tail e-switch allows 2 configurations.
To alternate between these configurations, fully press the tail switch and click the side switch.

Configuration 1 (default): Momentary Medium / Continuous Medium + Momentary Turbo / Continuous Turbo

- Half Press & Hold: Momentary Medium

- Quick Half Press & Release: Continuous Medium

- Full Press & Hold: Momentary Turbo

  • Quick Full Press & Release: Continuous Turbo

Configuration 2: Momentary Turbo + Momentary Strobe

- Half Press: Momentary Turbo

  • Full Press: Momentary Strobe


NOTE 1: Turbo is not included in the regular cycle of levels, nor it can be memorized

NOTE 2: The flashlight has memory for the regular cycle of levels (Low, Medium, High) and for Moonlight in case it was the last used level (ON / OFF action while in ML).

NOTE 3: High level will only be memorized for 10 minutes, and after that it will revert to Medium level

NOTE 4: Actions in the tail switch will overlap actions or levels on the side switch!

Flashlight comparison

Vs Convoy S6 _VS Klarus XT1C

Vs Skilhunt M200 __Vs Brinyte PT18pro Oathkeeper

Vs Olight M2R Warrior __With Olights: S1R Baton, i3T EOS, M1T Raider, and M2R Warrior

Tint, Beam Pattern

First it must be that I didn’t detect any PWM at naked eye or under the camera lens.

About the light temperature, it is known that this has a Cold White emitter. So, you know what to expect…

The beam has a round large hotspot, due to the TIR used, and then it has a usable but less intense spill. Not having used it outside, yet, I cannot ascertain how long the light will be thrown and how it will behave in range/distance.
There are no major shifts (yellows or greens) due to the homogeneity of the beam.

The night beamshots will be added later.

For now, the beam pattern and levels (at 1 m from the multimeter)

And some tint comparison:
(WB: 5000K / 100 ISO / 1/25s)

Vs Olight M1T Raider (SST-40, Cool White / TIR optic)

Vs Olight M2R Warrior (XPH35 HD, Cool White / OP Reflector)

Vs Wuben TO50R (4 x Samsung LH351D 5000K / Quad TIR optic)

Vs “BLF 348” (Nichia NVSW219BT ~5000K / OP reflector)

Vs OTR 311 (Luxeon V2 4000K / OP Reflector)

Vs Lumintop Tool AA (Luxeon V2 3000K / Pebbled TIR optic)


Overall Appreciation

I like this light, I really do, and although I didn’t have time to explore what it does outside - “in the wildernessss” – I believe that it will be my new EDC for a long period of time, specially now that winter is coming, that I’ll walk for work and return, and also because I believe it can give me some guarantees!!

I mentioned above what are some “imperfections” at my eyes, but I also have positive aspects, such as:

- compactness, overall design and quality

- user interface (truly what I’ve been waiting for a while!!!)

- homogeneous beam (although in CW)

- magnetic tail cap

- grip and ergonomics

- efficiency, output and level spacing

  • non-invasive charging

I wish Olight had taken other options specially concerning LED and pocket clip position. Maybe they’ll be back with a revised version.

And maybe they can “shrink” this light and make it available in 14500 or 16340 or 16650 version :smiley: :innocent:

This said, I wanna thank Neal again for making this happen (I contacted Olight telling about my interest to buy the light and asking where could I get it in Europe, and despite I already received 2 replies, none of it was conclusive, it was just saying that my message had be forwarded to another person…) and I wanna say that I will post some night beamshots later, on the weekend :wink:

Till then, stay safe! And use your lights!

Comments or questions are welcome.
If not, enjoy it the same way :wink:

Thanks for the review!

Thank you stephenk :+1: :beer:

Nice review.
Can you give me more info about this:

  • No physical lockout, as it is not possible to slightly unscrew the battery tube and stop the side switch from working.
    If you unscrew tube enough, you should disconnect DC circuit between battery and head.

Thanks Tangra :wink:

Well, thats is true, but the idea of physical lock-out is to slightly unscrew head or tail to prevent activation.
In this case you almost need to unscrew all the threads to break that connection.

So, if on the one side it is possible indeed, on the other side I do not consider it “lock-out”. We almost need to carry the parts separate to avoid activation :smiley:

> And maybe they can “shrink” this light and make it available in 14500 or 16340 or 16650 version

A S1R with tailswitch would be nice indeed :heart_eyes: .

Nice review :+1:

Thanks Unheard :wink:

Yup, an S1R in the format would be amazing :wink:
Warrior Micro :smiley:

I said I would be back for some night beamshots, and here they are!

The beam of the Warrior Mini is obviously different from a flashlight using reflector. It has a “cone” shape, that corresponds to the big “hotspot” that this light emits. However, it as a good amount of useful spill to illuminate around that hotspot.

I walked a bit at night and I actually like the way it behaves in terms of interface and illumination!
In terms of range, althought it reaches 200m, last night was hard to get some good beamshots at that distance due to some fog.
As the hotspot is quite big, it creates a “wall of light” that doesn’t allow to see it’s full range.

Here are some beamshots!

Here’s some comparison with other lights:
(click on images for bigher images)
Warrior Mini > M2R Warrior > Klarus Xt1C > Convoy S6 (w/ 3 x Luxeon V 4000K)

VS Olight M2R Warrior

VS Klarus XT1C

VS Convoy S6 w/ 3 x Luxeon V 4000K (Carclo 10511)

And some other photos!

Clip it to the pocket!

Clip it to the nature :smiley:

“Link” it to the metal \m/

Thanks for the review.
Just one remark - the tail switch in config.1 can also do continuous Medium by just half-click, instead of half-click and hold for momentary Medium.

My opinion on the light is the same as yours - great form and shape, great size, bad green tint and of course nobody likes the proprietary battery.

Like you I also have the M2R (and a Klarus XT1A LOL) so I wish the OWM had the same system as the M2R and work with regular 18650s, I guess it was possible but for some reason they wouldn’t do it anymore. We’ll pretend it’s not for money.

By the way, you don’t need to go through turbo on your XT1C - just hold the paddle switch for a second or two, release, and then again click the paddle switch to change modes. This light probably has terrible current draw on standby though, my XT1A surely does.

Thanks for your words Ventsi :+1:
Wow, i missed that feature! I was always trying the half-press with hold, not releasing the button. I tried it now and you are right! I will change the description above! Thanks :sunglasses:

The proprietary battery is probably what may bug me the most on the “cons” as I always like to have spare ones. Now I’ll have to carry the charging cable along with the light. Not the same thing but it will have to do…

Well, seems like we have similar tastes :stuck_out_tongue: I was supposed to have teh XT1A, but shipping was returned twice, so I ordered XT1C instead and had no problem. The M2R is a great light :wink: I wish the OWM had its clip, at least :stuck_out_tongue:

About the construcion, I am with you, I guess they could have probably do the same as with the M2R, maybe a different approach to the tail or make it function like other lights (+ towards tail). I mean, it is Olight, they probably know how to do it…

Yup, I know about that, but when using the paddle switch for Strobe, the main switch always go to turbo. Only if I chance configs I can get Turbo and Low (through paddle switch).

Thanks for the tip, though and I hope you enjoy your OWM :wink:

How about spill of warior mini?
Look like it is almost missing compare to S6.

Well, more or less!
The S6 uses a Carclo 10511 and below there are 3 Luxeon V, so this is per se a floody light, without almost no hotspot (unless in reaaal close range). So, it is almost all spill.

As for the OWM, it has some, it is useful at night (specially if using High or Turbo, eventually Medium, for a walk), but in lower modes (ML, Low and most of the times in Medium) it is almost negligeable.

The shape of the TIR and the led below will make that big hotspot, so it is not really meant to have much perceivable spill, unlike the S6. But when it is there, it is usefull. :+1:

I will try to get some photos with better exposure to show it meanwhile :+1:

Just wanted to give an heads-up about an issue.

It seems many people are getting pockets burned/”holed” while using an Olight Warrior Mini, as it swiched ON, either due to the tailswitch or the side switch.

I can say that it happened to me once or twice, to get the flashlight switched ON while cliped in the pocket. When it goes in a backpack I always lock it up.

But what I wanted to say is that Olight will be taking care of these situations.

For more information, please check this video below, where the channel owner reads what Olight will do in some weeks!

You can also check his previous videos where the “issue” is shown.