Review: Tank007 TK-566-5 Cree Q2-WC 1xAA 5-mode

Tank007 TK-566-5

Reviewer's Overall Rating: ★★☆


Battery: Single AA
Switch: Reverse Clicky
Modes: Med>Lo>Hi>Strobe>SOS (with memory)
LED Type: Cree XR-E Q2-WC or Q3-WC
Lens: Glass
Tailstands: No
Price Payed: $13.50
From: DealExtreme


  • Multiple modes with mode memory
  • Supposedly HA-III hardened
  • Very bright
  • Glow-in-the-dark switch


  • Very ringy beam
  • Low mode is not low enough
  • Protruding switch doesn't allow tailstanding
  • Non-intuitive Medium>Low>High mode order

Features / Value: ★★☆

Tank007 is a popular Chinese manufacturer of budget flashlights. Tank007 even have a website, making it seem less like a fly-by-night generic widget company than other Chinese light manufacturers. Tank007 has a sensible nomenclature for their lights, making it possible to easily differentiate between the different models available. In the case of this review, the Tank007 product in question is the TK-566-5. Intelligently, the final -5 in the name indicates that the flashlight has 5 modes. It is worth noting that the DealExtreme description calls it a TK-566-3, which is the correct name for the 3-mode version of this light. However, as the comments confirm, DealExtreme has been shipping a 5-mode version recently, which is called the TK-566-5. That's what I received. It's nice to find a 5-mode light for less than $14.00. In addition to the modes, the TK-566-5 has a glow-in-the-dark reverse clicky switch and a nice lanyard. I wish they would have chosen to make the switch recessed, because this light can't tailstand. The switch is easy to operate, though. The only features that this light lacks are programmable modes and the ability to tailstand, and since the price is over $11.00 I'm giving it 4/5 stars. If the price were about $11.00 or if it had any additional unique, useful features, I would give it 5-stars.

Build Quality: ★★★★☆

The quality of this light is very good, but it is marred by one glaring flaw. The black painted body is perfect. The lens and the reflector are clean and shiny. I "charged" the glow-in-the-dark tailcap for a minute with another flashlight, and it glowed for the entire night during a blackout. The light also comes with a nice lanyard with Tank007 emblazoned in orange. The light has a clean, attractive, albeit unoriginal design, featuring cylindrical geometry painted black. It has very mild knurling on the tailcap and in the midsection. Fortunately the bezel has no teeth. The Tank007 website and the labelled box both claim that this light is HA-III hardened, so it should resist scratches. There are two small flat surfaces on the diameter opposed by 180 degrees that are labelled in white with Tank007 on one side and TK-566 Cree XR-Q3 on the other. And in small letters below the head they have circumscribed S/N01010007, which would appear to be a serial number. The light dissembles both at the head and at the tailcap. The threads are smooth and well lubricated, although I can detect a very fine gritty feeling on the first few turns of the tailcap. It has snazzy red O-rings at both ends, and I hope it has one at the lens too. I'm not going to take it apart to find out, though. I would expect this light to be waterproof for most common activities. Divers may not want to risk their lives with a $13.50 light. The head mates onto the midsection very precisely, leaving only a very fine line when it is fully screwed down. The gap between the tailcap and the midsection is minutely wider. The real reason that I haven't given this light a full 5-star rating is owing to an occasional flicker. It doesn't flicker every time, and if it starts up without a flicker then it continues to give steady light. But if it starts up flickering I have to change the modes several times or even cycle it off/on again to eliminate the problem. I wiped down all the internal surfaces that I could reach with a cotton swab, and it seems that has improved the situation a bit. Or maybe it was the exact extent to which I tightened the head and tailcap. Or possibly it could be that a half-press of the switch sometimes produces a bad contact. I will continue to carry and use this light to see how problematic the flickering is. Still, this shouldn't happen with a light that costs any more than a $4.00 generic LED model. I should also mention that this light has mode memory that generally works pretty well. If I click the light off/on briefly or separated by several minutes, it usually starts up in the same mode. The mode is changed by a half-press of the switch. However, occasionally the light starts up in a random mode.

Update: I have been using this light frequently for a month or so. I think I have identified the source of the flicker as loose internals. Both the switch module and the light module have threads that fit into the mid-section body threads. Both the switch and the light module were not snugly seated. So I used tweezers to tighten them down. Now the light no longer flickers. I am much more confident that this was the only problem, and from now on it will probably function flawlessly. I have updated the quality rating to 4-stars.

Battery Life: ★★☆

Battery life of the TK-566-5 is much better than average, but not as good as it could be. For one thing, it uses and older, less efficient LED. The DealExtreme product page claims it to be a "Q2-WC", whereas the light itself has "XR-Q3" inscribed on the body, and the Tank007 website claims that it uses a Cree 7090 XR-E Q3 LED. But clearly it's not a new Q5 model with optimum efficiency. Another factor that limits the runtime is the low mode, which is still too bright. I wish it had a moonlight mode of only a few lumens. The DealExtreme website claims the maximum voltage input is 1.5V Max, so don't try a 14500 battery in this. The claimed output is 400mA Total Current Output, Digitally Regulated. At any rate, with a very cheap Alkaline AA, this light produces usable light for about 12 hours on low mode, after which it gets very dim and then shuts off. This is considerably less than the 50 hours claimed by the Tank007 product page, but still respectable for a single-AA light.

Light Output: ★★☆

The Tank007 TK-566-5 is an extremely bright light. In fact, it is one of the brightest lights that I own. However, those who are accustomed to using 14500 cells will probably miss the brightness that a high-voltage cell provides. Even so, this light produces a piercing beacon of light that illuminates distant objects at night. However, the brightness of the light isn't the only factor in this rating. Unfortunately, the beam is very ringy. Although the rings are not visible over long distances outdoors, they do impede considerably night reading and general indoor activities at closer range on the low setting. The hotspot is surrounded by several large shadows, so you have to move the light around a lot for maximum clarity when used as a reading light. This is probably due in part to the smooth reflector that it uses. An orange peel type reflector would be preferable to diffuse the light a bit. The light color is pretty normal for a Cree LED, I think I might detect a slightly more blue tinge compared with my Akoray K-106. The OSRAM in the Uniquefire AA-S1 has a much warmer, buttery color than the Cree lights. But the light color is very usable, and it shows good detail at night on high power over long distances. I don't like the mode arrangement of Medium>Low>High>Strobe>SOS. I would prefer for the low mode to come first. And the SOS is really a bit of a gimmick. Strobe can be useful on a rare occasion.

Summary: ★★☆

The Tank007 TK-566-5 has some really nice features and generally excellent construction. This is a very solid 4-star light. Just remember to tighten everything and give it a good cleaning before you judge it for yourself.

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Looks like my Olight T10 and T15, you might want to check the switch retaining ring......i find that on some of the lights that i get that ring is loose and just needs to be tightened. Heres a pic of my Olight.....they look exactly the same dont they. Excellent review Mr. Admin.


Ah! Yes, that's definitely the light it was modeled after. I wish I could resolve the flickering issue entirely, because it would be a top-rated light otherwise.

Did you check the retaining ring.....because when i got the olight the ring needed to be tightened.

Hey, sorry, where's the retaining ring?

Hey its all good man.....if you take off the tailcap then look inside where the spring is....its the round ring holding all the guts should see two dimples, if you have tweezers then you can tighten the ring that way.

Ah, thanks for the tip! Sure enough mine has dimples on the retaining ring. I poked at them a little bit and I think I managed to tighten it by 15 or 20 degrees. I would be thrilled if that was the solution to the flickering.

This really is an Olight clone then, all the way down to the dimples on the retaining ring! Can I ask roughly how much you payed for the real Olight Al?

If you really must know i paid about 45-46 for the T10 which is the one that uses a cr123 or rcr cell and to go along with the light i paid around another 8bucks for the AA tube.

If you ever feel like doing a review of that Olight it would be very interesting to see how well a $13.50 clone compares to its $45.00 benefactor. Just if you have time and don't have anything better to do of course! This is BLF, but we don't prohibit Elite Light reviews either!

Man, this light is not flickering anymore.... I think you might have stumbled upon something Al!

But I still hold to my complaints about the beam quality on this thing. UGLY!!! My $4.28 Powerlight actually has a very smooth transition in its beam with NO shadows. It looks like a million bucks compared to this Tank007.

In fact, looking at the beam of my $4.28 Powerlight (reviewed here) after putting in a fresher battery, the beam quality is actually superb! In fact it's up there with the Uniquefire AA-S1. I'm surprised I never noticed this before. There's no real hotspot, and no shadows, just clean, smooth, beautiful transitioning from the center all the way out to the edge of the aura. And that's with a smooth reflector. Not bad, Powerlight engineers!

Sometimes the tube can unscrew the retaining you might have to check it once in a while. How is the reflector is it smooth, op, or a hybrid that has op at the bottom close to the emitter and smooth all the way up. I was wary on doing one since the price is up there....but since i know i can i might just do one soon.

It's 100% smooth. But then again, so is my Powerlight, and its beam is beautiful.

The T10 uses half and half causing a small spot and wide spill.....makes a good pocket thrower.

Cool, they should have cloned that feature too on the Tank.

Quick update: Last night the Tank007 TK-566-5 was dropped for the first time from about 5 feet onto a concrete floor. There are one or two tiny little nicks in the paint, but it's no worse for the wear. Functionality was unaffected. Pretty impressive.

Must say I always prefer it when it is other people who find out the limits of durability. It gets cheaper that way.

It was an accident, by the way! ;-) This light is quickly becoming a favorite of mine.

I suppose when you use the brand name Tank, you'd better either be very large and hold liquids or be pretty robust..

Exactly! Pretty cool brand name actually, and they had the courage to break from the *Fire monikers.

Cool im glad that it survived the drop onto concrete. So what batteries are you running in that torch. And i also forgot to ask how is the mode the switch or the head. And is there a good site to get Tank lights.