Review: TrustFire X6 SST-90

TrustFire X6

Reviewer's Overall Rating: ★★★☆☆


Battery: 3 x 18650
Switch: tailcap
Modes: 5, Hi - Med - Low - Strobe - SOS
LED/Output: Luminus SST-90 / 2300 Lumen (WM Emitter)
Lens/Reflector: Glass Lens / Smooth Aluminium reflector
Tailstand: No
Price paid: US$ 134.99
Date Ordered: September 2011
From: DealExtreme SKU47754


  • Head Diameter: 80 mm
  • Total Length: 35.2 cm
  • Weight: 827 grams (without battery)


  • BIG smooth reflector
  • Great heatsink and heat transfer
  • Big, if you like large heavy-weight flashlights
  • Good build quality and finish
  • Waterproof
  • Very bright
  • Comes with carry strap, where you can sore some extra batteries
  • Vanilla tint I think, not too warm and not like 1A (don't have a 3D tint to compare)

Cons: ★★★☆☆

  • Expensive!
  • Very under-driven, it comes at 5 amps, and with this heatsink it should be driven at 10 amps
  • Too long for my taste, I would like a fatty 3x18650
  • Inefficient driver, around 70% (at 28W Output, Input is 40W)

Light Output: ★★★★★

This flashlight is a great thrower and also a great flooder!

Don't have beamshots, but a quick comparison: a P60 with XM-L@3.5A at 60 meters, is as bright as the X6@7A at 170 meters.

Summary: ★★★★★

Great flashlight if you mod the driver, great build quality, excellent for throwing, good heat transfer ability.

A few pictures: [Link to high quality gallery]

Note: Driver is modded with some extra SMD resistors to get higher output, so wires to the LED were re-soldered.

And... finally, that's me

EDIT July 31 2012: Added "SST-90" in the title

The money shot:

Thanks for the review and nice pics .

Nice review and pix! That poor cat's eyes looked permanently blinded!

Wow. I keep thinking of what it would be like to be on the receiving end of a cranium strike with that momma!

Is it actually 2300 lumens?

Nah, they are OK :slight_smile:

Brand new it is about ~1500 lumens because it isn’t well driven, If you drive it at nine or ten amps you should get 2300 or even more lumens!

Maybe with THIS driver if it is really what it says.

If the LED can get 5A then it is 1363lm according to the tests on CPF done by jtr1962 .

Now considering that this is only 70% efficient, that would be about 1000 real lumens.

The SST90 needs 10A and a vf of 3.88V to produce 2300lumens

Nice pics! LOL...your tiger looks pissed that you layed that heavy light on him.

Wow, nice pics! Thanks a lot for the review. It definitely looks like a well built light, but a bit over my budget.

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Nice review FX-32. Which assistant took your pic.

Thank you guys! I'm glad you like it, thanks for your comments

No, When I said 5A, it was measured at the LED (the output of the driver), so the LED receives that current and the drivers efficiency does not affect it. This drivers comes from 5.0A to 5.4A when new, so let’s say it is about 1400 OTL Lumens.

With the unmodded driver, it barely reaches 200 meters, but with the driver modded to 7.0 amps the throwing difference is huge!, so, i can't even imagine this flashlight at ten amps!! that would be EPIC!

I see , so you have measure 5A at the LED.

That is still 1400 emitter lumens, not out the front.

Look at this test done for the SST-90 by jtr1962

No beamshots? Good you put kitties pics, if not I will be really mad.

(and nice cats you have there although I must agree with JohhnyMac that the grey eno looks p**sed about the role as flashlight support)

BTW. Did you order the driver you linked to? I have been eyeing that one before but did not jump because I have not found a single review or anything about it. And it is kind of huge since I dont know yet the inner dimensions of the light I would try to fit it in. Funny description though -

"Attention: One piece Circuit Board with 3~4 pieces "Thermally conductive adhesive". To make it better to thermally conductive, please smash the "Thermally conductive adhesive" and filled it between circuit board and body."

Smash the thermally..... LOL Ok!

The driver by default comes at 5A, you can mod it to get more current by adding parallel SMD resistors on the top of the "mini tower" of SMD resistors that the driver has.

You can get up to 28~29 Watts from this driver, that means around 7A for the SST-90 (you can get more amps, but less voltage, but never more than 28 or 29 Watts)

At DX forum DrBlood, NeoFX (me) and alines399 discuss about modding this driver: with some measurements.

Thanks for this review FX-32 - just found it although I have had an X6 for a year now.

Like you say a great light with exceptional build quality and with great flood AND throw.

I think this light is much underrated - especially on CPF which seems to think that anything ****Fire is rubbish. Some of it is of course, but not the X6 which is certainly much more expensive than most of the ****Fire stuff.

Yeah, I totally agree with you. The only defect of this flashlight is the driver, but it has much potential.

Aloha and welcome to BLF epictetus!

Thanks for the review FX-32!

Welcome to the club, epictetus.

Thanks for the review.