[Review] Wurkkos TS70 - 2x 26650 XHP70.2

The TS70 is a new, large light from Wurkkos, who kindly provided this light for review. Non-aff Amazon link


  • Takes 2x 26650 batteries
  • Uses a Cree XHP70.2 LED in an orange-peel reflector
  • Purple AR coated glass
  • Supposedly features ATR (advanced temperature regulation)
  • Dual switch format, with the rear forward-clicky acting as a lockout (and due to mode memory, this enables some tactical funtion, I suppose)
  • Has a battery indicator side switch which remains on in standby (off but not locked out)


  • The tail switch is forward clicky and serves as a lockout, it is possible to turn off the light (“standby”) without ever using the tail switch
  • Click on, long-hold for off
  • While on, short click rotate through Low - Medium - High - Turbo
  • While on, medium click to rotate backwards (reverse mode switching)
  • While on, double click for strobe (which I have not accidentally activated, thankfully)
  • From off, long-hold to access Moonlight

Brightness Levels:

  • Moonlight: 2 lm spec, measured 1.5 lm
  • Low: 330 lm spec, measured 460 lm
  • Medium: 900 lm spec, measured 1167 lm
  • High: 1800 lm spec, measured 2238 lm
  • Turbo: 5500 lm spec, measured 6350 lm
  • Strobe: 5500 lm spec, not measured
  • Note: my lumen tube is not calibrated, these numbers are to be take with a grain of salt. It’s entirely possible that they’re a bit elevated.

In the Box:

  • TS70 flashlight
  • 2x Wurkkos-branded 5000mAh 26650 batteries
  • 2x 18650 adapter tubes
  • 2-slot basic micro-USB based charger with cable
  • Shoulder strap
  • Spare o-rings
  • Instruction manual

What I Like:

  • Ridiculously bright, big wall of light
  • Hefty, solid feel
  • Optional tail switch lockout, but the ability to use it as side-switch only
  • Nice kit with everything you need to get up and running

What Could Be Better:

  • I’m not a big fan of the hold-for-off UI

Random Thoughts:

  • The Amazon listing seems to have several copy-paste errors. It mentions have having a Mode Group 2, ramping-style UI. I’ve been unable to activate that and it’s not mentioned in the instructions that came with the light. Which is too bad, because I would have really enjoyed that.
  • The Amazon listing says the CCT is “3000K warm white” which is definitely not the case, again, it appears to be a copy-paste error. I feel like the CCT is around 5700K which is pretty normal for Wurkkos & Sofirn.
  • Amazon listing says “smooth reflector” which is clearly not the case. Again, copy-paste error.
  • This looks like an extremely close cousin of the Sofirn TK70

Front/side shot of the Wurkkos TS70

Back/side shot of the Wurkkos TS70

Side shot of a few Wurkkos lights (FC11, WK30, TS70)

Reflector shot of a few Wurkkos lights (FC11, WK30, TS70)

Side shot of a few common-ish lights (Convoy S2, Convoy C8, Wurkkos DL40, Wurkkos TS70)

Reflector shot of a few common-ish lights (Convoy S2, Convoy C8, Wurkkos DL40, Wurkkos TS70)

Runtime graph of the first 15 minutes

White-ceiling beam profile… note, I am colorblind so I can’t confirm that the tint in this image represents reality. The general CCT appears about right, but perhaps not as drastic of a tint shift in real life as what shows up here

Will hopefully get some beamshots once it gets dark out, I will update this post with them. But if you’ve seen a large-format XHP70.2-based light, you know what to expect.

Reserved for teardown and/or modding info (hopefully swapping in a new MCU with RampingIOS and/or Anduril?)

Would this be the same light as the Sofirn TK70? They seem to look similar…

Yeah, I’m pretty sure they’re the same thing