Review: Zeusray CREE XM-L2 zoomable flashlight

Zeusray CREE XM-L2 zoomable flashlight
Reviewer’s Overall Rating: ★★★★★


Battery: 1 x 18650 unprotected OK, Protected has to be 70mm or lower. 70mm is a super tight fit and might damage the bottom of your battery.
Switch: Reverse clicky
Modes: 5 Mode: high / middle / low / strobe / sos
LED Type: XM-L2 U2, Cool White, 1A tint
Lens: PMMA
Tailstands: Yes
Price: $7.99 + Free Shipping!
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  • Near perfect circle beam pattern without artifacts or rings
  • Uses XM-L2 instead of XM-L for a 20% better improvement
  • Has a wide angle for flood, around 45 degrees
  • Very high powered. Almost direct drive.
  • Flashlight’s body gets hot because of solid pill. (Which is a good thing because we want heat getting out instead of getting trapped inside.)
  • Tight O-rings for bezel, zoom, and tailcap
  • Not a next mode memory, Light would stay on the last-used mode if it was left on for over 5 seconds before turned off again.


  • There is no easy way to disable strobe. (That I know of yet.)
  • Belt clip is too tight and small to be used fast and efficiently.
  • Battery rattles a little when I shake it sideways.


Not extended: 122mm ↓↓↓

Extended: 132mm ↓↓↓

Tailcap: ↓↓↓

Pill, Driver, LED: ↓↓↓

Pretty thick Oring for lens: ↓↓↓

This is what makes the light different from many other lights. It is much more reliable and more brighter than some lights because of the SOLID PILL DESIGN.
Many cheap lights do not have a solid pill, but instead, have a HOLLOW PILL. Here is a picture to show the difference:

LEDs heat up very fast and the heat that is produced has to be taken away or else the LED’s lifetime and brightness will be reduced. With a solid pill, the entire surface of the board that the LED sits on will be able to transfer heat. With a hollow pill, only the edge of the board will touch the pill. This is VERY bad for the LED because heat is not taken away fast enough. Here is a picture of how the boards sit on each pill to see how much they are touching:


For $8 I can safely assure you this light will be one of the best out there for under $10. Solid pill. XM-L2. Near perfect beam pattern for aspheric light. Good deal.

Thank you raven38571 for catching the 5 second memory. I always thought it was 2 seconds.
I will change review if anyone is able to figure out the pencil method to disable strobe.

thanks for the pics!

really no way to get rid of NMM? :frowning:


Edit: Suggestion-resize your images from 5000xgazillion to 800x600 (or less) and/or provide a link to the high res off site…it takes FOREVER for you images to load

Would the pencil trick work to get rid of the next mode memory?

If you leave it off for say 5sec it starts back on high

Hmm, likevvii wrote “next mode memory” under cons. If it starts on high after being switched off, then it’s not next mode memory.

Yes, but if you don’t wait 5sec it appears to be next mode.

That’s not what “next mode memory” is. The dreaded next mode memory will always turn on in the next mode, no matter how long the light is off. If the light reverts to high after 5 seconds off as you say, then the light does not have it (and likevvii is wrong).

thank you i really needed a review for this light because i will buy about 10x for friends

but can you please tell us what is the tail cap reading, and what is the maximum run time on high tell you have to shut it because of the heat

I have two of these and both return to “High” after 5 secs, if you click on/off in less than 5 secs it will go to the next mode so I don’t consider these next mode lights as I rarely need to turn on/off/on again within 5 secs.

How is a round hotspot nearly perfect for an aspheric xml2? It should be square…

When in flood mode it is a perfect circle with no artifacts however in spot position it is indeed a square with a faint circle artifact around it.

Thanks for the review. The great thing about the solid pill is that it’s a really thick solid pill.

To clarify in regards to the beam, there are basically no artifacts in either flood or spot position…unlike the SK98.

Also the driver is not next mode memory. I believe the driver is direct drive.

Does the driver give a low battery warning/shutoff, so it’s safe to use an unprotected li-ion cell?

Is there a driver we can buy and swap in that has low battery protection and does moon-lo-med-high with mode memory?

I don’t need a hotter and brighter light, I want one that’s more useful for my walking around.

Also, does anyone know what the approximate OTF lumens are?

Hi Hank, this one should work. If 5mA is not low enough for you, you can just get it customized.

Tom E posted the measurements he took off the stock light in another post. They are Hi: 3.6A, Med: 1.65A, 0.85A… Hi lumens: 809 start, 782 30 secs, throw: 15 kcd taken at 5m

The post is here:

Changed the next mode memory. Thanks raven38571

Too bad it has a crenelated bezel ring, but that could be filed or turned off without looking bad.

Good Day likevvii,

You said:

"Battery: 1 × 18650 unprotected ONLY"

Why is that?

Why can't we use a Protected 18650 Battery (eg: Protected Panasonic 3400mAh)?

Thank You Very Much,