Rey's Titanium X6, re-make

I was quite pleased to find HKJ’s review on the little Aspire 18350 cells recently. More capacity and better discharge rates in these half cells mean a lot to me. So, looking at the first thing I wanted to improve with them I kept coming back to my Titanium X6 from Rey. I have it loaded with trits so I can’t flame anodize it, but perhaps I can go about it another way…

I ordered 3 of the relatively new XHP-50.2 from Richard, already had a XM-L footprint triple 32mm MCPCB from Cutter, and already had a Khatod optic to fit it. (The Khatod has openings large enough to fit the XHP-50.2 without a dome slice. :slight_smile: ) Looking at how the stack would align I needed a few extra millimeters under the MCPCB. So, instead of just putting copper under the board I made an entirely new pill from Tellurium Copper. That 3mm taller to aid in the spacing and thermal properties. Built up a 17mm FET with 8.4V LVP, and today the emitters got here. Not one to wait around, I built my first X6 Triple XHP-50.2! :slight_smile: The emitters fit beautifully into this Khatod optic and everything seems to work fine. Charging up an old pair of light purple Efest 18350’s to get a general idea what this bad boy should be capable of, waiting on my Aspire 18350’s to arrive… they’re en-route.

Here’s the new pill, next to a spare one…

How does 7693.5 lumens sound on the old pair of cells? :smiley: Holy smokes! By quite a margin the most powerful X6 I’ve built so far! lol
Edit: On the newer dark purple metallic looking Efest 18350 I got 10,315.5 lumens at 15.87 Amps! :smiley:

A top view of the 3 50.2’s inside the Khatod optic…

A quick tail amp check showed 10.41A from the old pair of Efest 18350’s, the new Aspire’s should do better and with nearly twice the capacity as well. I won’t be at all surprised if the new cells push this up over 8000 lumens.

More when I can…

Edit: A few pics from when the light was originally built, August 13, 2015…

I’m a Ti Freak, and the X6 is one of my all time favorite lights, so this was a birthday present to me, from me. :smiley:

Edit: I had forgotten to engage moon mode by grounding pin 5 on the driver, and I felt like 10,000 lumens was too much in this light so I wanted to reduce the wires to 22ga from 20ga. I opened it up and was going to pull the pill so I could put thermal paste in for a better contact but it had swollen with heat and simply wouldn’t unscrew. Ok, forget that part. I replaced the wires with 22ga, then when I put it back together I crimped the edges of the copper onto the driver to hold it in snug and prevent it from rotating when screwing in the battery tube. Added some solder to bridge driver/copper and ensure my ground was solid. Reassembled it and now I get these readings…

0.05A for 29.12 Lumens
0.19A for 155.6
0.44A for 455.4
1.33A for 1283.4
5.46A for 3774.3
11.35A for 6865.5
17.22A for 10660.5

Well, I tried! lol

EDIT: Not being one to leave well enough alone, I tried my new pair of Efest 20700 cells on this Ti X6 50.2… had to remove the battery tube of course. So, with this kind of result I may have to make a new 2 cell titanium battery tube! :stuck_out_tongue:

13,558.5 lumens, out the front. Sick, I know…

EDIT II: Sorry, the cells were at 78% on that 13,558.5 read… after a fresh charge on the 20700 Efests they give 27.84A for 14,283 lumens!! Just stinkin insane! :smiley:

This mod screams for more images!
Very nice work Dale

Nice mod. This has got to be close to the record for most output in a small light! And those aspire cells will make the runtime a bit more usable. :+1:

Very nice :+1:

I dug out a reserve pair of the newer dark purple Efest 18350’s that I have stored with my Mokume Gane 18350 Sinner when I take it out places. Freshly charged, these 2 newer cells let this Ti X6 Triple XHP-50.2 do 10,315.5 lumens! WACK!

Far and away the most of any X6 I’ve ever made, especially considering the 18350 cell status! Remarkable!

Edit: These 2 newer cells allow 15.87A at the tail. :wink: When I first built up this light I made it a quad Nichia 219C. It was capable of pulling 21A from a single LG HE-4 cell. I was a bit afraid to use it at that level, making some 4500 lumens as I recall. So now I’ve more than doubled the output while keeping the current draw at about 65% of that huge number I had before. I Like It! lol

Just wow. How long until gets too hot?
What bin are the LEDs? J4?

You created a monster. Well done :smiling_imp: :+1:

Yeah Agro, J4 5700K.

Dale…please be careful. You could steralize this side of the planet with that X6 :open_mouth:

Gonna point it at Houston first, if that works I may well be onto something… :wink:

Hey db, i am new here… is that light for sale?? The 8000 lumen triple xhp 50.2. Lmk thanks.

Newlumen, no, afraid not. It’s kinda special as it was a Custom that Rey had produced. I’m a titanium nut, so with the X6 being my favorite light and this being a small run in Titanium from a member here, well, it won’t be going anywhere.

Testing it outside tonight the sheer output shone on the sides of railroad cars over 1200 yds away. And it would appear I fried a Trit vial. One of 2 green ones is now not illuminating. No visible damage, it’s just not glowing any more. It fires up green under a UV light, but is otherwise dark. These are like 2mm x 12mm in the head. There’s 10 of em. Yeah, I know. The trit vials cost as much as the Ti host did, nearly. There’s a 1.5 x 6 in the tail cap.

They’re very delicate, crack easily and the gas escapes, even through the glue.
Too much heat :smiling_imp:

Triple XHP50.2 wowsers!
this must be a difficult situation, either blow 10K lumens or have trits glowing for a long time.

I’m not suggesting anything, but Cutter has K2 bin in stock :wink:
I guess a wider opening is not reasonably doable in this host?
Could you share some more pics of the interior?

Just did some calculations based on djozz tests of XHP50.2. Getting the exact numbers from his chart is hard, so the results are not great, but I got 10893 LED lumen. Are the numbers that you quote LED lumens or OTF lumens?

My numbers are out the front, from the assembled light. On this one, the numbers given were at start on fresh charged cells. Many people argue that this is misleading, but when you’re pulling 15+ Amps from a 650mAh 18350 , well, it’s a very steep slope. (24.41C…Yikes!)

Wider opening? The head takes a 35mm optic, it was made for the CUTE-3 with a 32mm Noctigon. This X6 was made as a host and the buyer had to finish the build. I want to disassemble it and use some thermal compound between the copper pill and titanium head, so I’ll get some pics (should already have some from back when it was bought but I’ve got so many pictures I’m not finding these somehow…)

Much as I’d like to go with the next bin up from Cutter I probably won’t be shopping at Cutter anymore. After spending $25 DHL shipping to get a dozen XP-L W2 2B emitters and having V6 1D arrive in their stead, and nothing done about it, that was it for me.

More images posted in the OP. :wink:

Huh, same thing happened to me! Same XP-L W2 2B crap, V6’s instead. It’s a big cost hit to take, plus the wait….never again….done with that BS!

Really cool pics of your light Dale! :+1:

Thanks Kawi,

I was thinking, with the pair of half cells, that it would probably do something like 6,000 maybe, a bit more? Boy was I surprised! It’s too much, of course, for this size light… even with the chunky copper pill. But then, there are all those other mode levels I suppose…

Yeah, it was neat that Cutter had top bins and components you can’t find elsewhere, like the Khatod optic in this build, but if he’s not going to ship what you’re buying, and not going to fix an error without it costing you even more, well, just bugger’s up the whole deal. I was willing, and told him so, to buy another dozen and just keep the V6 1D’s so they wouldn’t have to be shipped back. All he’d have to have done is pay the shipping on the correct dozen emitters. I probably even would have let him use the cheaper shipping method, but …