[SALE ENDED] EXTRA LEDs (Osram, SST-20, LH351D, XHP35/70, 219C, etc)

Sale is over since majority of LEDs are gone, if you want some of the Osram LEDs just PM me if I still have them

It’s time again to re-open this thread with new LEDs.

Shipping is $5. Payment via PayPal with goods & services is fine, i’ll eat the fees. If international, only envelope shipping ($3) and no PCB allowed, I can de-solder if necessary.

All LEDs are bare unless otherwise noted.

LH351D 5000K 90 CRI (SLICED, batch #1) $3.50/ea (2 available)-
LH351D 5000K 90 CRI (SLICED, batch #2) $3.50/ea (1 available)-

LH351D 5700K 90 CRI (SLICED) $3.50/ea (2 available)-

LH351D 5700K 90 CRI (on 16mm DTP MCPCB) $3.50/ea (1 available)-

LH351D 5000K 80 CRI - $1.50/ea (7 available)

Luxeon V2 5000K 70 CRI - $1.25/ea (3 avail)

XHP35 HI E2 3C $4.00 (1 available)-

Osram Red Flat - $5.00 (2 available)
Osram Blue Flat (on 16mm DTP MCPCB) - $6.00 (1 avail)
Osram White Flat CSLNM1.TG (from MTN) $4.00 (1 avail)-

These two are separate since I have to remove them from lights I will only sell like this:
Osram White Flat “Boost HX” x4 only BARE LEDs, 4040 size CULPM1 - $24 (comes as set of 4)
Osram Red Flat x3 on MTN 3030 triple board - $20 (comes as all 3)

XHP70.2 5000K P2 bin 70 CRI $6.50 (1 avail)-

XHP-35 HI 4500K 80 CRI $4.50 (1 avail)-

XP-L HI 4200K U6 5B4 (BOSS pull) $1/ea (3 avail)-

XP-L HD V6 3D $0.75/ea (4 avail)-

SST-20 4000K (Lumintop pulls) - $1.25/ea (4 avail)
SST-20 4000K (Sofirn pulls) - $1.00/ea (2 avail)

219C 4000K (mystery bin) $0.50 (3 avail)-
219C ??? (Tool Ti pull) $0.50 (1 avail)-
219C ??? (FW3A pull) free with order (3 avail)-

Luxeon V 4000K (4040 size) $2.00 (4 avail)-

LH351D 4000K 90 CRI - $2.50 (2 avail)

SST-20 3500K - $1.25/ea (2 avail)

SST-20 3000-4000K (mystery, idk) $0.25 (3 avail)-

LH351D 3500K 90 CRI (best one from last sale) $2.75/ea (5 avail)-

LH351D 3000K 90 CRI $2.25/ea (3 avail)-

Amber XQ-E on MTN triple PCB, no main LEDs $5 (1 avail)-
Dragon Driver $12 (1 avail)-

post your interest in thread and I will verify quantities of the ones that i’m unsure about and total it up for you

Interested in 4 of these LH351D 3500K 90CRI and 4 of these LH351D 90CRI 5000K dog fart, sliced (between 4000K-4500K after) – $3.25/ea. I am going to try the shaved in the FW3A.

Also add L1V2 4000K 70CRI – $1.60/ea x 4
and 4 of the 5000k as well.

Noted & reserving the sliced ones for you.

Here was my FW3A with same mod:

And my comments from mod thread:

Interested in:
LH351D 3500K 90CRI UPP6 bin x4
Luxeon MZ 3000K 90CRI 3V x1

I don’t have a cheap way to ship outside US, sorry.

How about a regular letter on my risk?

I will try once for you. Reserved your LEDs and I will PM you with more info.

I have done regular letter to outside the USA twice with MT-G2 both times. If you pad it just right, it can be done. The most important rule is that it can’t have any part of it that is thicker than 1/4” but I’m not sure how accurately they measure that. What I did was put the MT-G2 dome through a hole in a small section of corrugated cardboard, then put another piece of cardboard over it to protect it, then put the whole thing in the envelope. It shipped fine both times for international letter rate, which was just a few dollars.

EDIT: I have also received letter rate “packages” of LEDs just taped between two index cards.

I’ll give it a shot like that. AEDe shipped his LEDs to me in the same way you describe and I’ve received things from Lexel in a similar way.

So…can i join this shopping madness?
10 x 351D 3500k
1 x Lux MZ 5700k

Reserved. When the LEDs come in i’ll test and PM you Friday.


Thanks guys for your efforts, much appreciated. It should work like this, I’m expecting also LEDs from azhu who sent it already this way to me. Anyway, I take the risk if lost in transit.

The 3500K LEDs arrived and I picked 3 from the middle, I put them in a brand new FW3A for a more real world test:

I’m comparing it to a SST-20 FW3A with a UCL lens (so best case no green AR coating skew). I chose this because a lot of people should have this light and many comments say it’s generally a good LED.

FW3A LH351D 3500K (Lumintop Optic)
CCT = 3518K (Duv 0.0022) - 3rd step
CCT = 3561K (Duv 0.0017) - max 7135
CCT = 3583K (Duv 0.0011) turbo

FW3A SST-20 (UCL glass, 10511)
CCT = 3868K (Duv 0.0021) - 3rd step
CCT = 3985K (Duv 0.0017) - max 7135
CCT = 3902K (Duv 0.0004) turbo

This actually surprised me a little. I didn’t expect the LH351D to get so low in DUV with the higher amps. I only tested up to 1.5A in my previous test so did not know for sure. In summary, it’s slightly above Duv with the 7135’s and gets even more “rosy” looking than the SST-20 on turbo. Of course the LH351D is 300-400K CCT warmer.

Any idea how the output of the two FW3A’s at max 7135 compares?

Will test this later tonight and get back to you. I also ordered a few of Digi-Key’s 5000K 90CRI (dog farts) since all mine were from Arrow it turned out. I have those to test as well.

SST-20 ~700
LH351D ~815

It’s actually kind of hard to measure cause these things step down before it even settles down. Also the SST-20 has UCL lens vs the Lumintop optic so add/subtract a few more percent there

Thanks for doing this. I would like to buy some if you can sell them on mcpcb and shaved dome.

Send me a PM with what PCB type you want and I will let you know what brand/quantity I have

Thanks for the output numbers, the difference is not enormous when regulated at the same current. But I like that 3500K so I’m sure that the leds that I will get from you will end up somewhere nice :slight_smile: