Scam - Nitecore TM15 for $39 on Ebay?

Hello everyone, I am a newbie here. Can anyone explain this

Is it fake or what’s wrong?

[Edit: It’s a scam]

Looks to good to be true. No way that is real. Picture must be wrong or something.

Seller has good feedback. I would email a question to confirm.

Maybe a scam or just a wrong price.

Maybe the seller wanted to type $139 or something like this.

Scam! The seller has sold 193 things.

Here’s another one even cheaper. And 100% seller feedback. I do not understand anything :open_mouth:

Yep, scam. Or, he meant to sell the charger only and is just misrepresenting. No way it’s legit. No way.

100% seller feedback but there is only 421 feedbacks. It´s a scam.

Thanks guys, let’s see what their feedback will be like after the delivery :slight_smile:

thumbs up :slight_smile:

I visited both sellers stores. One seller has four items in his whole store, the other has five.

Is there a way to report these scams?

It’s hard to describe or prove but we all do know it’s a scam… :frowning:

Seen several such items from sellers with good feedback, but if you read them, they are feedback in broken English and for other items. Guess they fallen on hard times and decided to quit playing right.

Unless its hot, and they want to dump it quick. Even if it was hot though, I’d ask more than that.

LOL :wink:

Well for one, everyone should be marking this post as Spam to get it off this forum.

I hope no one on BLF gets scammed by this.

Other example of same spam posted here:

i can uncrew that top and put it in a baggy :davie:

lol, mmmeng777 sold 17 items in Dec, and all of a sudden sells 285 copies of the TM15 (10 copies left?) within 3 days, yah right lol. How can a single someone have 300 copies? Nitecore China factory doesnt even carry that many copies in the warehouse last time i checked

robbed a van or freight container?

but i am not so sure if i am okay with purchasing robbed nitecore!! Chi*ese stealer cannot tempt the kreisler yahhah!

okok, i've deleted my posts in this thread :tired:

Ok I will review the thread on forums.fonarevka tomorrow, the only useful info I fished out from there for now is that several guys made purchases at their risk. Not a single feedback on received items.

Look I’ve found a link on fonarevka forums to CPF
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This is a fake Ebay listing.
Here is how it usually goes.
Start account and sell $1 items for a year.
Buy your own items and leave yourself feedback.
Sell a bunch of big ticket items all in 1 day.
Delivery expected after Paypal dispute period ends.

This seller meets all criteria.
He has sold 100 iRobot Roombas x $60 all just today.
They typically cost $300.
Ebay will shut this down very soon,
but not before hundreds of people have been scammed.
Cancel your Paypal payment as soon as possible.
So it becomes more or less clear now.

Just cross-posting: